How To Make Money From Fiverr FAST – The Complete Guide 

Last Modified: September 11, 2021

By: pitin

Fiverr is the marketplace where buyers and sellers of services meet. You could read many write-ups on how many people found luck from offering their skills and capabilities on the platform. 

If you are a freelancer and also want to see if this platform will help pave your way to a better career and income, then continue reading this post on how to make money on Fiverr.

how to make money from fiverr the complete guide

How To Make Money From Fiverr

Fiverr has grown exponentially since it started operations in 2010. You can read on its seller web page/section that a gig here sells every 4 seconds.

You can sell any kind of service that complies with the legal policies and terms of Fiverr.

Age Requirement

Fiverr welcomes users at least 13 years old. It may also request you to verify your ID wherein you have to add your official government-issued ID.

Once you upload your ID, you need to take a selfie that must match your ID to complete the verification process. Fiverr can confirm from the ID you uploaded if you meet the age requirement.

A mobile phone might be necessary for the verification process since you need to take a selfie photo.

Fiverr Gigs

Freelancers create Gigs on Fiverr. If you are a video editor, you can create a Gig for editing videos. If you are a web designer, you may also create a Fiverr Gig for your skills.

1. A Gig needs an appealing title since most buyers often base their selection of services to buy on how interesting gig titles are.

Come up with titles that highlight your services, but be sure you do this with just 80 characters that Fiverr allows for Gig titles.

Add adjectives to describe your services. Include extra services and delivery time in the title. Make your title SEO-friendly by adding keywords.

2. You need to find your ideal services and subcategory. A seller’s first task on Fiverr is to create a gig.

Yet, you should not choose any gig that comes to mind. You need to find the services and niche that will give you the most revenue. Do this by looking at the buyers’ web pages in Fiverr.

Explore the main category and subcategories related to the services you will offer. From here, you can find the perfect subcategory for your gig.

3. Look at your possible competition. Now that you have a refined plan for services to offer, see your potential rivals. Once in the subcategory, you will see the recommended service provider from the default view.

Change the default view to “Bestselling” from “Recommended”. Those with a good track record are your competitors. You would want to beat sellers with hundreds to thousands of reviews and with star ratings of at least 4.7.

Look at the profiles of these sellers and note how they describe their services. See if they also offer what you can offer and think of extra services that they do not offer. Do this for multiple other sellers.

4. Select metadata and add appropriate tags. Your earlier research will help you create your gig in such a way that buyers will choose it through suitable filtering options based on your subcategory, tags and metadata.

5. Set up the price for your gig packages. Each gig package can have 100 characters that you can use to generate a catchy description. Keep in mind that you can win buyers through an attractive description of your gig.

In your description, indicate the benefits that buyers will get when they choose you and your services. Tell why you are the ideal seller and state exactly what your services include.

If you have a portfolio in another website, include its link to your gig description.

6. Make use of visuals to boost your gig. According to Fiverr, a video can increase the visibility of a gig up to 200%. It allows 75 seconds for a gig video so make the most out of it.

Look directly at the camera when you record it and have natural lighting as background. You can also add images that will showcase your work.

7. Learn how to market your gig. You can share it on social media. You may invest some money on your gig marketing by using social media ads. You can also make use of other web resources like Quora for driving traffic to the gig. You may also advertise on other websites such as LinkedIn.

Types of Gigs You Can Create on Fiverr

Again, you can create any gig as long as it does not violate the terms of service of Fiverr. You may offer menial services or microjobs on the website.

You may also use it to offer expert services. A gig can be a technical job like animation, programming, and web designing.

It may also be non-technical, creative and unusual, like making prank calls, greeting a person while wearing a weird costume and more. 

Fiverr Levels

The level system implemented in Fiverr helps promote reliable sellers and allows buyers to know how experienced sellers are. Thus, it is important that you build up your Fiverr level and reputation.

There are also some benefits associated with each level. Higher levels enable sellers to create more gigs and present additional gig extras. Know how to build a good reputation. 

If you are a first-time seller, make sure that you will immediately answer any queries from buyers. Provide answers that will help them feel at ease with you.

Provide buyers with updates during the completion of their orders. These will help buyers come back to you for future services.

As a new seller, you can have 7 active gigs, 2 gig extras and 5 multiples. Gig extras are additional services you may offer on top of your gig for an extra price.

A gig multiple is the amount of gig a buyer can buy from you. The price that a buyer will pay depends on how many multiples he will buy, but the delivery time remains the same even if the buyer buys more gig multiples of your service.

For example, you are offering a gig for $5 with delivery time of 24 hours and the buyer chooses 5 multiples. He will pay $25 for these 5 multiples, but you have to deliver all 5 multiples within 24 hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

You can join Fiverr for free. It is also open to all sellers worldwide.

How To Apply/Join

Head over to https://www.fiverr.com/ and click the “Join” button. You'll see that you could use either Facebook or Google to sign up. You may also enter your email address to register or login.

Potential Income

You can price your gig for at least $5. Yet, a gig’s price can be as high as $995. You can offer 3 versions of a gig at 3 different prices.

With pricing gigs, you might feel tempted to offer discounts and promotions or even offer services for free just to connect with sellers. Yet, this is not a recommended action.

Take note that Fiverr collects a higher processing fee at 2% of the gig price or $1 (whichever is higher). Thus, if you price your gig at $5, you will receive only $4 in your account.

You can sell services on Fiverr starting at the minimum $5 and you can upsell your services to earn more money. Upselling is one way sellers can earn more from their gigs. 

To make the most from Fiverr, you need to be creative in promoting your gigs and in capturing the attention of buyers. On the platform, there is even a category for unusual and unique services.

You might not earn as high as sellers of technical gigs earn, but you might capture an audience who will support your gig.

If you perform some unique, creative and funny gigs, you can also maintain a good income on Fiverr since you might have fewer competitors.

You may even set the price at a higher rate if no one else offers this service. If you want to be unique, you may also check out existing gigs and come up with something new as a twist to the service.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Work Schedule

You can enjoy a flexible work schedule as Fiverr seller. Yet, once you have made a deal with a buyer, make sure you will deliver the service on time.

This means that you will dedicate your time on the particular task so you can submit any required work on time.


Fiverr has some great offers to help users get more from their Fiverr experience.

One is the affiliate program that will reward you with up to $100.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • It is not a scam, but a well-known marketplace where freelancers could sell their services to buyers worldwide.
  • You can join Fiverr for free.
  • You can get freelance work much easier on Fiverr since its starting price is just $5.
  • You can become a Fiverr seller, even if you have no technical skills or qualifications.
  • You can sell just about anything with your creativity.
  • You can market your gigs even through other third-party websites.
  • You can work on a variety of projects.
  • You could also make money doing things you love to do, such as singing, dancing or drawing.


  • You cannot choose which buyers to entertain or reject. Once a buyer buys your gigs, the system automatically accepts it.
  • You need to learn how to survive the vast competition, especially if you are a new seller.
  • The commission fee that Fiverr charges is high.
  • You cannot instantly withdraw your earnings.
  • Fiverr could terminate your account for no reason if it feels you have violated its terms of service.

Fiverr is a good platform to join if you want to earn some cash since you can offer some casual and fun services. You could make money even if you have no higher educational background or technical skills.

You can read and get inspiration from many success stories by professionals who took their Fiverr gigs more seriously.

While there are some people who expressed their dissatisfaction with using the marketplace, I think what these people lack is a complete understanding of how to make the most out of Fiverr. 

I think Fiverr is just like any other marketplace of sellers and buyers where one needs proper knowledge to survive the competition.

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