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How To Answer The Questions In Quora - Stand Out From The Rest!

We all know that Quora is a great place to go for advice. That's where this lesson comes in! It has a bunch of tips and tricks on how to answer questions on Quora. 

This will provide some helpful hints when answering any question that might come up. 

How To Answer The Questions In Quora

What Is Quora?

If you want to gain readership from other internet users, consider Quora, an answer-based social networking site.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing thoughts, interests, or photos. But there is a whole world out there that we often miss. 

Maybe this doesn't sound like your cup of tea but Quora is different! It has been designed with people in mind who want more than just surface-level knowledge. People always have something new to read each time their page refreshes.

With topics ranging from history to math problems all the way up to how many times one should brush his teeth per day (seriously!), Quora will make you smarter compared to other social media sites, LOL.

The platform encourages discussion and engagement between members who ask questions or provide answers on a given topic.

Quora is an online question-and-answer site where anyone can share what they know about any subject without fear of judgment. 

This forum provides access to knowledge unlike anything else available today, allowing people all over the world to learn something new every day for free, while providing insightful commentary into topics by some notable influencers in those spaces.

Why Should I Answer Questions On Quora?

The main reason why someone would use Quora is that they want their opinion out there in the world.

This can be because that person wants to share what he does know on his topic area, which will help people who have been searching around for answers but haven't found anything yet. 

Sharing your knowledge means having others learn from your experiences, too! That sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?

It can give you tons of readers and connections and you can also interact with other users who have already posted their thoughts, opinions, or advice!

"Upvoting" is the primary way to earn a reputation on Quora. If your answer is "upvoted" by a large number of people, you gain more credibility as an expert in that field, and are presented higher up in searches for that topic.

Once you’ve started answering questions, other people can "upvote" your answers (that is, if they find them interesting). If many people start "upvoting" your answers, maybe some groups or communities would want to follow you as a result.

These followers can now see your "posts" in their feed. If you suddenly decided to share some of your helpful content that points to your website, this can significantly bring you traffic.

However, when referencing an article on your website, make sure it isn't promotional in any way because this would turn off potential viewers right away.

Also only do it once for every 10 answers. The lesser links you share, the higher upvotes you will receive.

People "upvoting" your answer also increases its chances of being featured in other places such as Google's search results.

What Are Some Dos And Don'ts Of Answering Questions On Quora

In order to answer any question on Quora, it's important that you're well-versed in the subject matter. 

It can be tempting to give your opinion as a response - but keep an open mind! Stay updated with new and interesting information about your topic of interest so that there are no gaps, or holes when responding.

Be clear-cut in your answers. Avoid rambling or long-winded explanations because the question will probably be asked by more than one person, so keep it concise!

Try to answer as many people's inquiries at once. You should definitely do this when you can confidently tackle multiple topics. 

Don't worry about sounding condescending. Honesty is appreciated most often. 

Lastly, give appropriate credit for any work that isn’t yours - even if it's just linking back to their blog post. 

You even can post external links pointing to your blog posts (in moderation, as mentioned above). That can help bring additional visitors to your website.

Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on a variety of topics! You'll get more questions made available for you if you add some new topics.

Quora discourages "me too" answers to their already answered questions for fear that it would be redundant or repetitive. 

How Do I Start Answering On Quora?

Start with the topics you know best. That way, when you do answer a question, people will trust your credibility and value. That’s the best way to become an expert on any topic.

Keep answering questions, and people will notice you.

How do I know what topics to start with? Look at the recommended topics on the left side of the Quora screen. They are based on the interests that you have set up in Settings.

How Do You Write The Best Answer?

The best answers come from the mind of a person with experience on the topic.

It's easy to use programs or apps that can answer questions, but if you are using Quora as a part of your long-term content marketing strategy, make sure that you know what you are talking about.

For every question, there are people who know the answer better than others. These people have sufficient knowledge and experience in what they are talking about. These are the people that Quora uses to answer questions.

So, there is a high possibility that if you do not know what you are talking about, your post will not gain traction as it will be "downvoted" by members of the community.

The lengthier responses can also get much better traffic than short answers because they offer more value in general.

What App Can Answer Any Question?

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer here. You will use a "helper" to answer questions not because you want to write answers fast. No.

You need to add value in order for your posts to be successful on Quora.

Also, you have to be able to straight-away figure out if the app gives you a fake answer or a correct answer. That will set you apart from other people that use apps to answer questions fast.

With that, I'll introduce you to a tool that can help you answer Quora Questions fast - the Quora Answers Template.

Next, go to Templates > Quora Answers.

Quora Answers Template

Type the "Question" and the "Information to include in the answer."

In the "Tone Of Voice," you can put "genuinely helpful " to avoid sounding promotional.

Select "1" in the Output and Press "Generate."

how to use Quora Answers Template in JarvisAI

If you think you do not agree with the answer, generate again. Keep on generating until it gives you something you agree with.

If you want to make the content longer, copy the initial answer. Go to Documents > New > Start From Scratch.

how to use Quora Answers in Boss Mode

In the sidebar, type the question in the Title Field. In this example, I'll say "How do I find works on Fiverr (SEO)?"

In the Content Brief, I'll type...

Add something helpful to this...and paste the initial answer below the instruction.

Quora Answers In Boss Mode

Ignore the keywords and set the output length to "L" or long. Press "Compose."

Tweak your content brief as needed. Provide specific instructions on what to include or what not to mention, as well as indicate who you are talking to, like "talk to someone battling depression."

Here's a sample output on how to answer the Quora question above. Answers will differ every time you adjust the instructions...

sample boss mode output

"It would be best if you can present them as individual projects with specific results for each one - how they were improved, what challenges did you face, etc.

Also, include a portfolio of the project so people can view other stuff you have done before to show them your understanding of SEO.

Through Fiverr's feedback system, all buyers are able to leave feedback regarding the service provided by sellers.

This feedback can be found under each order on the seller's page.

In addition to this, buyers and sellers have the option of exchanging direct messages. Fiverr will not limit or moderate communications between buyers and sellers as long as they pertain to orders placed on Fiverr.

Through these channels, you will be able to get testimonials from your clients so that you may show them off in your portfolio.

Feedback/testimonials are an excellent way for potential future clients to see how well you do your work by reading what past clients thought about it."

Make sure it's correct, if not, delete the incorrect ones and press Compose again until you are happy with the answer.


Quora is an online knowledge-sharing service that allows users to ask questions, answer them and connect with others.

It can be a great way to find out about new topics or learn from the perspectives of your peers in different industries.

Whether you're looking for answers on business, technology, marketing, or any other topic, there's likely someone who has already asked it, and answered it on Quora - so why not give answering these types of questions a try?  

If you want more help writing your best possible answers, we got just what you need.

Try the free 5 days trial (no credit card required) which includes 10k words worth of content for all kinds of questions!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I would never have known what Quora is and how it can add value to what I do without this post. I have had a look at the reviews and they are very positive so I am very excited to give it a go. However, I cannot see how much it costs to subscribe after the free introductory offer expires.

    1. Hi,

      The cheapest plan starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words. The highest plan is priced at $119/month, but only until July 9, 2021. The price increases after that (have yet to be announced), but the lowest $29/month plan remains.



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