Video Editing Jobs Require More Than Creativity 

Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Video Editing Jobs Summary

If you apply for video editing jobs, you'll see that other tasks could include color correction, sound mixing, adding titles and more.

The goal for editing a video will determine the outcome. You need a clear editing goal first before you do the task.

video editing jobs

What A Video Editor Does

1.      Choosing The Best Scene

Not all footages are fit for the final video. There are scenes a video editor needs to choose and he may also remove some scenes.  

2.      Creating A Flow

Story telling is one of the many purposes of a video. A video also provides viewers with information. Stories and information need to have a flow or a format to relay the message appropriate to the watchers.

3.      Adding Music, Effects and Graphics

These are the components added to the video that make it spectacular to watch.

4.      Modifying The Mood, Pace, and Style

You need to apply certain techniques to change these elements of a video if you want to affect or influence the reaction of the audience.

These tasks are all about the video editing part of the job. Nowadays, video editing jobs may also include other activities such as developing scripts, producing works for various platforms (short content for social media, long series for other platforms, and more).

The video editor also needs to decide how to maximize the content’s value so it will suit the platform to which it appears. The video’s content should have consistency and comprehensiveness. Tasks vary per job offer. Look at Figure 1.

remote video editing jobs

Figure 1

This example lists the tasks you need to perform as a video editor. It says that you must edit 2 videos within a month and these videos will appear on the client’s YouTube channel.

This illustrates what we mentioned earlier that a final video needs to suit a particular platform. In this example, the video needs to be about 20 minutes long. They also state that the videos should fit the formats of other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

If they hire you, they expect you can handle and go through videos of about 150 GB in size. If this material is not sufficient, you also need to do some searching on your own.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements could depend on the job or the task. Some job offers may not require you to have a particular college degree, as long as you have the experience and you know how to use given video editing software.

However, most job offers with high offered salaries often require specific courses and degrees. In fact, if you want to pursue a career in video editing, consider taking up programs and courses that will pave your way to success.

For example, a professional video editor job, such as in advertising and broadcasting companies, may require at least a bachelor’s degree in film production.

You could also enroll to short courses on video editing to improve your qualifications. To get ahead in this career, you must stay updated on the latest digital and technological trends. Grab opportunities to practice and learn new editing skills.

Work Experience

Sometimes an employer will give more weight on the personal qualities and technical skills of the applicant than on his educational background or even age. For instance, an employer may give an opportunity to a person who is creative and patient even though he has no degree in film or media production. This scenario could happen when you initially worked as a production runner and gets promoted to video editor because your superior saw your potentials and qualities.

Experience is very important in this career and industry. Experience will teach you the skills and will also give you contacts of people and potential jobs. 

Skills and Attributes

Personal qualities like patience, motivation, discipline, attention to details and dedication are the requirements of video editor jobs, and other work from home online positions such as data research.

However, there are certain skills that employers look for when hiring a video editor. These skills include knowledge in using computer operating systems, hardware and software used in video editing. They list required skills on job advertisements, such as in Figure 2.

video editor jobs

Figure 2

This job requires excellent editing skills using Adobe Premiere for tasks such as color grading, rendering, transition and effects. You will also work on the After Effects for basic animation.

The personal qualities that the employer looks for in an applicant are the ability to respect and meet deadlines, ability to edit videos quickly, efficiency and creativity, attention to details and good English communication.

Technical Requirements

In Figure 2 for example, they mention that you need to have equipment suitable for the task. Your computer system needs enough storage for 200 GB per video.

Other job offers have a definite computer requirement, but for instances like this that do not have the exact specifications, you must do your own homework. The internet has many resources you could use to know which computer to have for video editing.

The computer operating system can be Windows, Linux or MAC OS. The operating system (OS) will determine which editing software is compatible.

Screen size should be at least 19 to 21 inches. Dual monitors can really help.

How To Apply

You can start by browsing online for job vacancies as a video editor. Job offers come in many sizes and from various industries, such as in the broadcasting or advertising fields as well as smaller markets and niches.

Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have gained popularity as channels with new contents uploaded regularly. Those who have lucrative YouTube channels could need your services in editing their contents such as for commercials, music videos, and more.

You are likely to find many job listings online, such as in job websites and portals. You need to sign up to these websites before you could apply. Membership is often free but be cautious of websites that require an upfront payment.

Some job ads use the application process of a job portal while some employers screen their applicants by already including special application instructions in the job ad. In Figure 2, for example, the employer will know that you are paying attention to details if you follow its instructions on what you need to include in your email. Be sure to send a customized cover letter and apply only if you are willing to do a test gig. Let us look at another example in Figure 3.

video editing jobs online

Figure 3

The subject of your email needs to contain what the employer has provided. You email needs to indicate whether you want to work part-time or full-time and give the number of hours you can commit to the job. There is also a screening task you should finish.

Potential Income

Video editing can be a lucrative job. Watch this video to know which video editing jobs pay really well.

The earning potentials of a video editor will vary according to the gig and to the company that will hire you. If they hire you in large broadcasting, media and advertising companies, you could expect a higher salary rate.

There are job offers, however, that will only pay a lower rate. If you want to have something to use as a comparison, you may use the average hourly rate of ₱298.99 for a film or video editor in the Philippines (found at Payscale). This is only an approximation, so it might not apply to all job offers.

In Figure 1, the part time video editing position will pay US$200 per video. The job will pay US$400 each month for 2 videos. Figure 4 has another example.

video editing jobs home

Figure 4

This example has a different compensation plan. The salary rate will depend on your experience and the quality of your work. You will get your payment every week, but take note that the first 2 weeks will only give you $100 a week ($20 x 5).

Work Schedule

The client or company that hires you will have expectations and guidelines on how you can use your time. Some offer a flexible work schedule wherein you can work anytime, as long as you submit the videos on time.

In Figure 3, you could work part-time or full-time, with a flexible work schedule. Part-time position will only work on video design and editing, while the full-time position will have additional administrative tasks. You can read in the advertisement that you might need to work a few hours on weekends.

In Figure 1, the job is a part-time position where you need to work 40 hours in a week, but for only 2 weeks in one month.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Benefits, bonuses, pay increase and training programs are all in accordance to what an employer will offer.

In Figure 3, it shows that the first 2 months are probationary, so the salary is $400 a month for full-time positions. Salary is pro-rated for part-time positions. Once the probation period is over, the salary will increase to $500 a month and could still increase further. 

Just like with other online jobs, no labor laws cover (as of time of writing) home-based video editors so their salaries and benefits are often not as lucrative as for those who work in a traditional office.



  • If you work fast, you could earn a lot of money from video editing.
  • You could work home-based as a freelancer.
  • You could work with various people and learn more from them.
  • You can find a lot of job listings for video editors in many fields and industries.


  • You need to search more to find entry-level offers that require no bachelor’s degree in film or video editing.
  • You need to have significant experience and knowledge in using editing tools and software, which could take time and money.
  • You might need to take video editing classes and purchase editing tools.
  • It usually requires a demoreel or links to your best sample works, something that newbies need to work on before they can apply to high-paying jobs.

Video editing seems like a lucrative online career, but it is something that requires technical specialties and adeptness. While there are courses and short programs you could take to learn video editing, you first need to invest time, money and effort to gain the skills to qualify for a job. It is not like other online jobs like web content writing and home transcription that requires not much training. You need to pair your creativity and artistic qualities with technical skills and qualifications.

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