My name is Pitin. The founder of this site.


Let’s start my story from the day I had my first child…

First-time mothers are sometimes torn between going back to work after their maternity leave, or stay at home to take care of their baby.

Some mothers are not lucky to have the option of spending more time with their little ones. They need to go back to work. They have bills to pay, baby expenses to cater, save for the future and so on.

Monitoring my daughter via CCTVs at home (while I work in the office), I felt that there must be another way. That is when my priorities shifted.

I searched online for work from home jobs – most of it, I have already tried while having a full-time job. eBay, Odesk (Upwork)…my search continued until I found Wealthy Affiliate in October 2015.

I wanted to quit my job then to blog full time, but it wasn’t possible just yet. We were only living from pay check to pay check.

I decided that I’d quit the post-production industry in my 12th year. 

I started saving for an emergency fund. I wanted to save for one year so I will not have to worry about bills while learning and starting to make blogging work.

I was already learning a lot of things from Wealthy Affiliate, randomly blogging, putting my blogging dream to the pedestal and lost interest of my full-time job back then.

Eight months after I met Wealthy Affiliate, I lost my job. With less than 24 hours notice, my bosses decided that it was already my last day.

I lost my job because as my priorities shifted, the quality of my projects suffered, too. I guess you can say that I became too lazy to do my best and was just going to work for the sake of working. 

In a competitive corporate world, "anyone is dispensable" as my boss put it in words.

I mourned. Yes. Just like that and I was completely in the dark. I knew in my heart that to blog full time was my ultimate dream job. 

I just didn’t expect it to happen sooner.

I have always been a hardworking employee…so getting fired was not something I am used to. LOL. There’s really a first-time for everything.

June 30, 2016. My last day in the post-production industry. My supposed to be first day to make blogging work. But the major change gave me depression.

For three months I did NOTHING. I was a clueless first-time mother who had a toddler who always needed me. I was jobless. Our things were in boxes while we were looking for a new place to move to.

When I lost my job, I thought I had all the time to blog. But my toddler’s needs were unpredictable. Add the household chores to the daily challenge. It was tough.

But I persisted.

My workspace even sometimes looks like this...

In October 2016, I finally took action. I committed to write one article a day for six months straight (although I only averaged to 3 articles per week).

The year 2017 was when I finally saw some results. I earned USD 6,482.18. Here’s a screenshot of my Amazon US earnings for 2017.

amazon affiliate marketing

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Here’s a screenshot of my 2018 Amazon US earnings:

how can i work at home and make money

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In 2019, my Amazon sales "dropped a bit" since I started a new niche - this blog. But it's still a good year with an average of USD 1,000 a month, despite not working on it 100% of the time.

how to start a blog for profit

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There are many ways to make profits by blogging and affiliate marketing is only one of them. 

My other "abandoned" blog teaches the "how tos" of short-term rental via Airbnb. I initially planned to teach newbies the A to Z of Airbnb.

But time constraints happened. So imagine my surprise when I got $200  (and counting) commissions after only writing 8 posts and totally abandoning it. 

airbnb referrals

My latest (2021) source of passive income is Jarvis, an AI writer that not only helps me produce content endlessly, but also my readers (turned referrals, too)!

Jarvis affiliate program

After 6 years plus of on and off efforts, I am still in this industry, working whenever my time permits, making things work.

Blogging helps to put food on the table, pay for bills and most especially, lets me handle my own time.

You see, “success” is not always about money. It can be defined in other ways. 

I am not rich. I do not own a mansion, a sports car, and all those luxuries that most affiliate marketers will show to you as a proof of their success. Instead, my “success” story is on a different level. 

I am a stay-at-home, hands-on parent, who can provide financially through my online income, while BEING PRESENT to the lives of people who matter to me.

At the end of the day, we have different goals. Financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom, peace of mind...

It has been a slow progress for me since I am a busy, hands-on mother plus an Airbnb host, too. I also make homeschooling books (as a hobby, turned local e-commerce store).

Looking back, this is far better compared to when I was just starting out, creating contents non-stop, and fixing a lot of things here and there.

It feels good to know that I can take days off when I want to or see the business growing despite just "scheduling" tasks from time to time.

It's time to make your goals into a reality.

If there's something I learned from this experience, it's making yourself "indispensable" by learning skills that align with your passion in life.

I love blogging, learning, writing, design, and videos. And getting into the technical side of things (managing servers) is what I'm learning (yes, learning doesn't stop) to make myself indispensable - and be my own boss.

Should You Build A Blog? Yes!

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