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Say ABC Online Teaching Summary

Teaching English online is one of today’s well-known online jobs. It allows you to earn money from home while helping others learn how to communicate well in English. If this opportunity appeals to you, then check out what Say ABC online teaching by reading until the end of this post.

say abc online teaching

Say ABC is one of the online platforms today where you could land a job as an online English teacher. It is like Magic Ears and (tutorJr and vipJr) iTutorgroup where you will teach Chinese children aged 5-12 years old. Although VIPKid is also an Online English teaching platform with children students, a teacher here will handle only one student per class. Say ABC certified teachers handle a small group of students per class.

It collaborated with National Geographic and Cengage for developing its curriculum that children will find enjoyable and rewarding. Its modern teaching platform has the tools (feedback cards, rewards, notes, etc.) you need to use for making lessons pleasurable for kids.


This is an online job, so you naturally need a working computer with audio and video capability and fast, reliable internet connection. Some English teaching platforms allow the use of mobile gadgets, but not Say ABC since its platform only works on computers. Equip your computer setup with a headset and microphone.

However, since Say ABC uses an exclusive teaching platform plus a software, install and download into your computer, it has certain computer specifications that you must meet.

For example, the Operating system of your desktop or laptop should be Windows 7, 8 or 10 or at least MAC OS 10.13.

Your CPU should have Intel (i3-2000+, or i5-xxxx, or i7-xxxx), or AMD (A8-7000 or A9-9420 or A10-6000+ or A12-xxxx), or FX or Ryzen processor.

The RAM must be at least 3G. The internet speed should have a download speed of over 20 Mbps and upload speed of above 4Mbps.

You will also need to use Google Chrome internet browser for the training materials and classes. Once they choose you for an interview, they will give you the link for downloading its teaching software.

The other qualifications from the image below are demanding. The requirements for joining Say ABC includes being a native level of English (in a few reviews online, some claim that you have to have native English level from US, UK, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa).

sayabc jobs

Figure 1

You must have at least a Bachelor’s degree and at least a year of teaching experience. The (minimum) Bachelor’s degree requirement is in compliance with the new regulations from China’s Ministry of Education.

You also need to have relevant teaching certification like TEFL, TESOL and CELTA.

According to one FAQ entry on the website, it is exciting for the company to receive teacher’s applications from all over the world, but it does not say it will accept applicants who live and hail from countries other than Australia, Ireland, UK, US, Canada, and New Zealand.

While not listed in the image above, I think you should also pay attention to the area or space where you will set up your computer. It should be a room where there is minimal noise and good lighting. You may also set up an enticing background and make use of physical teaching props that will appeal to your young students.

Teaching At Say ABC

Here, there are 3 different types of classes that you could handle.

1.  Major Classes or Homerooms, whose purpose is to teach the curriculum to students and help them develop positive study habits. You will teach the same students two times a week if you are handling major classes.

2.  Trial classes aim to present the platform and sell its contents/services. You need to give your best to provide trial students with enjoyable class experience and encourage students/parents to commit. Expect to teach different students in each trial class.

3.  Emergency classes call for the services of a standby teacher who will serve as a substitute teacher.

Say ABC provides the teaching materials. Before a booked class begins, you may and should review these materials to prepare you for the class.

Only the support team of Say ABC can communicate with the student’s parents.

How To Apply/Join

This video shows a recorded demo which is an integral part of the application process for becoming an English teacher at Say ABC.

Look at the image below to see the steps involved in the application process you have to go through when applying as a teacher as Say ABC.

teach at sayabc

Figure 2

The first step is signing up at https://t.sayabc.com/recruit.html#/apply. You may also sign up using Facebook.

Once done, create your profile. Provide your full name, teaching name, highest educational level, teaching qualifications, teaching experience, first language, gender, birth date, phone number, Skype ID, country/town/city of residence, nationality, and time zone.

Tell how you heard about Say ABC.

If you pass the screening through your submitted information and if they deem you qualified, you will receive an email notification proceed to the second step which is the live or a self-recorded interview that contains a 15 minutes demo class and will last for 15 minutes. You will log in to the portal system and schedule your interview. During the demo teaching, you imagine that the interviewer is an actual student, so try your best to show your teaching abilities.

Reviewers share that Say ABC conducts a system evaluation of your computer during this interview and if the screening team deems your computer to have not met the requirements, you will probably not proceed to the next step.

The third step involves a 40 minutes evaluation class. Here, you will teach 4 real Say ABC students. You may review the teaching materials 48 hours before the evaluation class.

Once you pass the interview and the evaluation class, they will present you with a consulting agreement that will require you to commit to Say ABC for 3 months.

You may start to teach within 10-14 days.

Potential Income

From the image below, you see that you could earn $17 per class here at Say ABC.

say abc teacher

Figure 3

The base pay is $13 for a 40 minutes class plus $4 incentive (from your productivity and attendance). It can happen that you will need to take over a class with less than a day's notice. Accepting the assignment despite the late notice could add $7 to your class payment.

If you teach a Trial Class, you will earn $8 for every trial student who finally enrolls. They process payments by the 15th day of each month and send payments via wire transfer.

Work Schedule

Keep in mind that each class lasts for 40 minutes. When filling up the application form, you could see the class schedules available at Say ABC. Look at Figure 4.

sayabc reviews

Figure 4

You will know about booked lessons through email notification that includes teaching guidance, time reminder, other relevant details and how you may contact the office staff. You may access your teaching materials on the teaching portal an hour before the booked class.

Since Say ABC has strict requirements, you might just abandon the idea to apply. It can also happen that there are no booked classes to teach, so you must not rely on this as your sole source of income. You may look at other online job options available.

You could teach or tutor online such as through Bitdegree, Course Hero, Wizedemy, Skillshare and Udemy.

You may also take on simple jobs or microtasks like paid surveys, paid online juror, image annotation and web search evaluation.

You could also start learning how to make money from affiliate programs so check out the Wealthy Affiliate. To succeed, you must learn other skills such as data research, content writing, and social media marketing.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

I think there are no exceptional perks from teaching English at Say ABC other than being able to work from home, which is the norm during this time of pandemic. You may choose the time you want to teach from the time slots, and you could earn bonuses for your hard work.



  • The main positive attribute of Say ABC is that its website offers easy to find information that any potential teacher would like to know before he applies.
  • Its teaching platform is easy to use, according to reviews. It has features that you can navigate easily to find the information that you need (class sections, student sign-ups, parent feedback, calendar, schedules, pay details, self-training modules, etc.).
  • The online classroom has functions that can engage students further, like interactive dice for games and countdown timer for activities.
  • The lessons here also have great contents like moving slides, embedded sounds/songs and interactive games.
  • It sends weekly reminders and updates to teachers. Reviewers noted its weekly news bites to teachers. Plus, they also send weekly reminders of schedules and booked classes.


  • The requirements are too strict, both for credentials and technical spec of your computer.
  • It might not accept applicants from countries if your English skills are not at par with a native speaker.
  • It has only one payment method.
  • It has poor technical support, according to some teachers.
  • While you have a flexible schedule, there is no guarantee that you will have a lot of classes to teach and earn money from.

Say ABC is one platform that I will definitely apply to if I have the qualifications it requires. The lessons are ready to follow and just have to give it my best to follow them using the tools that are already available on the teaching platform.

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