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Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Computer Software Engineer Jobs Summary

Computer programs, software programs, or computer software are crucial in most people’s lives. From writing a letter to watching a movie or playing a game, some everyday activities are not possible without the computer programs.  Thanks to those people who spend time and effort in fulfilling computer software engineering jobs, we have these advanced tools to make lives easier and more enjoyable.

Computer Software Engineer Jobs

A computer software engineer also goes by other names such as software developers. Regardless of what people call them, it is thanks to their creative minds that we can perform specific tasks on the computer devices. Nowadays, we use customized or specialized computer software in every industry, profession, and sector.

The job of a computer software engineer involves planning, writing, testing and editing computer applications and programs. If you work from home, your tasks are the same, but you need to have more discipline and dedication since you are working alone. You may also need to work together with other programmers, but your interaction with them is via online means (like video call and chat).

Duties and Responsibilities

Software developers may work on systems software for computers or for mobile devices, but their duties remain similar in most instances. You will develop a program and test if it works well according to the needs or requirements of a client. You might also need to upgrade an existing application.

Part of your job is to monitor the performance and the quality of applications. You need to document all your work so you have something to use as a reference.

software engineers jobs

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a more detailed list of duties such as developing a mobile/desktop user interface of e-commerce applications. This job ad also says that the software you will develop has to follow coding standards and approved technologies.

The front-end developer should come up with a reusable code and document the code accordingly. They also require collaboration with stakeholders and other team members.

Academic Requirements

These software development jobs differ from other online jobs like paid surveys where an applicant does not need higher educational attainment or years of experience. Most job offers for software programmers require an associate or bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, computer programming, or related degrees. Figure 2 shows an example of the required education. If you really want to work as a computer software developer, you may search for online courses on design and coding. Some clients or companies may offer a job for those who have taken up these courses even though they do not have a college degree.

Skills and Attributes

In possibly all job offers for computer software engineers, there are general attributes and skills that employers look for.

1.      Multitasking

This is a skill you will need to practice, especially if you have multiple projects to submit. Deadlines are something you should seriously take regardless if you work part time, full-time or freelance. Working at home as a part-time or freelance software developer, you may work for at least two clients. Thus, you need to multitask to meet the requirements of each client. However, it is not just about the ability to do different things at once, but multitasking means knowing what to prioritize and managing all projects at once.

2.      Attention to Details

This is a common requirement in almost all online jobs such as online proofreading. As a software developer, pay attention to certain standards and practices such as using version control systems (for not losing your old work) and testing protocol. You need to pay attention to details when analyzing a client’s requirements, when troubleshooting, when documenting and more.

3.      Communication

A computer software engineer often works alone, but communication skills are very important whether you are working for a startup organization or for a bigger company. You need to collaborate with other members of the software development team and talk about various ideas. You should discuss with your client any challenges or problems. You should listen actively, resolve conflicts, and more through effective written and oral communication.

4.      Coding Languages

This is the part where the technical requirements come from. Computer coding languages are the essential components of every software program. As a computer software engineer, you may master one or two languages and choose these as your area of expertise. However, if you want to grab more opportunities, invest time and effort in learning more coding languages like CSS, HTML, C#, C++, C, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, and SQL.

If a video editor needs to have efficiency in editing videos, then expect that they will require a computer software engineer to have technical skills in developing computer programs. Look at Figure 2, for example.
software engineer job requirements

Figure 2

You should have deep knowledge and efficient use of CSS, HTML, JavaScript frameworks and ASP.NET MVC Razor views. Aside from these technical skills, you also have specific attributes like technical consultative skills and ability to influence the end users of your work.

Aside from the programming languages, this job offer also requires the candidate to know about SEO standards and more.

Required Tools

Online jobs require a decent computer, or laptop set up and reliable internet connection. Software developers working from home may also need to meet specific systems requirements by the company they work for.

However, if there are no particular tools required, you need to do your own search online and might come across this article. According to this post, the basic specs for a programmer are Intel i5CPU, 8GB RAM and (1920 x 1080 resolution) monitor screen, at least as of writing this post. You could upgrade your components (such as monitor, hard drive, RAM, and GPU) as soon as your budget allows so you could perform your software developer tasks more efficiently. Keep in mind that this is only a reference you could use. This might not apply to every case. You may ask directly from the company or client about any required system specifications.

How To Apply/Join

As a developer, you know that there are basically two types of job positions you could apply for. In fact, when you do a web search for software developers on search engines like Google, you will encounter job titles like front-end developers, back-end developers and full stack.

These are the words you should pay attention to when applying for a job.

If your specialization is developing the visible parts of a software program, then apply to jobs for front-end developers.

If your specialization is in infrastructure and databases, then look for back-end developer jobs. Remember from the above discussion that you may opt to gain more knowledge about more coding languages to grab more opportunities. This is because if you have knowledge about more computer languages, you could also apply to jobs for full-stack programmers.

There are many ways you could look for and apply for a computer software engineer jobs, such as mentioned in this video below.

Method 1 from the video uses LinkedIn. LinkedIn is just one of the many websites you will find online for job advertisements for software developers. Put your data research skills to search online for your remote software developer job.

Job ads on job portals and websites usually just let applicants follow the application procedure of that website. Others include specific instructions for interested applicants.

Potential Income

The potential income of a computer software engineer varies depending on the size or complexity of a project. Sometimes, salary rate also varies according to experience and expertise of an applicant, the size of the recruiting company and the location of the developer.

Looking back at Figure 1, the listed salary rate is Php350,000 in a year (computation for a monthly salary will give you Php29,166 per month).

Work Schedule

The work schedule of a software developer is irregular. It will mostly depend on the deadlines for projects and tasks. Sometimes, you will need to pull an all-nighter just to submit a project on time. You might also need to work during holidays and weekends.

A home-based software developer might also need to follow the specified schedule or time zone of the client.

computer software engineer job description

Figure 3

Figure 3 above is a job ad from Coldfusion Developer and you have the option to work from home. The successful candidate needs to work in US Pacific time.

software engineer jobs

Figure 4

Figure 4 shows a similar work schedule wherein the candidate should work during daytime hours in Brazilian Time.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Most of the jobs you will find for remote or home-based computer software developers only offer competitive salaries. It might take you a while to find a job offer where the employer has attractive benefits to offer, such as in Figure 5.

software engineer job openings

Figure 5

In this job offer, the company will provide the training for you to learn its methodologies and solutions. It also promises to provide appealing benefits such as Philhealth, SSS, 13th month pay, and a 2-week vacation.



  • Pay can be high.
  • You could learn new things with every project.
  • You could specialize in a particular job (front-end or back-end).
  • Working at home as a software developer lets you create your preferred workspace.
  • This is good for people who are not too socially inclined since there is less interaction with other people.


  • This is a job that requires special education, and training through college courses. However, there are some employers who might accept applicants who took up short online programming courses even with no college diploma.
  • There are entry-level positions you can find, but most job ads prefer people with considerable work experience. Thus, you need to first gather related experience and build a good portfolio if you want to qualify for better-paying jobs.
  • You should keep updated on the latest trends in the software industry so you can learn appropriate skills.
  • The job can consume a lot of your time since you ensure that your software end product works appropriately.

This is not an online job for everyone because of various requirements like educational attainment and technical skills. Yet, if you have what employers look for in a computer software engineer, you could apply to these telecommuting jobs now. Just make sure you have set up your home work space with suitable computer, internet and fewer distractions.

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