What Is Netizen Testing About – $7 For 15 Minutes Work? 

Last Modified: September 4, 2021

By: pitin

Read what is Netizen Testing about so you'll understand what makes it different from the rest of usability testing platforms that also offer similar services and opportunities.

what is netizen testing about

What Is Netizen Testing About?

“Affordable and fast usability testing services through the power of the crowd” is the promise of the Netizen Testing to companies that wish to gather users’ opinion about their websites and apps.

Looking at the description of the company on its website, you could gather what Netizen Testing could mean to website and app developers and owners.

As a usability testing company, it can provide them access to a vast network of users whom they can ask to perform specific tasks while using the apps and websites.

Clients can watch what these users did and listen to what they said during the test to get an idea about the likely areas where the apps or websites need to improve on.

The Netizen Testing Difference

Other platforms hire testers and offer usability testing services in the US, UK and Canada, but Netizen Testing harnesses the power of the crowd in Asia. Its network of users and testers are from Asia.

Thus, it offers an excellent opportunity for testers who cannot apply to or take advantage of what other platforms offer because they are from countries not covered by a certain platform’s covered areas.

In fact, the company’s founders, Alvin Chai and Wee Li started Netizen Testing back in 2012 after they realized that Asia needs a fast and simple user testing service for digital products.

If you have read a substantial amount of posts and articles about usability testing, you know that most of the usability testing companies are from the US.

Thus, they likely serve US companies and businesses by contracting testers from the US, unless the client requires testers from other countries or regions.

With Netizen Testing, Asian enterprises and startups can now avail of services geared towards them.

Since its establishment, Netizen Testing has conducted over 1,000 testing sessions with testers, who are mostly from Asia.

It also offers usability testing services to startups not only in Asia but also in Europe, UK and Australia. Some companies that have availed the services of Netizen Testing include JobStreet, AirAsia and Lazada.

These are the companies that Asian users are probably more familiar with.

How It Works

Clients can test anything online and can plan on what they want to test.

Therefore, if you ever become a tester for Netizen Testing, you could

  • evaluate e-commerce sites
  • evaluate their online checkout processes, landing pages
  • test any website (including competitor’s websites)
  • test any mobile app (including competitor’s apps), concepts, mockups, prototypes, wireframe, and A/B testing.

If the client selects you as one of its testers, you will receive a notification from Netizen Testing to start the project.

You must have your own testing device and perform the test in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. Take note that the client has the deciding power on who will test its products.

It could choose among Netizen Testing users or among its own customers. Your activities, screen and voice during the test are subject to recording.

You know from the first step that there are questions you might need to answer and clients might ask some follow-up questions.


Netizen Testing requires that you have your own computer, which could be a laptop or a desktop computer with a minimum RAM of 1GB and free hard disc space of 5GB.

Your computer setup must include a headset with a microphone. You should have a reliable internet connection, since you must upload your recorded video to the server.

You will perform all tests using Netizen Testing’s own developed app-based recorder so you need not buy other screen recording software.

Netizen Testing Sign Up

You may register here.

You first need to fill up the tester application form in the link above.

Then, you need to do a sample test (includes a 5-minute test video, and a written survey) for Netizen Testing to review. Once the sample test gets approval, you will get notification about the jobs.

Provide your email address and set up your password.

State your

  • gender
  • country (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • year of birth (1920-2020) and
  • profession (professional, executive, housewife, senior management, self-employed, student, manager, clerical, others).

Agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue.

You need to check your inbox to verify your email and then log in to your account. Afterward, there are 4 steps you should go through.

It is important to download the recorder first. You will read 3 simple tips to keep in mind and will watch a 1-minute sample test video.

Finally, you must record a sample video that Netizen Testing must approve so you could start doing paid tests.

Netizen Testers’ Tips

When you are doing a test, assume the role of someone who is using the website or the app. Make sure you speak out loud about what you experience, what you see and what you go through while using the app or website.

The client will give certain instructions that you should read thoroughly and follow carefully. It is immaterial how long your video recording will be, as long as you remain on the task at hand.

As much as possible, look for things or areas in the app or website, which you think might make other people leave the website or app because it is problematic to use or navigate.

You should be honest with your comments and feedback.

Recording Your Sample Video

For your sample video recording, there is a scenario you need to keep in mind. For example, you are planning for an overseas vacation and you need to use a website for your trip.

The goal of the video recording is to evaluate your ability in speaking your thoughts rather than completing a task.

It is only about booking a room for your accommodation through the website. Instead, tell about what steps you are taking or what links or buttons on the website you are clicking to finish the task.

You must also describe what challenges you encounter when doing the task such as slow loading of pages or not working buttons/links.

Potential Income

You will receive payment for

  • the recorded video of your voice and screen where you will give verbal comments as you browse through the website or use the app and
  • a written survey, up to 4 questions about what you experienced while using the app or website.

A 10-15 minutes video pays $7 via PayPal within 14 after the completed job. Malaysian testers will get their money via online banking.

The USD 7 is the rate for completed test job. However, there are rare occasions when a client will ask for a refund because he did not find your work satisfactory.

It is at this moment when you will not receive your payment.