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How To Create Compelling Headlines – 9 Tips To Do It Effectively!

Headlines are the first thing people see when they visit your website and often determine whether or not they stay on your site.

The headline is what grabs their attention and entices them to read further. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 steps that will help you create the perfect headline for your content!

How To Create Compelling Headlines

1. Always Be Concise

.It is not necessary for it to contain a lot of information, but enough so that people know what they are going into without being too vague or confusing them with unnecessary details.

2. Use A Question To Get The Reader's Attention 

Question-type headlines do well in search engines such as Google, where real people are asking real questions.

"How to Create the Perfect Headline?"  is a good example. It gets people's attention and they are more likely going to click on it than if you had just written: "Creating The Best Title."

3. Keep It Short And Sweet

Search Engines can cut-off your title if it doesn't fit the allotted space for headlines.

It should be concise so potential readers can quickly grasp what they're about to read.

4. Make It Personal, But Not Too Personal

"What's in it for them?"

When creating headlines, make it to a point that it is beneficial to the readers. What will they get if they click on it?

"How to Create the Perfect Headline?" implies a promise that is beneficial for readers.

You can even try to "overpromise" by adding "8 Tips To Do It Effectively."

If your content doesn’t end up having anything of value, then don't bother with writing overpromising headlines because you might lose your audience's trust as a result.

5. Use Numbers To Grab Attention

Studies show that headlines with numbers get clicked more than those without it.

6. Use Keywords That People Are Searching For

If you are focusing on attracting an organic audience, or those that come from search engines such as Google, use properly-researched keywords in your headlines.

Not only will this ensure that your topic is something that people are interested in but also, keyword research will ensure your "chance" to have a high ranking in search engines' search results.

Got back to this lesson on how to do proper keyword research.

7. Make It Relevant To Your Audience

For every content (and headline) you produce, dedicate it to your target audience. Aim to solve their problems.

Review this lesson on how to help your target audience.

8. Use Power Words 

Power words are the most powerful way to get your audience's attention.

Think of power phrases such as "The Ultimate Guide" or even just a word like FREE!

Examples of power words that you can use for your headlines:

1. How to... 

2. The best way to... 

3. What you need to know about... 

4. Why you should avoid... 

5. The surprising truth about...

6. A complete guide to...

7. Why you should... 

8. What is the result of... 

9. New and Improved!

10. Sale!

11. Top 10... 

12. Fastest way to... 

13. (5) Ways to...

14. Tips and Tricks...

15. The best of...

16. Learn how to... 

17. Discover the secrets of... 

18. Find out how you can...

19. Why you should do (this) instead of (that)...

20. You'll be surprised by how much (this) will help you...

21. Why we... 

22. The secret to... 

23. 10 reasons why...

24. 10 Proven Steps...

26. One thing you need to know about... 

27. (This) is what happened when I did (this) for (30) days...

You probably get the idea by now. All these headlines give a certain benefit to your audience.

9. Use Jarvis.ai's "Perfect Headline" Tool

The "Perfect Headline" tool is a headline generator that will give you lots of headline options to choose from based on your topic and keywords.

perfect headline generator

I know, I just can't shut up about Jarvis.ai, LOL. While I did everything manually in the past for 5 years plus, having this tool at my disposal nowadays saves me a lot of time and energy!

I'm not kidding! I can even create three 1k posts in one day using their tools alone! That's like a week's work in the past!

There are several tools to help generate a good headline using Jarvis.ai:


1. Facebook Ad headline

2. Google Ads headline

3. Video titles

4. E-mail subject headlines

5. SEO - Blog Posts - Title and Meta Descriptions

6. SEO - Homepage - Title and Meta Descriptions

7. Highlight the words in your draft page, right-click and rephrase 

8. Pinterest Pin Title And Description

9. Boss Mode

and the most obvious way is by using the "Perfect Headline Tool."

Just input:

  1. the company/product name (or your main keyword/keyword phrase)
  2. a description so Jarvis (the AI assistant) will have a starting point
  3. your customer avatar or your target audience (e.g. newbie bloggers),
  4. your tone of voice (funny, witty, etc., read this for more tone of voice ideas)

The language is optional. By default, it's gonna generate headlines in English.

Select the number of outputs you want Jarvis to generate, and voila. Check the right side of the screen what Jarvis has for you! 🙂

You can keep on generating headlines until you are happy. 🙂

Here are FREE 10,000 credits for you so you can try it yourself. Sign up for its trial version. It's a game-changer even professional copywriters are going crazy about it. 🙂

You're welcome. LOL.

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  1. Hi,

    Headlines indeed grab someone’s attention and entices them to read further. I love your idea of using questions and keeping them short and sweet. Your article has been so helpful to me. Thank you.

    1. There are so many tricks and techniques you can use to get people’s attention. From coming up with a catchy headline, grabbing their interest in the first paragraph or two of your article, using SEO keywords sprinkled throughout – but what it really boils down to is trying different things and seeing what works best for you.

  2. Hello and thanks for the article! I’m just learning how to create great headlines on my blog. These 9 tips are really useful, especially since this is something that’s a big focus of mine right now. The idea behind compelling headlines is that you make people want more when they see them – which sounds like it would be easy but there can also be pitfalls if done poorly or carelessly so these pointers have been very helpful in guiding me as well.

    1. Hi there!

      It’s great to see you’re taking an interest in writing headlines. These 9 pointers are really helpful and will guide you through how the process should go since it can be tricky if done improperly or carelessly.



  3. Thanks for sharing this. It’s important to get the headlines and titles right in articles in order to capture the attention of the biggest audience. I use an SEO plugin to help make sure the titles are the correct length. Good to know that numbers attract attention – that’s an easy thing for most articles to include. The tool conversion.ai looks like a very helpful way to make sure headlines are as strong as possible.

    1. Yup! if you share your content on Pinterest, you can use the headline optimizer too so your pins are more clickable. 🙂

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