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About Intuit User Research

We know intuit for its popular software products like Quickbooks, Turbotax, Mint and Proconnect so you probably think it does not deserve inclusion in your list of user experience testing companies. Some people recommend it to those interested in earning extra money by testing websites and apps. If you visit its website, however, you need to be diligent in finding more about the UX testing opportunity it offers. This post on what is Intuit User Research about can be a big help for this venture, so keep reading.

intuit user research about
Intuit Difference

Most likely, you will find the user research from Intuit from other people who recommend several sites you may join for usability testing. You will visit every company or websites included in such a list. When it is time to see what Intuit user research is about, you will immediately see how it differs from other app or website user testing platforms.

1.      Line of Business

Intuit offers financial and tax preparation software products that businesses can use, as mentioned earlier.  This is apparent from its homepage and throughout its website. From the homepage, you need to scroll down to the bottom to see that single link about user testing, the sub-menu for "Product User Research."

Going to https://www.intuit.com/products/user-research/ will direct you to the page dedicated for user testing. It is on this page where you could read a little more about such opportunities from Intuit.

Intuit is different for other UX testing platforms we have assessed so far, such as User Testing, Userfeel, Analysia, TryMyUI, Userlytics, Validately, Whatusersdo, Respondent, Userbrain, Intellizoom, uTest, Loop11, Enrollapp and testIO which all focus on UX testing.

Intuit’s primary business is about software products.

Other websites that focus on usability testing usually reflect this on their websites. You would normally look for the section on their websites that contains all necessary information on the paid to test opportunities they offer. Majority of well-known usability testing platforms like uTest and User Testing, have over one page or link that interested testers could visit or read.

2.      What You Will Be Testing

You could read that it wants to gather feedback from people about its products and services, instead of other companies’ products and services. While the Intuit user testing opportunity lies on the same line of goals that other similar platforms have, which is to gather important feedback from users on how to improve a certain product, at Intuit, your job will be to give your opinion about Intuit products and nothing else. With other platforms, you will test different websites, apps, contents and materials from different companies and brands. Figure 1 also shows another distinctive quality of Intuit regarding user testing.

intuit user research

Figure 1

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Gathering Of Feedback

There are three ways Intuit gathers the important feedback of users. One is by visiting the home, office, dorm, school or any place where its staff could meet the person whom the feedback would come from.

It may also ask you to visit its location where you could participate in its face-to-face user research sessions. The third way is through remote gathering of your information via virtual video chats.

Other usability testing sites like Loop11 and Userlytics have tests that require you to show your face through a webcam, but the sessions are purely online.

An Intuit product tester would test its products and tell the test givers what he likes and dislikes about them.

Learning More About Intuit User Testing

Information about Intuit product user testing on its website is scarce. Moreover, you could hardly find any information and reviews. It could mean that its testers have signed a strict non-disclosure agreement to never disclose about their testing job details. It is also possible that Intuit outsources its user tests to other usability testing companies. This second possibility is feasible since if you research further, you will find case studies and reports that actual user testing companies have done for Intuit. The figure below shows an example.

about intuit research

Figure 2

It shows that Intuit partnered with User Testing, one popular usability testing platform we have previously reviewed, for a test project.

Another is at Usable Interface.

This will allow you to have a glimpse of what to expect if ever they accept you as a tester for Intuit. Incidentally, the first research study of Usable Interface was in 2007 for Quicken Loans while the more recent was a research study for Quickbooks.

For this recent study of Usable Interface for Intuit, they remotely interviewed each of the nine participants for an hour each. The test giver viewed the screen (of the participant) while they talked about how they use Quickbooks. The test giver also had viewing access to the online banking website of each participant.

After knowing this method and what an Intuit study might involve, you could determine if you will still want to pursue a usability testing gig with Intuit and possibly a third party test giver. I personally would not feel comfortable giving other people access to my financial or online banking website, activities, etc.

How To Apply/Join

On the web page  https://www.intuit.com/products/user-research/, you will find the “Sign Up Now” button. Clicking this button will show you the page shown in Figure 3.

intuit research

Figure 3

Participation in Intuit customer research will let you get rewards.  You must create your profile to provide more information about yourself. Just as what other testing companies implement, they use your demographic and personal details to determine if you are suitable for a particular test. If you match to a test, you will receive notification on the next steps to take.

Let’s look more closely on the application process. On this same page shown in Figure 2, choose the language you speak. You need to enter your first name, last name, country, time zone, zip code, city, phone number, email address, birth year, occupation, job title, industry, Intuit Products you use, if you pay taxes in US or Canada, and how you discovered the page. All these details are under the General Section.

The following are under the self-employed section, but they are more about your business or occupation: name of business, business website, what best describes your work, description of your work, year you started, actions involved in the job, the types of payments received, if business and personal bank accounts are separate, the percentage of your income that comes from your work, the percentage of work week dedicated to your work. All these details are for self-employment since I entered self-employed as my occupation in the general section. It is possible to have a distinct set of questions for the employment section depending on the occupation you clicked.

Once done with this self-employed section, a new page opened and it was here where I needed to indicate if I need tools or help in using a computer during a prospective research study.

Answering “No” will immediately allow you to proceed to the next step. Answering “Yes” will require you to indicate what tools or accommodation you might need to take part in future studies.

There are visual accommodations, hearing accommodations, dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia/reading accommodations, mobility accommodations, and speech/communication accommodations.

The next step involves agreeing to the mutual non-disclosure & release agreement. Afterwards, rate (using 3 smileys) your experience in answering the questions. Then, the last message will appear that they will contact you if you match an upcoming research.

Potential Income

On the Intuit website, you will not find any information about the rewards and payments for participating in research studies for Intuit.  Thus, you need to look elsewhere to have a ballpark idea regarding payment. See the figure below.

about intuit user research

Figure 4

This is a screenshot of the Twitter page of Intuit User Research group. You see here that each tweet is about a particular study. Some tweets include important details like the payment and location. One study for those who live in San Diego offered $300 while another study held at Intuit’s Mountain View office gave $75 to participants.

These are all old tweets from Intuit User Research, so all the study links are no longer working.

If you remain on Twitter to search about Intuit’s UX testing, you might come across a tweet that will direct you to a webpage at https://fanningplumbers.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/looking-for-shopify-users-for-paid-user-research-study-by-intuit-inc/.

This was a study conducted over WebEx in 2017 that involved Shopify users. Participants received a $100 Visa Card for their participation. You can see from this article that Intuit also has its User Research recruiter.

Work Schedule

Signing up as tester for Intuit gives you a flexible and open work schedule. There is even no guarantee that you will have a research study to complete soon after signing up. Instead of waiting indefinitely for notifications from Intuit, use your time instead on pursuing other online jobs that could pay you more. You may apply for part time and freelance positions as online tutor or data entry professional.

You may use your creative talents like singing and drawing as services on Fiverr.

You could install apps on your phone like Gigwalk and Field Agent so you could earn extra money completing tasks inside brick and mortar stores.

If what you want are small jobs you can do while you watch TV or pass the time, there are paid surveys and consumer research panels you can join.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

I do not see any advantage or benefit from participating in Intuit research studies except for the potential reward.



  • "Possible" side income.


  • Intuit offers no reliable information about its user testing opportunity.
  • There are no details about payment, about the payment method or even the number of studies you could perform.

I think registering to Intuit for its product user research will only be worthwhile if you are someone who has experience or background in using financial and tax preparation products such as from Intuit. After all, what Intuit wants is the feedback from users so it could further improve its products. This opportunity has obvious limits since you will only test out Intuit products. The other source of hesitation for me is the possibility of showing my online banking websites during a study, as explained in one of the case studies for Intuit.

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