A Quick Start On What Is iSoftstone – Will You Profit From It? 

Last Modified: June 29, 2021

By: pitin

If you are seeking to be part of a work-at-home workforce, check out what is iSoftstone, which has over 60,000 employees.

what is isoftstone

What Is iSoftstone?

Tianwen Liu founded the company in 2001. Initially, it served Chinese clients and ultimately expanded business all over the world. Now, iSoftstone has over 90 offices in 43 cities.

It also has 26 delivery centers worldwide. The delivery model it implements in providing its global IT consulting and outsourcing services uses the manpower of people who work from home.

iSoftstone has been providing services and products to just about every field and industry like banking, healthcare, communications, energy and transportation.

There are issues, however, which you must consider before you can attain this career goal. These issues include if you are qualified to be a part of iSoftstone and if there are even any opportunities available.

iSoftstone Careers

Web Search Evaluation Jobs

If you take an interest in the work of a web search evaluator, iSoftstone is one of the few companies you would want to check out and apply to.

Web search evaluation involves assessing if the web search results are related and relevant to the user’s web search query.

Different Job Offers

The company is like Appen that hires search engine evaluators and online ads evaluators. Yet, it also hires qualified independent contractors to do data entry, transcription, translation and proofreading.

Each of these jobs will have its own set of requirements, skills, and even work schedule. Yet, since iSoftstone offers a job you can do from home, you need to have a working computer with a reliable internet connection.

Working from home doing web search evaluation, transcription or proofreading is also not as easy as others might think.

It surely has its own perks, like not needing to dress up for work and commute to and from the office, but it still requires patience, optimism and some technical adeptness especially when the internet suddenly slows down or when your computer acts out.

iSoftstone China

There are two possible websites for you to check out. One is the China-based corporate HQ, http://www.isoftstone.com/en/. The Careers Page of this site, however, is in Chinese.

iSoftstone North America

I tried to Google translate the Careers page in the iSoftstone China site, however, it cannot be successfully translated. You may head over to its North American website instead.

Now Teemwork.AI

iSoftstone posts job ads on other job portals such as in ph.jooble.org.

Try searching on Google, too, with the keyword/key phrase “isoftstone jobs.” 

One of the top sources you'll see is Teemwork.ai.

I did more reading and found in many reviews and internet posts that Teemwork is now the crowdsourcing platform of iSoftstone.

Thus, I went back to the ph.jooble.org portal again and typed “teemwork.” If there are available iSoftstone jobs, you'll see job posts results for your "teemwork" query in ph.jooble.org.

Jobs Qualifications

The job ad will specifically include residency in a particular country so it means you would not qualify to every job position that the company offers. This is something you should also note when looking at iSoftstone job positions.

The required qualifications (aside from computer and internet connection) are usually a minimum 18 years of age and proficiency in using web/computer apps.

Application process

When you click on the Apply button, it will take you to a web page where there is another Apply button to click, where you must create your profile. There are actually 4 steps to complete.

In Step 1, you will type your first name, middle name and last name. You should also provide your email address and login details.

Step 2 involves supplying your phone and complete address. You also need to state if you are a US permanent resident and your country of nationality.

You should indicate the languages you speak, your oral and written proficiency, your age, your computer and mobile OS. You may upload your resume at this point (optional).

For Step 3, pick an option on how you have heard about iSoftstone.

Step 4 will ask about your Live Microsoft ID.

When you hit the Submit button, you will see a new page where you must enter a Paypal or Payoneer Account. This is where you will receive your potential earnings. 

I typed my Paypal email address, but upon trying to apply to a job, it still asked me for a Payoneer account.

I went through all these steps above because I want to confirm if iSoftstone and Teemwork are now the same. I think they are since the jooble.org job ad took me to the teemwork.ai dashboard.

Applying to a job will lead you to fill-up and accept a non-disclosure agreement and a US tax form, both of which must be electronically signed. 

You may refine your job search through specific keywords, category, language and country to view all open job positions. You need to allow your device to access your current location, otherwise, you will not see accurate job availabilities.

It took me around an hour to try to apply for a web search evaluation job (creating a teemwork account, answering around 5 exam questions, creating a Live ID, linking a Payoneer as payment method, reviewing/signing the non-disclosure contract, signing a US tax form and applying for a job).