Appen Work From Home, Is It A Good Idea? 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

Appen work from home jobs requires you to accomplish tasks for the improvement of machines.

Contractors at Appen perform tasks like speaking phrases into a mic or evaluating search engine results and social media contents. 

appen work from home

Appen Work From Home

Appen is among the well-known service providers of high quality data (with a human touch) for use with machine learning. 

The good reputation of the company in this field, since its launch in 1996, resulted from contributions of its hundreds of corporate employees and over 1 million contractors worldwide. 

Appen Careers

On the website of Appen, you cannot readily find the FAQ link or page, unlike in other microtask websites. You may click on the “jobs” link on the upper right area or the “Careers” link at the bottom of the Appen homepage.

Either link will direct you to the page where you can see the available job categories. 

1. Raters are part-time, home-based jobs that you can do on a flexible schedule using your computer or mobile device.

If you click the “Apply” button of raters category, a new window will open that will take you to the "Become an Agent" page of connect.appen.com. 

Here, you could see the possible available positions that include

  • search media evaluation
  • social media evaluation
  • transcription
  • translation
  • lexicon annotation
  • speech evaluation
  • survey and data collection and;
  • linguistic specialties.

2.      Language Jobs are flexible work positions in linguistics, transcription and translation.

Clicking on the “Apply” button of this category will take you to a page with information about Appen’s language jobs.

This gives you a chance to first read about what this job involves, what qualifications to meet, and what language jobs there are from Appen.

Data collection job is all about collection quality speech, handwritten data and text in over 180 languages for the model training of virtual assistants.

Annotation and phonetic is a speech technology position ideal for those with a background in phonetics.  

If you have a background in semantics, pragmatics and syntax, you may apply for the positions in content analytics/natural language processing.

For those who specialize in language documentation and historical linguistics, the positions to apply for are localization, translation and transcription.

Part of the job is to analyze, and to document language features.

Once you have discerned you really want to apply and that you can meet the qualifications, you may finally click on the “Apply” button. Doing so will take you to the Job Listings page.

The jobs listed will allow you to work as an Appen employee instead of an Appen agent or contractor. Here, you could do a more customized search such as by selecting your location and job category/position.

This is also where you may do a refined search for remote jobs from Appen.

Another job category that will direct you to the agent/contractor page of Appen is Microtasks. Microtasks are simple tasks that will only take roughly an hour to finish and you can do them from your home

You will work on a onetime project and will not require you to complete tasks daily. However, you will get another invitation for another survey after 42 days.

This survey project aims to improve Facebook search results.

Aside from the data privacy disclosure, you will also find below this page a short form where you need to provide a complete name, email address, country of residence, primary language and dialect.

3.      Corporate jobs are the job positions offered by Appen to those who can work from their global offices or remotely from their homes. There are job positions in sales, marketing, finance and engineering.

When you click the “Apply” button for this category, you will eventually land on the same Job Listings page you will find when you apply for language jobs.

How Do You Qualify For Appen?

Applicants should be at least 18 years old.

The equipments you need to prepare once Appen accepts you as an agent include high speed wired internet, a personal computer with Google Chrome web browser version 45 and updated antivirus/anti-spyware software.

The required skills are excellent analytical and web research skills, comprehension, and written communication. There are assignments that will require a passing score in language assessment exams.

Qualifications and requirements may vary for each job position.

How Much Does It Cost And How To Join Appen?

Provided that you already have the equipments (computer, internet, and work space) to work, it's free to apply as an independent agent.

From the many reviews that you will find online about Appen, there are those who claim that Appen supposedly told them they will receive computers or gadgets from the company. 

This is not how the company operates. You will read from the FAQ page that independent agents should shoulder any expenses for buying the equipment needed to complete the tasks.

Appen will also not reimburse agents for their expenses.

The main idea here is to read important application and employment details from the company website and trusted sources of reviews before you apply or agree to an employment contract or agreement.

Appen also has a blog where you can gather some pointers on how to spot a scam website or company.

If you want to work for Appen, you may search for open positions listed on online job portals like LinkedIn.

One normally follows the application procedure implemented in the job directory website or the instructions in the job ad.

You may also go directly to the Appen website to browse for jobs and apply from there.

Take note that Appen independent agents also go through an assessment process.

How Much Do You Make At Appen?

An independent agent performs available tasks from Appen customers and then agents will invoice

Appen once a month for the hours they complete. The company sends payments to agents via direct deposit within 30 days after it receives the valid invoice.

It is common to read about low pay from Appen. For example, the pay rate for a Medical Image Annotator is $3-5 per hour only.

This is definitely a very low salary rate that could result to job dissatisfaction for some Appen contractors. 

However, do not forget that there are two types of workers for Appen. One is the independent contractor or agent and another is a company employee that could work in Appen offices or from their homes.

The difference between an Appen employee and an Appen contractor is that as a contractor, you are also a freelancer who sells your services.

You cannot expect that your salary rate and benefits will equal that of a full-time employee.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Work Schedule

Independent contractors for Appen have flexible work hours. This further gives you the opportunity to look for other means of income online.


The advantages can include flexible work hours, no transportation costs, and guaranteed hourly pay.

Work For Appen


  • You could work for a renowned and well-recognized company.
  • You could learn something new from your assignments.
  • Employees compliment the company for providing them with work and life balance.
  • The company takes care of its employees, as many reviewers shared.
  • Pay is good, according to some who probably live in countries where there are a lot of tasks available.


  • Although the work hours are flexible, sometimes you will have no assignments to work on.
  • Pay is low for some who live in countries where there are very few assignments for contractors. Again, take note that you should expect a salary rate and benefits commensurate to your position and experience.
  • There are time-consuming assessments tests to take to qualify for assignments. You will not receive any payment for these tests.
  • You may send your application to Appen anytime, but it might take time before you get a response. This is probably because the agent position you are applying for has no open slots.

If you qualify as an Appen employee, it is good to know that the company acknowledges that its success comes from the hard work of its employees and agents, which makes it a good company to work for. 

If you work for Appen only as an independent contractor, note that the pay is low, but your flexible work schedule will give you an opportunity to explore better income.

Use your extra time to learn blogging and use your Appen side income to fund your blogging basic costs such as hosting and domain registration.

Grab my free blogging training to start your blogging journey.

When done correctly, you may just not need to keep on looking for jobs once and for all and become successfully self-employed instead.

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