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The Top 5 Ways On How To Get Comments On Your Blog – Comments Are Content Too!

Lesson 12 Chapter 1 Module 1

Comments are one of the most underrated parts of blogging. They are a crucial part of how people rank your content. They also provide an additional opportunity for people to engage with you, which is important for building relationships.

Here, we will talk about five ways that can get more comments on your blog posts!

how to get comments on your blog

Ask For It At The End Of Your Post

This is quite obvious but it's easy to ignore. Even I am guilty about this so once in a while, I go through all my blog posts just to check if I asked people to leave their thoughts about my post.

Surprisingly, I'd often find 50% of my newly-published posts do not ask for comments at the end of the article, lol.

Now that we know that it is easy to forget about it, the best way to avoid forgetting is to put it immediately at the end of your post, right after your main outline.

That way, you'll be reminded to include it once you are done writing.

Keep it short and straightforward, like

"Thoughts? " or

"What do you think?"

Something like that. Give them space enough to talk about it and comment on your article.

There is another thing that I do, which might not work for everyone. But the main objective is to create a discussion with readers.

For example, in my "Writing For Non-Writers" lesson, I purposely did not include the details about the price of the product I mentioned.

Not only because the price was just an introductory price during the time I wrote the post, but also because, I want the readers to ask for it in the comments section.

True enough, more than 5 people asked how much was the product, which gave me the opportunity to explain further the pricing details in the comments section.

Respond To Any Comment You Get

By replying to any comment you get, you are indirectly inviting all of your viewers into the conversation. Just like in social media platforms where one comment leads to another, this will change how people view your content.

Do you know that comments are content, too?

I didn't know about this when I was just starting out. One day, I checked my Google Search Console on what are the queries that I get rankings for.

Some of the search queries came from the comment section. Amazing right?

By simply answering questions in your comment's section, you give your content a chance to rank for potential keywords you did not plan to target in the first place!

By replying to comments, your readers will see more than just an article summarizing some facts or ideas, but instead, something where other users can discuss their thoughts too.

Give Your Readers A Voice

Unless the comment is self-serving, like promoting something for their benefit, or a spam comment, which should be automatically disapproved, give your readers a voice by approving their comments.

I know it's easy to just disapprove of a comment contradicting your opinion. However, if you give your audience the chance to voice out whatever they want, you'll project the idea that you are open for discussions.

As an example, in my other blog, I wrote a negative review about a car seat. The whole review obviously was geared towards the negative sides of the product.

Here's the conclusion of my review:

example of a negative conclusion

More than 3 people disagreed with me, saying that they had an actual experience with the product and that they highly recommend it. Here's an actual comment...

approve all contradicting comments

And my reply...

how to reply to negative comments

And because I approved them all, every time someone Googles for that product, and lands on the review, they'd be greeted with a well-balanced discussion.

Approve all valid comments. Doing this will make the readers see how other people feel about it - and then they can make their own decision.

Join Targeted Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook groups that would do a thread for the benefit of their members.

For example, when the admin or moderator says you can ask for comment only on Tuesdays, then make sure to take part in it every Tuesday.

The mechanics are usually simple. You leave a link to your content (blog post, video, etc), just one, and in the correct comment section.

Now, everyone who participates needs to follow the rules which are usually simple: comment on 3 posts, and say done.

You might end up with just 1 comment, you might also end up with more.

To increase the chances of getting more comments, leave comments to all the participants. That way, whoever feels like engaging in your content will leave you a comment, too!

Of course, not all of the comments given are worthy of approval. But because of doing this, you might just end up with new e-mail subscribers, YouTube subscribers, or followers.

If you happen to share a review of a product that coincides with what they need, you can even end up with a sale!

Worst case scenario, you'll just end up with a viewer - but hey! That's an additional page view, which, when done often, can add up and help to meet the requirements for displaying high-quality ads, like AdThrive or Mediavine.

Use Wealthy Affiliate's Site Comment Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform for bloggers of all experience levels. Everything you need is there - community, tools, and training that will help you make money blogging online or from home.

Wealthy Affiliate has a Site Comment platform for the members to use on their websites, in order to grow traffic through comments, as well as build relationships with community members who are interested in your blog posts.

Just like the Facebook group deal, the Site Comment platform also has rules. Give two comments, get 1 in return. Depending on how engaging your content is, you can receive more in return!

Commenting is also an important way we communicate with other bloggers on the Wealthy Affiliate, especially when you want to promote a product to your fellow bloggers.

To illustrate further, when I started requesting comments on my lessons on my Content Creation Course (where I mainly promote, some of the viewers became customers.


commissions thru comments


The key is to get the people talking. The best way to do that? Ask for it!

You can ask for comments at the end of every post or respond to any comment you receive.

Another great strategy is giving readers a voice and providing them with an opportunity to share their own opinions on topics related to your blog's content.

And finally, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Comment platform if you want more engagement from your audience and probably some sales, too!

It takes some time and effort but by following these simple tips, I guarantee you'll gain more traffic and build a larger base of followers than ever before in no time!

What's your best strategy for getting comments? Do you think comments are important? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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