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How To Define A Target Audience – Do This So You Don’t Waste Time!

Lesson 3 Chapter 1 Module 1

Here’s how to define a target audience. Create a pretend person’s profile. List down his problems so you can provide a solution.

Regardless of the “type of content” you aim to produce, you have to know who is your target audience. It is easier to create something if you know who needs it.

Who is your target audience? What are his interests and hobbies? What are his problems or fears? Is he a man, woman? How old is he or she? Where does he live? Is he a student, a parent?

By digging deeper, you can create unique contents specifically catering to solve your audience’s problems.

How To Define A Target Audience

I would like to give my target audience a name. He is Jay. Jay wants to learn the initial steps in blogging to get him going, therefore, an intensive introduction class is a must, before he even starts to dive into blogging.

He wants to get into blogging, but, he doesn’t like writing. By knowing his number one problem, you can discover potential solutions.

One solution is to help Jay realize that he needs a different content creation strategy aside from writing blog posts.

He loves making videos, so it is possible that his content will focus on video making.

I don’t need to teach him how to do videos since he already loves to do it, but, I can still help him supplement his content production by teaching him how to do other types of content such as audiobooks, slides, infographics, etcetera.

Jay’s second problem is, he wants to get into blogging, but he doesn’t have a website.

I can help Jay choose a web hosting company, provide him with a guide so he can make a decision, and eventually, point him to a list of web hosting comparison that he can easily understand.

Once he already chose the hosting company, I am going to teach him to build his website from scratch.

He doesn’t have products to sell, so he’s a perfect candidate for doing affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, he can promote other people’s products and services. Good thing that he is interested in affiliate marketing, so I also have to teach him how to do it.

He wants to learn the technical side of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in Google to be specific.

That means I need to produce SEO contents to teach him how to do it. I can help him integrate his video contents with SEO, so he can earn money thru affiliate marketing.

With these, I am sure I can help to solve Jay’s problems.

When you start creating contents not knowing who it will be for, you will end up with scattered topics. You will not know what to make because you don’t know what your audience needs, or wants.

When starting out, help someone with a specific problem. Once you solve one problem, go to the next possible related problem. Rinse and repeat.

For this lesson, create a profile of your specific target audience. Identify his problems. “Help him solve his problems,” that’s what your contents will be about. By helping a specific target audience, you’ll see results faster.

Who is your target audience (2)

Knowing these details about my audience will also help me "market" my content to the right people instead of having a scattered effort all over the place.

Being in a competitive niche can be narrowed down by helping a specific target audience. That's how you compete with the big players who cater a generic audience.

It will come to a time when you will "expand" your business. But when you are starting out, help someone with a specific problem. Once you solve one problem, go to the next possible related problem. And so on.

How Do You Identify Your Target Audience?

Start by focusing on what you have to offer. That's the only way you can genuinely help your target audience.

For example, one of the Wealthy Affiliate members I follow (Colton) owns He teaches how to build computers on a budget, because he's good at building computers.

I can still remember when he actively blogged about his monthly Amazon income in the past which can reach up to $10k per month. He deleted all his income reports when people started to copy his style, lol. 

Another Wealthy Affiliate member I am a fan of is Rina, who owns In her blog, she teaches parents breastfeeding. 

If you visit her blog, you'll see that she is an "AN ELITE CAFEMEDIA FAMILY & PARENTING PUBLISHER" - websites who qualify to display Ads from this gets at least 100k pageviews per month.

Websites who qualify to display these high quality ads are known to have stable income from displaying ads (not to mention that she also does Amazon affiliate marketing in her blog).

I, on the other hand, aims to build blogging courses. And I wouldn't know what to teach in the first place had I not experienced so much mistakes in the past. That's how I came to weed out the good principles versus the bad.

When I started my blog, I didn't have a target audience. I was a beginner. I was random. And that made my progress super slow. 

Don't make the same mistake I did in the past. Focus on how you can help your selected target audience. What can you offer? How can you help them? That's how you identify your blog's target audience.

How Do You Attract Target Audience?

In the next lessons, we will talk about keyword research, particularly LONG-TAIL keywords. That's how you are going to reach out to your target audience.


  • Check out my target audience infographics.
  • Create your own target audience’s profile.
  • List down his problems.
  • List down the potential solutions to his problems.
  • Read the additional readings section.

(Having a reader profile is a timeless concept!)

How To Define a Target Audience

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