Should I Start A Blog?

Here’s Why You Should.

Learn why you should start a blog today. Find out what the blogging industry is like, how much money you can make, and more.

I am glad you’re reading this because before you start investing time, effort and money to venture into the blogging industry, you need to answer the question.

In my lessons, we will use the blog as the main platform. Why blog? Why not YouTube or Facebook?

It’s because if we build a blog, we own it. We can decide what we want to put in it.

There are no rules or restrictions. Our viewers, readers, followers, and all the efforts we have invested will not be wasted should the free platform, like a social media channel or a free blog, suddenly close down.

When you build your own blog, it will only shut down if you choose to and not because you got kicked out or banned for violating any of a free platform’s rules.

Having your own blog will give you the freedom to monetize it in the future in different ways.

Promoting products is one. If you want to display Ads, you can choose to, should you be qualified.

You have the option to accept paid posts or sponsored reviews should companies want to collaborate with you in the future.

You can even start selling your own products and courses on your site. The limits are in your hands because you own the platform.

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I'm Pitin

I am a stay-at-home, hands-on home-maker who can provide financially through my blogging income - while BEING PRESENT to the lives of people who matter to me.

How It Works


You choose a website topic (niche).


You define your target audience.


You determine the keywords to use to reach out to your target audience.


Your target audience finds you and consumes your content. Depending on the type of content you provide them, you can earn from whatever monetization method you decide to implement.

Here are some of the misconceptions about blogging.

Misconception #1: You Have To Be A Writer

A lot of people are intimidated to start blogging because “they cannot write.” I have heard that so many times.

“I cannot write!”

“I am not good in English.”

And so on…

But the truth is, blogging is just “communicating.” You are just talking to your readers as if you are talking to a friend.

Misconception #2: You Just Need To Keep Writing To Earn Good Money

You have probably heard that “content is king.” That’s true. In your first six months to one year of blogging, you have to publish quality contents at least three times a week consistently.

Content is king, but SEO is the Queen. You need to learn SEO.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process wherein you try to rank on page 1 of search engines.

But what’s the big deal if you achieve page 1 or position 1 in Google for example?

Every day, people use search engines to look for information. They type keywords in the search box. If you have useful information about what they are looking for, you can end up on top search results.

However, some sites do not really provide good contents. Their information might be incomplete, or the quality of their content might just be “so-so.” But how did they end up on top? SEO.


Misconception #3: Everything Is Free

Blogging for fun is forever free. Blogging to earn extra money can be free, too. But blogging to yield a full-time income costs money.

Domain name, basic hosting and a reliable training are the basic expenses.

passive income

Misconception #4: It’s A 100% Passive Income

A passive income comes to you without you being actively involved in the job. Blogging is never 100% passive income.

After reaching your desired monthly income from your blog, you still need to add content or update once in a while to keep your site fresh.

You have to reply to the comments of your readers to make your site active and to show that you care about their questions (and to help them with your answers).

You have to improve your existing articles as you learn SEO so that each and every blog post can potentially make money.

You need to improve your site design in the long run so that it becomes visitor-friendly and will look more professional.

You need to explore social media marketing to supplement your “organic visitors” (or the visitors that come from search engines).

The good news is, it CAN become semi-passive. You have to MIX your content to have evergreen topics (topics that doesn't expire) so that your content only becomes 50% obsolete over time. You need to avoid producing 100% contents that easily becomes out-of-date.

You need to learn the art of outsourcing once you have the money to “run your business.” A lot of hardcore bloggers can probably afford to outsource 100% of the job involved. But it is always good to be involved.

Misconception #5: It’s An Easy Job

Blogging is only easy when you enjoy what you are doing. You need to unlearn whatever misconception you have about making money from it and start from the basics.

You need to have an open mind that what you are building is a “business” and that you need to invest your time, your mind, heart, and some money to get your desired return of investment.

“Garbage in, garbage out.” You reap what you sow.

It can take sleepless nights when you are just starting out, but as you learn the art of doing it, you’ll be able to manage efficiently.

If blogging sounds so “difficult,” why do it?

First, I see blogging as a "job." Starting this blog means “partially” leaving my job with my blog. There’s also a possibility that I will totally “abandon” my Airbnb blog (and the rest of my blogs).

The good news is, whatever articles I have written for those blogs are mine. They can still rank in search engines, get clicks, and still earn even without actively maintaining and writing for them.

If they don't get the same rankings anymore (i.e. the content are already outdated), I can update them and get the rankings back to earn the same way again.

As I build new blogs in the future, the same concept applies. I produce contents, get rankings, and earn money.

I had a total of 5 full time day jobs in my almost 12 years in the post-production industry. I made thousands of videos and graphics in those 12 years.

I do not own any of those contents. They belong to the companies I worked for. Imagine what I can do with 12 years worth of contents if only I knew SEO before!

I have left the industry since mid-2016. No matter how hardworking I was in the past, I don’t earn money from my past employers anymore.

When you resign from a company or get laid-off, that’s the end of your income. But not with blogging.

With blogging, you don’t need to compete with thousands of job applicants. You hire yourself. You teach yourself how to do things. You get proper education. You dictate how long you will work in a day. You take a break whenever you want. You get paid vacation leaves for as long as you want.

But you have to work hard when starting out because you will reap the consequences of your actions or inactions. You should often produce contents in the beginning.

When money starts to come, you rest/outsource. Then you can repeat the process with a new blog. Some people don’t even need a second blog.

Overview Of The Process Of Making Money


Learn how to solve your target audience's problems.


Learn how build a website that ranks in search engines so your audience can find your contents for free.


Learn how to make #1 and #2 meet in the middle and earn money as a result.

Effortlessly build a website in less than 2 minutes!

Frequently asked questions


How can I learn how to make money from blogging (the fast way)?

The fastest way to earn money is to narrow down your niche, and produce contents for the people who are already in the "buying stage." These are the people that are ready to open their wallets anytime if you earn their trust. Finish the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course to learn how to make money fast thru affiliate marketing.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform. You can get the training there on how to earn money fast as a beginner (affiliate marketing). You can also buy your domain name from the platform, host your site, and make use of the free keyword research tool provided. Here's my complete review of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

Wealthy Affiliate's free membership has limitations. You can start a free website for 30 days, and access the basic training. However, in order to make your progress faster, I highly encourage you to consume all the training as fast as possible. That's what I did on my first month back in 2015. I paid $19 on my first month, and consumed what I can to decide if it's for me. I have been a member since then.


Can I really make money blogging?

Yes! A lot of beginners with zero knowledge (including me back in 2015) had done it and so can you. But you need to work hard when you are just starting out. You have take the lessons one at a time, and take action everyday. That's how you'll get results faster.

How long does it take before I earn money from blogging?

You need to provide value with your contents. If you help your target audience to solve their problems, you'll earn money faster. You can make the process faster by doing proper keyword research, and producing helpful contents. You will learn it faster from the official training.

Is there a shortcut to making money?

There are no shortcuts to making money from blogging.

worth it

I don't like to write. What should I do?

My FREE content creation course will take care of you. :)

I am a very busy person. Will it work for me?

Some people learn to outsource contents, some also just take it slow and produce 2 contents a week. Read Stratos' story here. He is also a Wealthy Affiliate member who managed to make it to $4k/mo. on his 3rd year of slow progress.

Is blogging worth it?

You have to treat blogging as a business for it to be worth it. Invest your time, effort and a little money as a beginner. Once the income comes, you reinvest in anything that will help the business grow. With any business, it becomes worth it over time as long as it aligns with your goals in life.

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  7. Stratos has a niche review website that deals with home cinema equipment and movie reviews, earns $1k plus monthly nowadays.
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  12. Roope talks about how he reached the $5k/week in this blog post and earned $2,170 for one click.

Nathaniel has made a long list of past Wealthy Affiliate success stories here. There's more from Julie's list here.

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