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How To Choose A Topic For Your Next Blog Post – 8 Tips!

Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 1

How often do you find yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering how to start your blog post? If you are thinking about what topic to cover, I'm here to help!

Here are eight tips that will help get you started on the right track for choosing a great topic for your next blog post.

How To Choose A Topic For Your Next Blog Post

1. Is It Something That Your Target Audience Will Search In Google?

In order for your blog to offer a "unique" vibe, you have to create an imaginary target audience with a problem which you are trying to solve (as clearly explained in the Introduction Course).

Remember how I asked you to list down all your target audience's problems and to find a solution to each and every one of them? Well, there's your next blog post topics!

For example, if your target audience is people who love to travel and want the best tips on how to plan their next big trip, you may write a blog post about what are all the things that they need for an unforgettable adventure.

So in this case, your next blog post will be - "How To Plan Your Next Big Trip (Solved!) "

2. Will It Help Solve Your Target Audience’s Problem?

My target audience wants to earn from blogging but he doesn't really love writing.

In order for me to help with that problem, I created several lessons on content creation as you can see in this Content Production course.

Again, going back to my target audience's problem - I don't need to solve it in just one piece of article. You can do it thru several posts (such as this course), a video, infographics, and other types of content you can confidently produce.

3. Is It Something That You Know A Lot About?

"Expertise" or "Enthusiasm" are some of the deciding factors you should take into consideration before you start producing your next post.

When I started in 2015, I started with cloth diaper reviews. I was an "expert" in a way that we have been using cloth diapers for my daughter for several years before I actually started writing about them. Plus, I have also done a lot of research prior to actually buying them.

This not only saved me a lot of time since I already knew about the topic well, but it also helped me to exude a sense of "expertise" every time I try to help new parents decide what cloth diapers to get.

Knowing about something firsthand will also eliminate the research process such as when I started to produce car seat reviews afterwards, which took me a week to research before I can produce 1 review.

Unless you have a budget to outsource content, I highly suggest that you stick with what you know. This will not only make things a lot easier for you to create content but it will also signal your readers and Google to trust in what you are saying.

4. Is This Something Worth Writing?

If you want to earn money fast, you can produce topics with long-tail keywords that have a "buyer intent" in them (go back to my long-tail keyword lesson to review "Search Intent").

Writing about topics and mentioning products and services can definitely increase the potential of earning faster than simply writing about generic topics and NOT mentioning products at all.

5. Look For Internal Links Opportunities

Internal links are links that point from one of your blog posts to another, within the same website. For example, let's look for an internal link opportunity in this post.

This is from the above statement:

"...You can do it thru several posts (such as this course), a video, infographics, and other types of content you can confidently produce..."

Looking at this, I can say that in the future, I will create posts about creating video content, infographic and other types of content.

6. Look In Your Google Search Console

If you have your Google Search Console in place for at least 6 months already, you can check what posts are already giving you clicks from real people.

If the posts ranking in Google are relevant to your target audience, you can look for internal link opportunities from these ranking blog posts. Internally link from there and benefit from its ranking to drive visitors to your newly-published posts.

7. Check From Your Google Analytics What Are The Most Viewed Pages

Similar to checking your Google Search Console, check your Google Analytics to see internal link opportunities from your most viewed pages.

For example, one of my most viewed page according to my Google Analytics is my lesson about affiliate marketing. The visitors are coming from Pinterest.

This data is completely different from what my Google Search Console gives me, which only shows me clicks from visitors coming from Google alone, so don't ignore your Google Analytics.

8. Use The "Blog Post Topic Ideas" Of

If you want a super-fast way to brainstorm ideas, use the "Blog Post Topic Ideas" of

Go to your Dashboard > Templates > Blog Post Topic Ideas. dashboard
blog post topic ideas

Input your main idea in the "Company Name." In this example, I wrote "Topics On How To Help My Target Audience."

In the product description, I placed "My target audience wants to earn from blogging but he doesn't like to write. Tell me about ideas on how to help my target audience..."

For Audience: Newbie Bloggers

Set the tone of voice (e.g. helpful, exciting, etc). Use different adjectives one by one to generate different outputs.

You can leave the examples blank to let Jarvis, the AI writing assistant to generate on his own.

how to use the blog post topic ideas template of ConversionAI

To save on credits, select "1" beside "Generate AI Content " before generating your first blog post idea. Here are the initial outputs.

blog post topic ideas template of ConversionAI

Feel free to press "Generate " again until you come up with several ideas you can use.

Check out!


The only way to generate content that resonates with your audience is by understanding them.

To do this, you need to conduct research on the type of topics and language they use when talking about your industry.

You should also be aware of what types of questions are being asked in online forums and social media groups relevant to your topic(s) so you can create blog posts around these issues.

This will help ensure that anything you publish has a high likelihood for success because it's addressing something people want or need from you!

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