How To Create Good Instagram Captions

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, the caption can help to tell the story, or give some context about what we're looking at. 

Instagram captions are an important part of our feed and they often contain hashtags which help other people find us. With so much pressure on these little phrases, it's tough to create good ones that will grab attention and share well with others. 

In this blog post, I'll outline how you can write great Instagram captions using different methods for inspiration.

Good Instagram Captions

Why Should You Use Hashtags On Instagram?

Adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram will make them more visible and consequently, more popular by enabling users to find your photos. Hashtags help people find other people with the same interests. 

People often post their own tags on a photo. But it is important that you use words that are related to the content of the photo so people can find them easily.

Tagging as much as possible should greatly increase the possibility of someone running into your posts.

Instagram hashtags can attract the right people for your marketing. They do the heavy lifting for you in terms of attracting relevant, interested customers that have already established an interest in what your business offers.

And last but not the least, hashtags provide everyone a chance to have their voice heard. People who do not have many followers can still get seen.

For example, beginners who use the hashtag #foodporn because they like food will be able to share their “brand” too. 

Tips For Creating An Engaging And Interesting Caption 

Captions are a tricky thing, and they can make or break your feed. One way to get an interesting caption is to post the question and put your answer in the caption of the picture.

Another way is breaking up large blocks of text with creative white space. 

Also, try adding emoticons . 🙂

There are many different types of captions. You can be funny with a caption or serious with it.

If your image is showcasing an idea, you might write out that idea word-for-word. If the photo is from a night event, then try updating people on what they missed. 

Keep in mind that Instagram users don't like reading so much so make your caption not too long, unless your post is for marketing purposes then turn them into sales copy!

Good captions use humor, are specific and concise, reference something we recognize or can relate to, and capture the mood.

To get more likes on your photos with better captions, ask yourself if the caption could be improved.

Even great photos may have a weak caption that isn't quite doing it justice. Consider if there is more you could do to add meaning or spice things up! 

Be creative - ask yourself what might make a good photo really memorable? 

How To Create An Interesting, Catchy, And Creative Instagram Caption?

Keep Your Caption Short. 

Although there isn't a specific length for an Instagram caption, the best ones are short. Need help making it short but engaging?

Let’s try’s “Photo Post Caption” Template.

Go to Dashboard > Templates > Photo Post Caption.

Photo post caption for Instagram

Let’s say I want to create a caption for this screenshot…

Amazon Prime Sale screenshot

In the Photo Post Caption Template, I'll type these inputs...

What is your post about:My first day affiliate sales on the first day of Amazon Prime Day Sale.”

Tone of Voice:excited 

Like this...

how to use the Photo Post Caption Template

Then, press "Generate."

Here are the options for captions I can put, based on the generated AI Content…

Option 1:

"I can't wait for my first #amazonprime day sale affiliate earnings tomorrow! I'm so excited to get started, and I can't believe how much money there is to be made selling on Amazon."

I’ll revise it to what’s applicable to me as an affiliate marketer making it…

"I can't wait for my first #amazonprime day sale affiliate earnings tomorrow! I can't believe how much money there is to be made being an Amazon affiliate! "

I'll then go to Instagram to make sure that the hashtag I have is popular, if not, I'll change it to a more widely used hashtag.


Let’s generate another option. Using the same inputs, hit the “Generate AI Content” button again…


Option 2:

I’m so excited to share this with you! My first day affiliate sales on the first day of Amazon Prime Day Sale. 🎉🎊💥

It even gave me all the icons to use, lol.


Try it for yourself!

Looking back at some of my past Instagram captions, here’s an example on how I can improve it (for next time). Leave your entries as they are and just start new. 


how to improve instagram captions

Caption: “Live webinar at 2 AM ” 

I will use the Photo Post Captions template. Here’s how it can be improved next time…

improve your Instagram captions
example of instagram captions

Sample Improved Outputs:

If you are interested in learning more about #empathy, join us for a free live webinar at 2am EST!


Join us for our next #webinar at 2 am on Tuesday! We'll be talking about how to grow your business using social media.”


Finally, a #webinar at the perfect time. Sign up now!

Of course you have to revise the hashtags, day, and topic. However, you can already use the format!


There are many different types of captions, such as descriptive or inspirational, and each type has its own benefits depending on the photo you're posting. 

One thing to remember when crafting your caption is not to make it too long - most people don't want to read more than about two sentences from any post they see in their feed. 

Another tip for creating great posts? Be original with your content! It's been shown that novelty boosts engagement by 33% so try adding some fresh ideas into your feed today. 

The caption is the most underrated element of an Instagram post. It's what turns a photo slideshow into a story, and it leads to more likes! 

Be authentic. That's really all there is to it! 

Finally, give yourself permission to experiment until you find what works best for you! can help with this process. 🙂

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