What Is Checkealos? Complete Guide And Why It Is A Good Side Income. 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

Understand what is Checkealos and whether you could really pursue an online gig from this user experience testing platform.

User Testing or UX testing is the process wherein a tester gets to use a website or an app while following a certain set of tasks/instructions. 

What Is Checkealos

What Is Checkealos

As the tester tests the website/app, he needs to speak loudly about what he is doing, what he expects to experience while completing the tasks, his opinion of the website/app, and about plausible suggestions he has for them.

Checkealos has worked for many well-known brands. The video below from Checkealos explains more what user experience is.


With Checkealos, you could test apps and websites about cars, insurance, banking, e-commerce, virtual reality and more. To join Checkealos as a tester, you must meet the requirements.

They require you to have the willingness to spend a considerable time of 15 minutes to provide your feedback about the app or website you will be testing.

It is also a requirement to perform the test while inside a silent room so that your audio recording will be noise-free. 

Just like other UX testing platforms, the job requires that you download and install an application on your device that will record all your activity. For Checkealos, you need the latest version of Java.

After you have accepted a project, you must follow the instructions for completing the tasks. The installed (latest version of) Java video recorder will then activate with a reverse countdown.

After this countdown, you may click on the “Start” button. There is a pause function you can use if you need to stop the test momentarily. The system will upload your recording automatically.

Some people do not feel comfortable about having to download and install an app in their devices. You could even read these concerns from a Reddit thread.

One Reddit user commented that the Java recording download could just be a virus that might put his computer at risk. Another Reddit user explained that he has an antivirus program that helped him scan the downloaded app.

Checkealos Projects Qualifications

A Checkealos client will publish a project that contains a tester profile (age of tester, required device, location and frequency of internet usage), which will determine if you are qualified.

You will get notification through email every time there is a published project that matches your demographic details.

You need to understand that when you receive this notification, it is not a reservation of your slot for the particular project.

Instead, it should serve as a reminder that you must take immediate action to take part in the project. Participation in paid tests is on a first come, first served basis.

Also, before you can finally take the test, you must answer and pass the qualification questions that will additionally determine your eligibility to do the project.

How To Join Checkealos

The testers’ page on the Checkealos website is at https://www.checkealos.com/get-paid-for-your-feedback/.

If you are intent on signing up as a tester, you may click on the “Register Now” button. Doing so will open a new tab.

The first part of the registration is about your personal details. You need to enter your

  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth (1940-2020)
  • gender
  • country of origin
  • country of residence
  • autonomous community/region
  • province
  • county
  • phone number
  • internet usage
  • technology used (computer, smartphone, tablets, etc.)
  • languages spoken (native, secondary)
  • annual income
  • civil status
  • family situation
  • what you do for leisure
  • type of house you live in
  • educational background (highest level of education)
  • mobile preferences
  • bank profile
  • insurance profile
  • tourism profile
  • automotive profile

In this registration form, you can see that you have various options for technology used.

For a computer, there are Windows desktop, Windows laptop, Apple desktop, Apple laptop and PC with Linux. For smartphones and tablets, there are iPhones and Android.

There are other gadgets, such as smart TV, streaming TV box, handheld game console, and home game console.

You can check as many as possible as long as you have them available for use if there are tests that require them.

This could mean that the more technological gadgets you indicate you can use for Checkealos tests, the higher the possibility of your eligibility to more tests.