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If a company has a new product that it wants to launch and would like to test its usability, one place this company could go to is Testingtime. A company could focus on its study because Testingtime’s promise is to deal with the recruiting of qualified testers. Now, if you would like to learn how to join or if you would even find it worthwhile to join the testers’ community, let this post about Testingtime be your reliable guide. Keep reading below.

About Testingtime

Testingtime started in Zurich, Switzerland, back in 2015. Testingtime helps companies by connecting them to people like you who could put their products to appropriate testing. Your job is to provide essential feedback that will allow companies to determine if their latest innovations are useful, if their new products can still improve in certain aspects. According to Testingtime, it has over 450,000 testers.

This video will walk you through the Testingtime website.

A company that has a new product that it wants to test may book its test users on Testingtime. This will only take less than 5 minutes.  Then, qualified testers will immediately complete the study to deliver what the client needs 48 hours after the booking.

Availing such quick and reliable user testing services can be helpful to a lot of companies, so many well-known companies have used Testingtime services such as the ones shown in Figure 1.
testingtime legit

Figure 1

Usability testing is considerably an enormous industry. There are actually a lot of companies you could check out if you wish to become a tester and earn extra money from it. Companies may differ in the methods and processes they implement. It happens often that potential testers will choose a company they will apply to based on what the company promises its testers. Figure 2 shows what you can expect from Testingtime.

what is testingtime about

Figure 2

As a paid tester at Testingtime, you can do one quick test at a time. One hour of testing and providing an opinion that will affect future products will allow you to earn up to 50 euros. Your job also allows you to experience something new with each test you take part of.

How It Works At Testingtime

When you sign up, at Testingtime or in other similar platforms like Userfeel, Respondent, test IO, Loop11, Intellizoom Panel, uTest, Userbrain and Validately, you need to provide details about yourself. Your information will help these user testing platforms to match you to studies you are qualified to take.

Once your demographic details match what the client requires, you will receive a notification in your email so check your inbox regularly. Notifications are not a solid guarantee of a reserved slot in the test. These email notifications serve only as invitations to apply to tests. There are questions you must answer first. If your answers suit the researchers’ requirements, you will see and choose from available test slots. Remember that paid opportunities have a first come, first served basis.

Be sure to show up on the agreed time and date. Once you have completed your tasks, expect your payment within 10 days.

When Taking Part In Tests

Another thing wannabe testers like to know before they apply is what they must expect when testing. Look at the figure below.


Figure 3

Testingtime customers look for different kinds of people that reflect the characteristics of their target audience. They have varying qualifying attributes such as age, computer skills, and education. At Testingtime, you are welcome to apply as tester with your unique strengths and weaknesses.

There are tests that you can take while staying at home via online surveys and remote calls on Zoom or Skype. There are also tests that could take place inside the customer’s office. As a tester, your job is to provide valuable opinion and feedback about the client’s products.

In other online jobs like virtual assistant, lead generator, bookkeeper and transcriber, it is essential that you have considerable work experience or already know about the job. With user testing, especially at Testingtime, being an amateur with no significant experience are very much welcome. Some clients might not even like it when they see that the manner by which you test their websites or apps seem to be too professional or skilled.

Do not worry if you are doing the test correctly or incorrectly. What the researcher needs is your open feedback and subjective impression of the product you are testing. Describe and tell about something you liked or did not like about the product, about something that you did not understand. What matters is that you show that you are punctual for each test that you need to complete and show the client you are a reliable tester who can provide meaningful feedback.

Requirements To Become A Tester

Unlike other platforms that specifically indicate technical requirements such as the system specifications of the computer or laptop at Testingtime, what you could read regarding its requirements to participate in studies is punctuality and honesty.

If, for any reason, you cannot make it on time on your scheduled participation, let Testingtime know ahead of time. Always observe honesty by providing truthful answers to questions. When found lying, you might not get any incentive and you might lose any opportunity for future studies.

Study Types At Testingtime

You could do various types of tests at Testingtime. There is a User Test wherein you have to act according to the specified scenario while testing a particular product. You need to complete your assigned tasks while looking for any usability issues.

You may also take part in interviews. These interviews are personal and one-on-one with the researcher or the customer wherein the questions are all about gathering information about the target audience’s motivation, challenges and needs.

There are also focus groups wherein your qualifications might get you included in a group of people who will talk about novel concepts and develop ideas that can help improve a company’s products and services.

Online surveys are used to collect qualitative and significant data for validating hypotheses. Testingtime uses survey tools such as from OptimalSort and SurveyMonkey.

Workshops are also another type of test at Testingtime. A customer will develop a concept with test participants to come up with an ideal user experience.

The Diary studies are tests that involve participants documenting the unique aspects of their everyday lives relevant to the service or product. This test may involve taking photos.

How To Apply/Join

Joining Testingtime is free and is also non binding.

After entering your first name and email address at https://www.testingtime.com/en/become-a-paid-testuser/, you will see a page where you need to fill up a form to provide your first and last name, birthplace, birth date, gender, country and postal code where you are available to take the tests. This is only the first part of registration.

In the second part, you must indicate the languages you speak, your highest attained education, current employment status, the operating system of your smartphone (iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Other, None), the operating system of the computer you use regularly (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

For the third part, you need to provide your contact details (email address and mobile phone). In the fourth part, you may upload a photo of yourself. Afterwards, you must agree to the terms of use and then finally click the Sign Up button.

You need to check your email so you may confirm your registration. I signed up and confirmed my email address. However, it was only at this moment when I discovered upon confirming my registration that Testingtime is not yet available in my region. I think this is one possible turnoff for those interested in joining the platform. At first, I thought it was a waste of time going through the registration steps only to learn at the end there was nothing for me to gain from Testingtime. I could only cross my fingers that I will soon receive email from Testingtime once it has available tests in my country. It gave me an option to delete my profile if I decide not to wait.

Potential Income

For the potential income, we could refer from the images above. Figure 2 shows that testing some new services and products could pay testers up to 50 euros every hour. Figure 3 explains that the rate of payment varies according to the length of a study and according to the nature whether you can accomplish it at home or if you need to travel to the client’s office.

testingtime com

Figure 4

Figure 4 shows other details regarding earnings. Usability testing gigs are microtasks or simple tasks that let you earn a paltry amount of extra money. Testingtime explains that its offered payments are not enough for anyone to consider as a source of living income since there will also be no regular test invites.

You may receive payment either through PayPal or through bank transfers. It sends payments within 10 days after the completion of a study.

Work Schedule

These user testing gigs usually offer a flexible and on-call working schedule. You will only work when you receive an invitation to take a test.

As you have read above, you need to check your email regularly so as not to miss opportunities to earn. When you receive an invitation, be sure to dedicate enough time (about 30-90 minutes, according to Figure 3), to complete the paid test.

testingtime reviews

Figure 5

The number of invites and the frequency by which you will receive invites will depend on many factors like the region or country you are at and the number of clients booking a test at Testingtime. On average, you could receive 1-2 invites to apply for tests. Now, this is something to consider when mulling over whether you will sign up at Testingtime.

Email invites do not guarantee your participation to a test and especially not to any incentive. Receiving invites only means you can apply to a test. Thus, if you ultimately skip Testingtime, you may consider other microtasks you can do in your spare time like web search evaluation, paid online jury and paid surveys.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

Flexible time is the only benefit I could think of when you sign up to Testingtime.



  • Testingtime has worked for many known companies.
  • It also replies to tester testimonials and complaints. I found one at Trustpilot where one person wrote that he did not receive payments from Testingtime. However, the support team replied that they have bank transfer proofs they sent the payment to this person. In addition, the response also included an explanation that this complainant has violated the terms of use by creating multiple fake accounts at Testingtime. The company gave this person a chance to prove his identity so he can be on the waiting list.
  • It has excellent customer service, according to another testimonial.
  • Pay is good.
  • There are distinct types of tests you could participate in.
  • You could schedule a test slot that suits your schedule.


  • You may sign up wherever in the world you might be, but do not expect to get any invites to apply to tests at all.

I think Testingtime is a wonderful addition to your list of user testing websites to join. It could serve as a good backup (especially if you are from the European countries) if the other platforms you have signed up for have no tests you could take. Just make sure you will only spend the right time for these gigs that only pay an inconsiderable amount of money. There are other, more productive ways to spend your time if you want to make money online.

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