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Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Online Website Testing Jobs Summary

You probably heard about micro jobs or microtasking jobs wherein you get minimal payment for doing small and short tasks. These virtual jobs come in different forms and among them are online website testing jobs.

Online Website Testing Jobs

Web testing or website testing refers to the procedure of checking a web application or a website either once it is live or before they launch it. The purpose is to find any bugs or issues that could negatively impact the application or the website. Website testing also helps discover aspects of the website that need improvement to help the company (that owns the website) get more visitors and greater sales.

Types Of Website Testing

Although website testing is a simple job and only pays a small amount, it is still great to know more about what kind of work this position involves. Thus, you might find it useful to know about the website testing, which could be one task you will perform if they accept you as an online website tester. Here are some of them.

1.      Functionality testing is checking on the functionality of the website’s features, such as whether the “Contact” button will really redirect the user to the contact page.

2.      Browser compatibility testing is checking if the website works and properly displays in each web browser.

3.      Mobile testing is checking if a website works and displays correctly in mobile devices.

4.      Usability testing helps determine if a website proves useful to visitors in accomplishing certain tasks like gathering more information about a company or buying a product.

5.      Performance testing puts into consideration how fast or how slow a website loads.

6.      Content testing is like proofreading wherein you need to spot any typographical errors.

What Website Testing Involves

A company usually requires the tester to download and install a screen recorder. This app or software will record everything you do while you are visiting and browsing through the website. They will give you your tasks and you need to express vocally how you perform each task to describe what you are doing and what you feel about it.

For instance, you could tell about what you are expecting when you click on the navigation buttons and add whether these buttons are working properly. You need to tell any difficulty or challenge you encountered. The screen recorder will record every click you make and every word you speak. Your recording will help the company determine if you are fit for the job as website tester and will help improve the website.

Tasks And Duties

The duties you need to accomplish as online website tester may slightly vary per company that hires you so it is important that you first read more about what each job involves. Remember also that there are different website testing and each company might have a certain purpose or goal that it wants to achieve for hiring web testing services. Look at Figure 1.

website tester jobs home

Figure 1

This is a screenshot from userfeel. You can read here that the website tester needs to perform the task according to the test situation. When doing the task, speak audibly into your microphone. You should always explain what you are doing. Talk about things like what you find odd, confusing and what you find eye-catching in the website.

As you speak about your every click you make while browsing a website, you can add suggestions on how to improve the website and provide comments. At the end of the test, there are questions you need to answer too.

Technical Requirements

Just like any other online jobs such as social media marketing, you will need a computer and an internet connection as website tester. In most instances, you will also need to set up the computer inside a room that is quiet and free from distractions, which is like the home office setting required if you are an online English tutor.

Each web testing company could have its specific technical requirements, so it is again important that you read these important details before joining. Figure 2 shows an example.

website user testing jobs

Figure 2

This came from the FAQ page of UserTesting, where you can read about the computer and mobile specifications for its tester. These requirements only apply to this specific company. Other companies and job offers might have different technical requirements. 

​For either a PC or a Mac computer, you need to have a minimum of 1 GB RAM with 600 MB available RAM. You also need at least 7 GB available disk space. You need to install the appropriate web browsers into your computer, too.

The company also has mobile testing, and you will need the appropriate iOS or Android gadgets. Whether you are using an iOS or an Android mobile device, it needs to have a minimum of 400 MB free space and also a 20% battery life when doing a test.  As a web tester, another important tool you will use is a microphone or a headset with a microphone.

Skills And Attributes

There are qualities you need to possess as an effective website tester. From the previous discussion about website testing, you could deduce that one required quality is articulacy or talkativeness. You always freely and vocally express what you are doing so that website developers will understand your own experience.

Since this is a job that requires communication skills, expect that a company will look for someone eloquent in English communication (writing and speaking).

A tester also needs to follow instructions, pay attention to details and multi-task. It is also an advantage if you have IT literacy because you can inject your IT knowledge when you are describing your experience during the test.

You need to understand that mere talkativeness will not make you an effective tester. At Userfeel FAQ, you could read about what makes a good tester. It says that a good tester is someone who speaks while surfing the site. He can express his thoughts and provide feedback on how a website works and if it meets his expectations.

However, there are also qualities that this company regards as negative qualities of a tester. This should make you realize that talking without meaning will not help you as a website tester. You should not just read what you can see on the website.

The goal of website testing is to find anything that needs improvement so you should not say that everything is fine with the website. Instead, you need to look for whatever flaws it has, no matter how small. You should also not perform the test as if you were an expert who can complete the task in such a short time. Remember that the website is accessible to everyone who uses the internet. A website needs to be user friendly and very easy to navigate even to the most inexperienced or non-techies.

Age and Education

Regarding age, companies will most likely accept individuals 18 years old or are of legal age. There seems to be no maximum limit for age as long as you can perform the task well.

As for education, you may apply as website tester even if you have no college degree.

How To Apply/Join

These website testing jobs are available online. Type the keyword or key phrase like “online website testing jobs” and your search results will lead you to many websites where you can sign up and join to work as website tester. To make sure that your efforts will not go to waste, read the FAQ page first to determine if the company is open to all interested applicants across the globe and not just from a certain country or region.

Here are some websites where you might earn extra money from as website tester.

1.      Analysia requires that you have a microphone, internet connection, and PayPal account. Once you have signed up, wait for email invitations to take part in the test. It will pay $10 for each test, and you will get it via PayPal.

2.  TryMYUI is another website usability testing company that requires testers to have his computer, internet, microphone and PayPal account. You will receive the payment of $10 per test 3 days after they accept your test. To get accepted at TryMYUI, you need to provide a test video plus a written summary, as shown in Figure 3.
website usability testing job

Figure 3

3.  You need to register and take a test to get accepted at Userfeel. It may take a week or even 2 months before it accepts your application. Pay is $10 via PayPal.

4.  Userlytics differs from other web testing companies in a way that aside from the screen and voice recorder, you also need a webcam that will capture and record you as you perform the test.

5.      UserTesting requires that you do a sample test before they accept you. Pay is $10 for website testing and $60 for live conversation with a client.

The application or signing up process may differ from company to company. At UserTesting, you could read that you need to take a short sample test and then provide your demographic details. Demographic details will help website testing companies to determine your eligibility for a particular testing assignment.

It will also help guarantee that you will spend your time on trustworthy websites by searching online for positive reviews about that company even before you sign up.  If you like to have an idea about the signing up process for website testing jobs, you may watch the video below.

Potential Income

The previous section gave you an idea about how much money you could earn when reviewing or testing websites. Each website testing company may offer a rate different from the others. Most will send payment via PayPal, but read about the payment method and the frequency of payout to be sure. Figure 4 shows an example.

website testing job

Figure 4 

This is from Validately, and you could read that payments vary per test, but most of its live remote research sessions pay about $100. You should not take this as it is because there might be a catch to it. Most companies offer only $10 for every test, and the $100 could be too much so you need to do further reading about it. For all you know, it is the total payment allotted for the entire session and not for each tester.

From Figure 3, you can see that TryMYUI will pay $10 for every 20 minutes test. They send payments every Friday via PayPal.

website testing jobs online

Figure 5

From Figure 5, you could read that you could get $10 for every test you complete after your initial qualification test. You can get payment either through PayPal or through Amazon Gift cards.

You can also read from this page about the reason you will not receive any payment. Use them as a checklist when doing a test. Your potential income could increase if you will sign up with as many web testing companies as you can so your extra income will not come from only one source.

An important thing to remember that could affect your potential income is the number of invitations you will receive or how often you will receive an invitation for a website review. From Figure 4, you could deduce that you will only receive a notification for an available job when you match a test’s criteria.

Work Schedule

This job has a flexible work schedule.  In fact, you need only to work when you have received an invitation for an available job. Once there are available jobs, you need to alot about 20 minutes for each test, as stated in Figure 3.  You might not even get any invitation for a week or even months. The key is to check your email regularly to not miss any opportunity. Assignments usually have expirations, so you must complete them as soon as you receive the invitation.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The benefits you can enjoy from working as website tester are not the same as benefits you could enjoy from other online jobs where you may get health insurance coverage.

The perks of this job are less or minor in comparison with other online work at home jobs. At Whatusersdo, for example, there are quarterly competitions and offers that you could join, aside from the low payment you could get from completing tests.

As for the training, web testing companies usually provide a sample video on their websites so that interested applicants will know what the job involves.



  • You can earn extra money on your free time.
  • You could become an online website tester even with no college degree or diploma.
  • You could test websites for a fee no matter how old you are, as long as you are of legal working age.
  • If you sign up to over one web testing company, it could happen that you will test the same website for a second (or nth time) so this will be an advantage for you. However, you probably should not tell this during your second or nth review. Instead, make it seem that it is your first time to test that website. Remember that companies might not want you to appear like you are an expert in reviewing websites.


  • The pay is very low. This is not a job where you can expect to earn a lot of money.
  • Invitations for testing websites might not come regularly. There could be weeks or months when you will not receive any invitation at all.
  • Your demographic details might affect the number of possible assignments you receive. Sometimes a particular country or region might not have a lot of opportunities for web testing.
  • You need to set automatic email notifications on your device so you will immediately know if there is an invitation to test websites.

Working as an online web tester might be a good idea for earning extra cash. Even though the pay is low, it is still a better way of spending your spare time since you could earn money from it. If earning more money is your goal, you could make better use of your time by applying for other freelance or part-time jobs while waiting for invitations to perform a web testing assignment. However, you could wait for invitations no matter when you will receive them if you only want something interesting to do with your free time.

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