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Last Modified: February 17, 2021

By: pitin

Appcoiner Review

Is Appcoiner a scam? This is probably among the top questions you have about Appcoiner as you consider it as a platform you can join to take advantage of usability testing.

This post will provide you with the important things you should know about the Appcoiner, so keep reading to help leverage your time and effort.

You could read that Appcoiner lets you receive payment for testing and reviewing new apps for phones and tablets.

You might think it does not differ from other user testing websites since this is also what you need to do as a tester.

The Appcoiner Difference, How It Works

Appcoiner differentiates itself from these other platforms in at least two ways. One is that you have to write about your app testing experience on a (provided) website.

In other platforms, you might also need to prepare a report about the bug you found while testing an app. Once the client approves your bug report, you will receive your payment.

With Appcoiner, you will not just prepare a bug report. Instead, you will write about your overall experience seemingly to come up with a complete article that other people could read about the new app in the market.

Remember that this write up you prepared will appear on a particular website. When this app review of yours gathered enough traffic, only then will Appcoiner monetize your work and pay you.

Appcoiner used to appear on ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate marketing marketplace where you could choose from a wide variety of products to promote.

Just before writing this post, I visited ClickBank to see if Appcoiner is still on the list. It did not appear or show on the search results, but Appcoiner’s website showed otherwise. See Figure 1.

appcoiner legit

Figure 1

At the bottom of its home mobile page, there is a statement that says ClickBank is the retailer of the products in the Appcoiner website.

In another blog, the writer claimed that he reached out to the ClickBank support team and the representatives told him that many products are no longer on the ClickBank list because of their increased cases of refunds.

The same reason might apply to why Appcoiner is no longer on the ClickBank database. Yet, ClickBank retails the apps on the Appcoiner database.

Regardless of this, let us not deviate from the point of our discussion about what makes Appcoiner different from other usability testing platforms.

Other platforms offer usability testing as a quality assurance service/product that companies who own and developers who designed apps could avail.

These platforms hire people like you as testers who will perform the QA testing of digital products.

what appcoiner is

Figure 2

When you join Appcoiner, you will do usability testing and content writing for affiliate marketing. Look at Figure 2 to understand how Appcoiner works.

Appcoiner has a database of apps you could choose from. Pick an app you want to test on your tablet or phone.

After testing it, make an honest review of the app and publish it on your Appcoiner app review site. The more apps you test, the more reviews you can write and hopefully the more money you could earn.

How To Apply

After you enter your name and email in the sign up form at https://appcoiner.com/home-mobile/, the next page you will see contains a message saying that “you have reserved an AppCoiner membership.”

See figure below.

what the appcoiner is

Figure 3

It is, essentially, an affiliate marketing website that leverages usability testing. Yet, unlike other affiliate marketing programs that you can join for free, Appcoiner is not a free platform to join.

From the welcome message “you have reserved an AppCoiner membership,” you should already have an idea that it comes with a price.

Before you could know how much you have to pay for joining Appcoiner, there is an entire webpage of write up to read.

With Appcoiner, you can test apps and write a review of those apps regardless of where in the world you are. With basic English writing skills, you can create your reviews.

You only need to focus on testing and writing because according to Appcoiner, you should not worry about the affiliate marketing task, per se.

Make sure that your review contains useful details about the app. You have no limit on the number of apps to test and review. Appcoiner’s database allegedly has many apps for you to review.

When you finally pay the membership fee, Appcoiner will give you your app website that has social media sharing features.

This will allow you to share your posts on social media platforms to get more views. You can read all these on the sales page of the Appcoiner.

If all the words seem overwhelming for you to read, you could move to the bottom of the page where you discover that you may activate your reserved membership for $27. See Figure 4.

appcoiner com review

Figure 4

To ease your worries, Appcoiner offers a 60 day money-back guarantee. 

Potential Income

Figure 5 lists the 3 steps for making money with Appcoiner.

what appcoiner is about

Figure 5

You can read here that what you will get from Appcoiner is an affiliate income. Looking back at Figure 4, you know that it sends weekly payment via Payoneer, direct deposit or check.

Thus, apart from a phone or a tablet and the activation fee of $27, another possible requirement (if you really want) to join Appcoiner is a Payoneer account for receiving your affiliate income.

If you click the $27 button shown in Figure 4, you will see a page that shows how much you could earn. You know that Appcoiner offers a $20-30 per hour salary for testing and reviewing apps.

They even made the offer sweeter by stating that you could immediately start testing and reviewing apps and even get to receive your first paycheck the day after.

This makes it tempting to spend $27 to become a part of Appcoiner since most UX testing platforms only offer about $10 per test.

Work Schedule

Basically, you set your own work schedule with Appcoiner, just as you would with other web and app testing websites.


The benefit from joining Appcoiner is that it also exposes you to the world of affiliate marketing, all the while thinking you are just reviewing apps on your device.

With what you will get if you ever shell out $27 is the opportunity to experience what affiliate marketing involves, although Appcoiner shoulders the more technical details of it like hosting.

They (according to those who paid the $27 activation fee) will give you the URL of your site plus the username and password for logging in to the WordPress admin area of this site.

Create an account in Clickbank and then save your Clickbank affiliate ID in the settings of your website. This Clickbank affiliate ID is a requirement for accessing the WordPress editor.

Then look for the database of apps on your website’s dashboard. Choose an app here to test and to write reviews about.

You should download the app and install it in your phone/tablet to test it, which is true for other app testing websites.  Add reviews as contents to your website.

You must fill in other details in your ClickBank account so you can receive your payment.

Aside from the affiliate payment you could get from your reviews, there are other ways of earning too. On your website are banner ads that contain your ClickBank ID.

When someone clicks on the banner ad and purchases a product, you could earn your commission.

Your website also has an integrated opt-in form.

When a visitor of your website signs up to Appcoiner using this form to receive a free “how to get the hottest apps for free” report and other offers they might have an interest about.

Since your affiliate link comes with this, you will also receive payment for each completed sale.

Another way of earning is through the app download button affixed at the end of each of your reviews.

It depends on you whether you will view it as an advantage. You might think what you will get from Appcoiner are things that you could also pay for, set up or achieve on your own.

Some people regard this part of affiliate marketing as a disadvantage since this is not what you would expect when you read the information on the sales page of Appcoiner.

Making money is not as simple as testing apps and waiting for the client to approve your review.

With what you really need to do at Appcoiner, put in extra effort, but this is the part where Appcoiner appears to bail out of.

It does not offer any additional help or training beyond providing you with the apps to test and review and with the website where you could post the app reviews.

You may find it more beneficial to read about affiliate marketing on your own. You should know what will help you thrive in this opportunity.

One crucial element to focus on is web traffic that refers to the number of people visiting your website.

To get your affiliate earning through Appcoiner, this visitor should feel convinced to buy, download and use the apps you wrote about in the reviews.

Therefore, learn at least two crucial details about affiliate marketing: how to get more web traffic and how to convince your visitors to purchase the app.

To get more traffic, you need to promote your website such as by sharing the links of your website and posts to social media channels.

To convince your visitors to buy, you must write an interesting review of the apps on Appcoiner.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • Appcoiner offers another option for taking advantage of reviewing apps for money.
  • It accepts members from all over the world.


  • It comes with a price of $27.
  • Learn on your own, more than just testing apps and writing reviews.
  • You face the risk that comes with downloading and installing many apps on your device.

I do not think Appcoiner is a scam. It’s just that it does not fully disclose what you really need to do to earn money out of app testing. Anyone will probably want to make the most out of Appcoiner, if only it is free to join. 

Realizing that this job of reviewing apps and websites only pays minimum salary occasionally, you should not easily feel tempted about the higher payment that Appcoiner offers.

After all, there are more tasks you need to accomplish to receive your remuneration from this program.

Before you pay your way into Appcoiner, look elsewhere first for free to join affiliate marketing programs with a similar theme, like Wealthy Affiliate University, where I learned affiliate marketing.

You can join for free to get a taste of how you can promote thousands of products for free and earn affiliate commissions regardless of whether or not you try your best to sell them.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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