What Is Tester Work? Will It Work For You As A Tester? 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

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This post will provide you with the important information about what is Tester Work so you can decide whether it is a worthy addition to your list of website testing prospects.

What Is Tester Work

What Is Tester Work

Tester Work is one platform you may check out if you plan to venture into the online money making opportunity of app and website usability testing. It is a part of the crowdsourced QA testing firm, Global App Testing.

As a tester for Tester Work, you will join its global community of over 40,000 testers whose job entails testing apps from known companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, iHeartmedia and Deezer.

From what you can read from its homepage, you'll immediately know that the testing job is ideal only during one’s free time.

This applies to all app and web testing platforms or gigs that you should only consider the job as a chance to earn extra money for something that you can do occasionally.

The realistic expectation is that the number of tests and the amount of money you could earn from this job will not suffice in providing for your daily expenses.

Still, earning a paltry amount is always welcome, especially when you will only spend a few minutes and with minimal effort to complete a gig.

Why Should You Test At Tester Work

At Tester Work, you are welcome to join regardless if you are a techie or a QA professional. You will make money by reporting any bugs that you will find in the subject app.

This can also widen your knowledge about apps and technology.

Onboarding Requirements, Tester Ranking

What Are The Key Benefits Of The Ranking System?

Ranking system is beneficial. It serves as a motivation for testers to become better in their work since an increase in ranking could mean an increase in the amount of money one could earn from additional testing opportunities.

From the starting rank of Bronze, you could increase from Silver to Elite. Each tier involves the benefits of payment multiplier. The higher the rank, the higher payout you will have. 

Test Project Types

You could perform a variety of test projects at Tester Work.

1. Exploratory Testing involves exploring the system and testing if all components are working properly. The goal is ensuring that users can access these components with no problem.

2. Test Case Execution – Legacy involves performing a flow set by following the instructions and then comparing observed results versus the intended/expected results that the Tester Work team provided.

For this test, it is important to have an ongoing communication with the monitoring team.

3. Test Case Execution – Tester Work Platform also follows the same flow as Legacy. Here, however, the platform automates the process so no interaction with the team is necessary.

Getting More Tests

Tester Work has a few suggestions on how you may get more tests and therefore get more money from completing them.

The number of tests mainly depends on the requests of Tester Work partners. It is important to have an updated profile.

1. Add all devices to your profile that you can use to complete tests.

2. Ensure that the operating system of your added devices is up to date.

3. Update the country of residence in your profile.

4. Make sure you have listed all languages you speak and language proficiency.

This is a video that will walk you through Tester Work.

Receiving Warning Email

Testers may receive warning emails from Tester Work since this platform wants to ensure quality results that its customers deserve to get.

You may consider them as a guideline or reminder on what you must accomplish or show as an efficient tester. Below are potential reasons you might receive as a warning email.

1. Registering to participate in test cycles, but not accepting invitations.

2. Accepting invites, but failing to test.

3. Failing to meet the deadline of tests.

4. Changing test account details, which is not part of given instructions.

5. Failure to follow instructions.

6. Being in a country different from the country in your profile.

7. Using a device different from the assigned device in the invitation.

8. Using a jail-broken or rooted device during tests.

9. Sharing confidential test details on social media.

10. Directly contacting Tester Work clients.

11. Posting inappropriate, obscene, defamatory or illegal content such as in bug attachments.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

How Do I Become A Paid Tester At Tester Work?

To apply as a tester, you may head over here.

You need to first provide your email and set your password. Click the box if you agree to the terms of service, privacy policy and non-disclosure agreement of Tester Work. 

After clicking the sign up button, check your inbox for the verification email. Upon confirming your email, you may complete your profile. There are 4 steps in this process. 

First is the personal data where you must enter your

  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • birthday
  • (optional) years of testing experience
  • (optional) description of yourself
  • country of residence,
  • (optional) city
  • postcode
  • preferred communication method
  • payout method, and
  • social media portals.

The second part involves the test settings. You must indicate your skills and availability, testing preferences, availability for bug fix verifications, and availability for long-term projects.

The details you must provide in part 3 are about the devices (desktop, phones, tablets)  you can willingly use for testing. The more devices you add, the more invitations for testing projects you may receive.

The fourth part involves several pages (welcome page, notions page, severity assessment, English and grammar quality and bug report) of a small test that will test how you will make written bug reports.

You will earn 1-2 points per correct answer while an incomplete answer will let you earn 0.25-0.75 points. You need 14 points so you will be eligible to receive an invitation to paid tests.

The registration process lasts for 15-25 minutes, but if you cannot finish the on boarding steps at once, you may save what you have done so far and then resume it later.

If you pass the online assessment, you will wait for an email about a paid test to make extra money.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

How Payment Works

The email invitation for paid tests will contain the amount you will get for the app test. Depending on the test invite, you will get payment for each approved bug or get a fixed amount when you complete a test.

Expect to receive payment about 2 weeks after you took the test.

Denial Of Or Withholding Payment

You may think earning money is easy when you are an app tester. However, you need to make sure you do your best with each assignment for your guaranteed payment.

Reasons for the denial or withholding of your payments include

  • false/incorrect tester profile information
  • poor environment for conducting tests
  • duplicate accounts
  • incomplete testing
  • low quality report, and
  • inability to perform the test within the client’s requirements.

Tips To Earn More

To increase your earning potential, you may consider the following.

1.      Make the most out of the number of projects you may take.

2.      Maximize the number of bug reports you submit.

3.      Enhance your skills and learn from other testers.

Work Schedule

You have a flexible schedule of work as a tester. You will only work when you receive an invitation for a test and when you take on the test. Thus, you are also an on-call worker.

The main issue with usability testing gigs is that there is no guarantee that you will receive any invitation to paid tests at all for a time. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will earn any amount of money.

This should push you to look for other ways to maximize your time.


Not all UX testing websites and platforms are the same. Some offers a payment rate that is lower than others. Some offer other resources and programs that you will find helpful as a tester.

One thing that you will find favorable at Tester Work is that it has a learning center where you could read numerous articles that will teach you about your job as a tester.

Another Advantage

You will have access to Testathon, which is a hackathon for the testers. It is a special day where you could test apps and win exciting prizes.

This will also allow you to meet the best testers and learn useful keynotes that you can apply in your test gigs.



  • At Tester Work, you could perform tests for the well-known companies.
  • Test cases are simple to execute, according to those who shared their experiences in working for Tester Work. They appreciate that this platform provides a well-designed system for easily executing test assignments compared to other platforms that do not even provide set details or instructions for the test project.
  • It offers commendable support to testers.
  • It is a suitable place to improve your technological knowledge and skills while earning money from it.


  • You will hardly get any test invitation if you do not live in the USA or Europe.
  • Some testers noted that they wish to have a longer time to finish some interesting tests.

Tester Work is a worthy addition to a list of websites to join for app testing opportunities. It offers interesting knowledge, perks and advantages that you might not get from other similar websites.

Still, realize that this is not a gig that can replace your full-time job. 

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Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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