Is Testbirds Legit? Yes! Here’s Your Complete Guide. 

Last Modified: February 28, 2021

By: pitin

Being a user tester at Testbirds will allow you to earn a “side hustle” money. It is not a scam, but the earnings may not be substantial. Is Testbirds Legit? Yes, BUT read on to know if it’s worth your time.

Considering that there are many platforms offering the opportunity to make money from testing apps and websites, it is always necessary to first discover everything you can about a particular platform such as the Testbirds, before you even give out your email and other personal details. 

is testbirds legit

The Testbirds started a business in Munich in 2011 to help companies to optimize their digital products.  

Since then, it has been on a constant lookout for alternative methods and opportunities for enhancing user-friendliness and usability of apps and websites.

In these modern times, companies need to face the challenges of software development whereby they need to ensure that their digital products are of prime quality so they may gain the loyalty of users.

This gave birth to the demand for UX evaluation services and opportunities such as from Testbirds.

From its Munich headquarters, it now has offices in Stockholm, London, and Amsterdam plus franchises in Russia and Hungary and sales partners from Italy.

In the first year of the company, it has gathered testers from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. At present, it has over 400,000 testers hailing from 193 countries.

Types of Tests

Not all app and web testing websites are the same. They may differ in many areas such as in the types of tests that its testers could perform.

Below are the types of tests that you may complete when you work as a tester for Testbirds.

1.      Bug test involves looking for bugs or technical errors. Typically, you will get money for each bug you find and the payment rate depends on the type or severity of the bug you find.

2.      Usability test involves testing the usability or user-friendliness of a product. You need to give your feedback (text and rating) that can help a client improve the digital product.

This test pays at a fixed rate and you will get your payment once your report gathers approval.

3.      BugAbility test is the mix between bug and usability Tests. Thus, you need to test the usability of a product and also find possible bugs in it.

There is a fixed payment rate for your test report and extra payment for the bug report.

These are only the most common types of tests at Testbirds.

There are other tests like a test case, localization, comparison studies, and video recordings that you might perform and you may learn about them through the information in their respective email invitations.

You may also take time to visit Bird School, a learning resource for testers from Testbirds.

You would test websites and web shops, mobile apps, smart devices, wearables, games, chat bots, and virtual assistants, and business/enterprise apps.

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Testbirds Requirements

A crucial requirement to be a tester at Testbirds is to have a device with the capability to browse the web or go online.  You should also have an interest in evaluating or trying out apps or software programs.

1.      Age. Testers of all ages are welcome, but those who are below 18 years old should ask their parents/guardians to fill up and sign the consent form.

Upload the accomplished form in PDF format in the profile section of the account.

2.      Devices. To maximize the possibilities of getting invitations for paid tests, you must add as many devices as possible. Companies may require different devices for testing.

When you register, you need to specify at least one device.

Experience Points

These are points that you earn for every action that you perform. The number of points you receive will also depend on the quality of the work you submit.

For example, if a Birdmaster sends back a report for revision, you will only get fewer points than when you submit an excellent report.

There are one-time experience points here. You get 5 points for registering a device, 10 points for completing the basic profile, 15 points for completing the test entry, and 50 points for being a Bird of the Month.

There are recurring experience points, as well.

You will receive 40 when you submit a report that the team approved with no need for revision, 20 points for a report that needs one revision, 10 points for a report that requires multiple revisions.

There are 10 recurring points that also await you when you submit a bug report that gains approval with no revision and 5 points for a bug report that needs one revision.

For the Bird School quizzes, you may get 30 points when you pass on your first attempt, 25 points on your second attempt, 20 points on your third attempt, and 15 points for 4 or more attempts.


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Testbirds Community Points

Aside from points, you earn from the tasks you perform, you may also get points for reasons that are not task-related, such as by recruiting new members, writing guest blog posts, and by merely being an excellent tester.

This means you may gather community points when you do something good for the Testbirds community.

Entry Test

Every new tester starts here. This is the practice test that will help you become familiar with the platform and with the tasks that you might do on an actual paid test.

You need to finish this entry test so you may start receiving invitations to paid tests.

The entry test will only appear on your tasks section after you have added at least one device to your profile. When you pass the entry test, you will receive a welcome bonus equivalent to 5 euros plus 15 experience points.

While you might not swap points for earnings, these points will help increase your eligibility for joining special events like a trade show, advanced tests, and meet-ups.

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How To Apply

Go to https://nest.testbirds.com/home/tester?.

You need to enter your first name, last name, username, email address, password, location, and birth date. Wait for the confirmation email in your inbox.

You need an actual working email address when you register. The system does not accept disposable email addresses.

The non-disclosure agreement in the terms & conditions of Testbirds does not allow anyone to share a single account with anyone else aside from the registered tester.

You may inform a friend or a relative to create his own account.

However, if both of you receive invitations for a particular test, do not perform it while you are together so you may give your individual feedback in your separate reports.

You may only create one account for yourself. Testbirds will delete multiple accounts and could even take legal actions against anyone who does this.

Testbirds Potential Income

“Fair” is the word that Testbirds used to describe the payment it offers its testers. Payments are proportional to how complex a task is.

You’ll read there that a regular usability test will pay about 15 pounds or 20 euros (rates can change over time).

For the entry test, a qualification test offers 5 euros as a bonus, but you may only get this when your balance totals at least 10 euros because this is the minimum amount for requesting a payout.

Usability tests that offer a fixed payment rate per test may pay 10 euros, 50 euros, or even more.

For a bug Test, you could get 1 euro for a low severity type of bug or 5 euros for the critical bugs. Keep in mind that the payment method you choose could deduct a certain amount from your payout.

Testbirds send payments to testers via bank transfer or PayPal. Some testers receive their money through Wirecard Bank or Payoneer. The payday here is in the middle and at the end of each month.

Bank transfers take about a few days while funds sent through PayPal may take up to 20 days.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule is flexible. You will only work when you receive an invitation to a test, just as you would with other UX testing platforms.

This is an on-call job, so it means that when you have received invitations to tests, be mindful of the deadlines.

You may participate in the test or not, it depends on your mood or decision, but dedicate a suitable amount of time to complete the tasks in the test you took on.

Tests are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not act immediately after receiving an invitation, you might not find any available slots.

There is no fixed time to receive invitations to tests. Sometimes, you might not even get an invitation at all.

This gig is ideal only for those who want to earn money in their free time. It is not something you should regard as a full-time job. 


As a tester, your employment status is unique from the employment status of a regular Testbirds employee. You are a self-employed freelancer with no signed contract.

This means that you must not expect to get the same benefits as its regular employees. However, the company has at least one perk to offer its testers.

One is the Bird School – the learning resource for testers. When you pass or when you take quizzes here, you will even earn additional experience points.

Testbirds has a referral program that will help you earn community points.



  • Testbirds is a professional company that offers the opportunity to earn side income while you learn new interesting things from test projects.
  • It has unique types of tests you could perform.


  • You need to have and to add more devices to your profile so you could have more chances of getting invitations for paid tests.

Is Testbirds Legit?

Testbirds is not a scam. While one can have a list of platforms to join and Testbirds could be part of that list, this cannot be a full-time job.

With this, it will be a smart decision to allocate just the right amount of time on this venture and spend more of your time on more profitable online opportunities, such as blogging for fulltime income.

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