What Is Trymyui About – 20 Minutes Job For $10? 

Last Modified: June 29, 2021

By: pitin

You need to gather every detail you can get on what is Trymyui about, before you invest time and effort. Is it a recommended website that you should check out if you are considering taking on usability testing jobs?

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What Is Trymyui About

What Is Trymyui About?

Usability testing or user testing is a way through which designers and developers can find out how people will use their websites or apps in actual situations. 

Useful feedback from testers will allow the developers and designers to make necessary corrections to bugs or errors and add more useful features that will keep users loyal to them.

If you are the tester, you need to follow a set of instructions and the system will record all your on-screen activities, and your audio. The important thing here is your audio.

Audio refers to the words you speak regarding your thoughts and feelings about every link you click and every page you visit for the website or app you are testing.

Speak about what frustrates you and what impresses you about that website. You may also speak about any suggestions you think will improve the website.

Working at TryMyUI

This company started in 2010 as a platform that offers web developers/designers, business owners and app creators usability testing services to enhance and polish their digital products.

With millions upon millions of websites today, it is important to make a website ahead of the competition.

The job of a tester is crucial to companies and businesses who like to create an impressive digital presence.

Among the many websites are also the different platforms in usability testing. You will see some poorly-made or maintained websites, thus you would question its legitimacy.

There are platforms such as TryMyUI, wherein the first thing that would cross your mind is that its website appears professional and well-maintained.

You might come across some critical reviews about TryMyUI claiming that it is a scam, perhaps because they did not get any payment after completing a test assignment.

Working as a TryMyUI tester, you need to understand that you need to speak about the insights you have about the website you are testing.

If the client does not find your insights helpful, there is a possibility that you will not receive your payment.

TryMyUI and other similar platforms are additional means to make extra money. It is an opportunity for people who wants to make extra money, but do not “urgently” need it.

It offers something productive to do in your free time, but it is not something that you should rely on if you want to supplement the household income.

Qualification Test and Screener Questions

In joining TryMyUI, you must take and pass the qualification test. 

You may consider it as your first user testing task for TryMyUI, although you will not get any payment for it.

Instead of cash payment, you will become a part of the TryMyUI team of testers who may take part in available test assignments.

Upon registering, you will need to take the test by first downloading and opening the test file. This file contains the instructions you must follow.

Before you start the test, you need to install the recorder software in your computer and do a sound check. Once you are certain that you understand the instructions, you may launch the test website.

Once you complete the test, you need to wait awhile for the results, which according to some people, may take about 24 hours. If you pass the test, wait for a notification email about a test for your demographics.

You may need to answer screener questions that will determine if you are truly an appropriate tester for a particular assignment.

For example, the website for testing is about household cleaners, so homemakers or moms are more suitable for this test than a single woman within the same age-range.

Answer the screener questions truthfully because even if you pass the screener questions, the client will know from the comments you make during the test if you lack any familiarity about the topic or theme of the website being tested.

For this, you will not get the payment you are expecting. It is better to be honest from the very beginning so you will not waste your time and effort.

Tests are first come-first served basis so take the test as soon as possible before other testers claim all available slots.

As a tester, you need to submit two outputs for each test. One is the narrated video recording of your time navigating through the website to perform the task.

The other is a written summary or your answers to the questions at the end of the test.