The Clickbank Superstar Or Wealthy Affiliate? A Comparison Review 

Last Modified: October 25, 2020

By: pitin

If you are trying to decide which between the Clickbank Superstar and Wealthy Affiliate could better help you earn the money and success from Clickbank, then this post is for you.

Clickbank offers two ways to earn money. One is by becoming a vendor who sells digital products. Another is by becoming an affiliate who promotes what the vendor sells. This Clickbank Superstar and Wealthy Affiliate comparison review will help you assess if each point you towards the right direction of successful Clickbank venture.

Clickbank Superstar is the course that you should consider taking

  • if you have a digital product ready for selling;
  • if you are planning to make a digital product you can sell and;
  • if you are okay with sharing a part of your sales with people who can help you sell your products to more people

It is a product that promises to teach you about how to become a vendor in this long-established marketplace. 

Meanwhile, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform you need to go to if you wish to thrive as a Clickbank products’ affiliate. It will teach you the steps, ways and strategies to start your affiliate marketing business and make it flourish by additionally providing the tools you could use.







John Thornhill

Carson Lim


Kyle Loudon






Clickbank Superstar:

Normally, if you want to know who is the person or the company behind the product you are looking at, you start your search on the website of that product. You are up for disappointment when you look for the creator’s info on the sales page of CBS.

I looked up John Thornhill on Google and found more info about him and about his other digital products on mrjohnthornhilldotcom. John is a seasoned internet marketer who will share his life and business lessons through the course he offers.

Wealthy Affiliate:

The people behind Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson. Kyle takes on the responsibility of assisting members in their educational pursuits to become an affiliate marketer. He handles the training of members and assists them in putting up their online businesses. Carson is hands-on with the platform’s technical aspect, although he also takes time in reaching out to WA members for mentoring.


Whether you are at beginner or intermediate level, you need a product that will provide you with information to put you on the right track to success and make money from affiliate marketing.





With In-depth











Become A







Clickbank Superstar:

This course mainly teaches how you can add products on Clickbank to sell them.

In the Member’s Area, which you could access after settling the fee, you may navigate through several menus.

Under the Home menu, John will introduce you and encourage you to sign up to his premium and expensive product, the Partnership to Success (upsell product for $1997). There is even a dedicated menu for this product where you could avail it for a $1 14-day trial promo.

In the Main Training menu, you will find the 7 Modules that discuss the fundamentals.

1.  Getting Started video will show you what Clickbank is and how to create a Clickbank Account.

2.  The Account Settings video will teach you about the main vendor settings and main account settings.

3.  From module 3, you have videos and downloads on integrating your product videos, on adding a Trust badge, adding a disclaimer and adding a Thank You page.

4.  Module 4 offers videos and downloads about adding products to Clickbank, adding a Buy link and making a Test Purchase.

5.  Module 5 will show how to submit a product for approval and how to submit a video for approval.

6.  You will learn about Funnel creation (create upsell flow, test upsell flow, and submit for approval) from the videos and downloads in module 6.

7.  Module 6 is all about JV page.

Under the Advanced Training menu, you also have videos plus downloads that tackle several topics to advance your business. You will learn about creating traditional JV contracts, creating 100% affiliate commissions, creating discount coupon codes, running JV contests, setting $1 trials, having many products in one account, and offering to purchase Clickbank Affiliate Master.

From the Resources menu, you will find the PDF material of checklist, product creation workshop, and several solutions for driving traffic.

There is a “$1 Coaching” that will take you to the landing page of John’s Partnership to Success. It is a program worth $1997 that John offers for a $1 trial promo, good for 14 days.

There are bonuses that come with your purchase of Clickbank Superstar: Simple Traffic Solutions (free traffic techniques that John has been using in the last 15 years) and Product Creation Workshop (how to create your own product and put up an automated sales funnel).

Wealthy Affiliate:

Once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, even with the free Starter membership, you will already have access to educational resources on affiliate marketing. You could take 10 of the 50 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification; take 10 of the 70 lessons in theAffiliate Bootcamp Training; attend 2 of the 12 diverse-topic classrooms (about various ways to make money online such as thru SEO, adsense, local marketing, Facebook ads, email marketing, pay per click, lead generation and more).

Premium members may finish all the lessons in the OEC and AB and participate in all the classrooms. You may also take part in all weekly live classes or replay over 300 hours of expert education.

Education and training comes not only from WA team but also from unknowledgeable and experienced members. After 3 months of Premium membership, you may share with other members what you have learned by creating lessons and offering them on the WA platform. Wealthy Affiliate could pay you for helping educate through your lessons. Another avenue for gaining and sharing knowledge is your WA authority blog, where you can share your journey and experience.

Support and Keyword Research tool









Type Of Offered



Booked call


Live Chat,









Yes, Jaaxy

Clickbank Superstar:

the clickbank superstar to

Figure 3

The image above shows a screenshot for the Support Desk of John Thornhill. It shows how you can get help from the course creator. Support is mainly through the ticketing system. You may also see here that members may access the private Facebook community after requesting access. This FB page, however, is not for Clickbank Superstar, but for Partnership to Success.

Wealthy Affiliate:

From WA, you could get amazing support and help through different methods. A free starter member may use the live chat feature for 7 days and may also find answers from the community.

A paid Premium member can always use the live chat to get 24/7 instant support, receive mentoring from the founders, have access to industry experts and get quick help for website and hosting concerns.

Keyword Research

I found nothing that confirms keyword research is part of the discussion in the Clickbank Superstar. Perhaps this is a topic that John will at least mention in the bonus “Simple Traffic Solutions” or in his other products.

Wealthy Affiliate includes this crucial topic of keyword research and even provides members with a powerful tool, which the founders themselves also created.

With Jaaxy, you can perform niche research, keyword research, and website research. A free member may use Jaaxy for 30 keyword searches and 30 scans using SiteRank to find out his website’s ranking on search engines. A paid member can have unlimited keyword searches and 100 scans. He could also use Jaaxy to discover new niches, find out what makes a certain website successful, brainstorm new ideas and find out other highly valuable domains.
Website Creation and hosting





Has Website





Website Hosting




Website creation is not a topic that Clickbank Superstar offers an in-depth discussion for. In fact, reviewers noted that this course even cannot provide more thorough details about the topics it covers. They consider it as the bait aiming to hook users to purchase the upsell products from John.

From the Clickbank Superstar course itself, there is a mention about what legal requirements to add to a sales page, but I think this is the only info it has that relates to website creation.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you receive education, tools and support for building and designing a website. If you have Jaaxy to find the most profitable niche and keywords, SiteRubix is the amazing tool you can use to create and host websites.

A Starter member can make and host 1 website (for a limited time only and with limited features only), while a Premium member may have up to 10 websites.

A starter member can choose from 12 different website designs, while a Premium member has 3,000 and more themes as options. There are lots of templates for members to choose from and use. He can also use any of the 51,000+ extensions and add them to his websites.

WA is the ultimate writing platform that allows starter and Premium members to manage their website contents. A Premium member can use plagiarism checker, grammar and spelling checker.

WA hosting is so amazing because it offers every feature that you could need to run and maintain your websites. All members (paid and free) can use SiteDomains to register and manage domain names.

Premium members have access to all the finest hosting features from WA. These include:

·     SiteSpeed - to ensure that you have a fast website that can achieve high ranking

·     SiteProtect - to add three-point protection layer to websites (Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking, Website Load Speed)

·     SiteHealth - to track the website’s overall health (content quality, publishing frequency, plugins, visitor engagement, etc.)

·     SiteComments - to increase website engagement

·     SiteFeedback - to understand the behavior of customers as they navigate through the website

·     SiteSSL - for website encryption

·     Video training and training modules to gain expertise in WordPress usage

·     24/7 Managed Monitoring of website performance

·     24/7 Automated Monitoring to find potential critical issues that affect website’s performance, security and uptime

·     24/7/365 Site Support

·     Virus and Malware Protection

How To Apply/Join

The sales page of Clickbank Superstar is at https://cbsuperstar.com/. This URL was difficult to find on Google since searching online using “clickbank superstar” would only turn a list of results containing user reviews. If you do reverse search such as by searching first for “john thornhill”, you would find the ad list for http://mrjohnthornhill.com, where you will find CBS and other products from John. He also has a blog site, https://www.johnthornhill.com , where the featured article is about affiliate marketing.

clickbank superstar to

Figure 4

You can see from the image above that you can get the CBS course for $12.95. With this low price, it is not that hard to convince people to put down their money where they could learn how to make money as a Clickbank vendor. However, many users have shared that they were not impressed or even satisfied with the contents of the course. One could just look at other online places like YouTube to find the same (and even more or better) educational contents on Clickbank vending.

If you decide to pay for the CBS course, you eventually realize that it only serves as a means for John to promote his more expensive products.

There are at least 2 upsells, such as the Partnership to Success ($1997) and the Niche Marketing Kit ($19.95). The CBS contents are only introductions to juicier materials that you could access when you purchase the upsells.

There are start-up costs that your payment for Clickbank Superstar does not cover. These include domain name, web hosting, and creator of the landing page for your digital product. You also need to pay for an autoresponder to run the business.

Wealthy Affiliate:

At WA, you can join for free and you also need not provide your card or payment details until you are ready to upgrade to Premium membership to enjoy full features of the platform.

For your first month Premium membership, you only need to pay $19 and then pay a monthly fee of $49.

If you want to save money, pay yearly for only $495 to get $93.00 discount. This yearly payment already comes with 100 free community credits and a free domain (.com).

There are also costs to consider when starting an affiliate business, such as for building and hosting your website. The monthly Premium membership fee at WA already covers all these costs.

Potential Income

Clickbank Superstar:

A Clickbank vendor’s potential income may depend on several factors such as the fee that Clickbank implements and the commission rate that the vendor sets for his affiliate.

The default account level rate here is 25%, but a vendor may set this to his preference.

Every time a product sells on the Clickbank platform, 92.5% of product’s price minus $1 goes to the seller, but a vendor still has to pay his affiliate.

For example, an e-book you are selling is worth $100, and the commission percentage you have set for affiliates is 50%. For every e-book sold, Clickbank will give you $91.5 (92,5% of $100 minus $1), but you have to give half of this to the affiliate whose affiliate link was used when the e-book was purchased. Thus, your total sale for each e-book is only $45.75.

Wealthy Affiliate:

At WA, your potential income could come from many sources. Remember that after your third Premium month at WA, you could create training materials that other members may use. WA will pay you for your lessons, which could be enough to subsidize your monthly fee.

WA pays based on some factors like the number of shares for a certain lesson. I tried creating basic lessons here, and I got $5-10 for each.

The valuable lessons and strategies that WA teaches may apply not only in becoming a WA affiliate or a Clickbank products affiliate. You could also find other platforms with profitable affiliate products like Amazon.

Work Schedule

Whether you like to earn money as a vendor at or as an affiliate for Clickbank products, keep in mind that you have to spend a considerable amount of time before you can make a significant amount of money.

John says you could add your product on Clickbank within 30 minutes and you just let affiliates promote your product for you. However, I think your job as a vendor should not stop there. The affiliate marketing industry is one where the competition is high.

WA members, for instance, learn the basic lessons of choosing profitable niches, products and keywords. One should not just choose a product to promote just because it has a high commission percentage. An effective affiliate is one who chooses products profitable to promote.

Thus, as a vendor, make your products compelling to affiliates and to potential buyers. You should also hone other essential skills such as content writing, SEO, lead generation and more.

Benefits / Bonus/ 

Between the two, only Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate Program. Its Elite Affiliate Program offers 50% commission for every paid membership fee (be it $19 promo, $49 regular monthly fee, or $495 yearly fee). Commissions here are also recurring, so you will always get 50% for every month that your referral subscribes to WA Premium membership.



  • Clickbank Superstar has easy-to-understand videos showing the steps on how to become a Clickbank vendor.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that provides instructions, tools and resources that will help you start your business and make it flourish. It has a praiseworthy support system. It offers members great ways to earn extra money.


  • The contents of Clickbank Superstar are lacking. There are other free videos and tutorials you can find online where you could learn more without the need to purchase expensive upsells.
  • For Wealthy Affiliate, some say that its solution is not ideal for advanced affiliate marketers.

Between the Clickbank Superstar and the Wealthy Affiliate, I choose the latter. Not only because it offers a complete solution for beginners and intermediates in affiliate marketing, but I also believe the things I could learn from it, the tools I could access within the platform and other resources it offers will be useful not just on Clickbank, but on other affiliate sites and marketplaces.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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