Qkids Job Review Summary

Are you thinking of starting an online English teaching career? Then Qkids is among the many platforms you can visit and apply at. However, before you hastily give your information and credentials, let this Qkids job review first tell you what to you can expect from this company and from the online work it offers.

qkids job review

Qkids, as its name implies, lets you teach English to young Chinese learners 4-12 years old. If you recall other online English teaching platforms we have reviewed before, VIPKids, Magic Ears, SayABC and iTutorgroup (vipJr and tutorJr) are also catering to a similar age range of students.

Conversely, QKids has a patented online narrative and game-based classroom.

From the video you can find on its website, you see that the company believes that the best way to learn English is through laughter and a positive mindset. Its teachers achieve this through the features integrated in its app.

The app contains preset lessons. It has original characters that serve as your teaching assistants. There are also interactive games, and features for rewarding the students for their achievements in class.


Based on the list of requirements shown in the screenshot below, you could immediately discover whether this is a company you could become a part of or not. Its requirements are limiting.

qkids jobs

Figure 1

1.  Credentials. It recruits only those who can legally work in the US or Canada. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree and English teaching certification (such as ESL, CELTA, TEFL and TESOL) or a teaching license.

2.  Materials. The materials you need to prepare to proceed with the hiring process are your resume, computer specifications screenshot, available hours, and 1-2 minutes introduction video. In the video, introduce who you are, where you live, what your educational background is, and what experience you have in teaching/working with children. You may also read a children’s story while making the video.

3.  Equipment. Since this is an online job and one that requires downloading an app, have a computer and an internet connection with specifications that meet what Qkids require. You must have a computer with a webcam, plus a headset with microphone. The cable internet connection should have at least 2Mbps upload speed and at least 4Mbps download speed.
Teaching at QKids

As mentioned above, you will teach via the online learning platform of Qkids wherein all the lessons of the organized curriculum are available for your perusal. You just have to familiarize yourself with these materials. You can preview the lessons ahead of the schedule. You may prepare other teaching props that you could physically use while teaching, such as appropriate poster background.

Each class lasts for 30 minutes and teachers need to enter the virtual classroom at least 3 minutes before the scheduled time. You will handle 1-4 students per class. It is possible to teach the same students every time, but expect to see new ones too.

How To Apply/Join

Figure 1 also shows the steps in the hiring process at Qkids.

1.  Initial screening

2.  Demo Interview 1

3.  Demo Interview 2

4.  Trial Classes and Background Check

5.  Contract Signing
qkids teacher

Figure 2

Start your application at https://teacher.qkids.com/register.

Figure 2 shows the sign up page. Enter your email and password and referral code (if any).

After hitting the Sign Up button, you will see a new page where you will fill up a form for your basic information.

Provide your first name, middle name, last name, country/state, city, time zone, contact number, highest attained educational degree, teaching experience, and recruitment source.

Answer Yes or No if you are authorized to work in the US or Canada, if you have or will soon require Visa sponsorship in the US or Canada, if you consent to undergo a background check during the trial classes.

It is also on this page where you may upload your application materials/files. You can also see here the available time slots for teaching. Tell if you can commit at least 6 hours or 12 lessons a week from the time slots provided.

Next, you need to make the short recording. During the first 10-20 second, tell your name, location, what record you have to upload and if you are prepared to upload your teaching qualification. Within 50-70 seconds, share a teaching demo where you could choose either to read a children’s story; or to teach 3 objects; or to teach 3 pages from a book you made; or teach 3 images from a text.

If you pass the preliminary screening, Qkids will contact you within 3 days to continue your application.


The video demo interview is an alternative to a Skype interview. You could just send Qkids the link to your YouTube video or Google drive of the video file.

In the Demo Interview 1, you will show your technical proficiency such as in using the buttons and tools in the Qkids online classroom; and managing video and sound quality. There are several questions you must answer concerning student interaction and teaching.

The Demo Interview 2 involves a complete Q&A interview session that lasts up to 25 minutes. Then you will demonstrate your personality and teaching skills.

Trial Class

During the period of a trial class, you will handle 2-5 real lessons with the students and then get feedback from the parents of the students you taught in those classes.

Training Process

Every new job requires a learning curve, and Qkids offers proper training to its newly hired teachers. According to Qkids teachers who share their experience, you start with video demos of games in the lessons and the techniques you can apply for mastering the use of the software. You will eventually have a session with your assigned trainer. Afterward, you must complete a teaching session with an instructor who will act as a student and then give you feedback at the end.

Completing the training will allow you to proceed to the trial classes.

There are training videos and modules that you could go back to even after you have completed the training so you can refresh what you learned.

Potential Income

Based on the FAQ section, the regular base rate is USD8 per lesson. This is also the amount you will receive for the trial classes. Thus, you will get $16 for 2 lessons or one hour.

qkids teacher review

Figure 3

This screenshot shows that the average salary of Qkids teacher is $18.41per hour. This is only an estimated salary according to the submitted details from a few employees only.

At Qkids, there is a base pay of $4 per standby lesson or when waiting for about 10 minutes without teaching a class. Your pay may also include $1 performance fee from family review; $1 attendance bonus for each lesson you subsequently teach after completing the minimum of 15 lessons a week.

Teachers receive their money through bank transfer. Qkids cover the transfer fee.

Work Schedule

Keep in mind that one lesson lasts for 30 minutes and teachers need to check the classroom before the class starts.

qkids review

Figure 4

The image above shows the available time slots for classes at Qkids. They set class schedules weekly, and you may check your scheduled classes on Sunday evenings.

You will sign a contract with Qkids when you pass all the screenings and interviews. This contract is good for 6 months.

If you have only a few classes or when you do not meet the qualifications at Qkids, there are other online jobs you could pursue.

You could apply as online tutors or teachers at various platforms like Chegg, Takelessons, Wyzant, Skooli, TutorMe, Preply, Buddyschool, Tutor.com, Connections Academy, Superprof, Bitdegree, Course Hero, Wizedemy, Skillshare, and Udemy.

You may look also at platforms like Fiverr where you can sell your services like data entry, data research, content writing, web design, computer engineering, and more.

You could also start how to do affiliate marketing by enrolling to Wealthy Affiliate.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

In this video you will learn about one QKids teacher’s exceptional experience from the job.

She explains well how she earned about $1590 a month. She also provided details about other important things about her job, but I believe that she left another important thing about QKids and this is the referral program. See image below.

qkids online teaching

Figure 5

Qkids lets you earn $100 for every successful referral. A successful referral is the person you refer whom Qkids hire and taught his first class after the trial classes.



  • Qkids seem to be a great company to work for, based on the positive reviews it got from many teachers.
  • Its online teaching platform is easy to use.
  • It has commendable training and support for its teachers.


  • It is open only to applicants from the US and Canada.
  • The pay is low, although it requires a lot of credentials from the applicants.

Qkids is one platform I will check out if I am from the US or Canada for online English teaching jobs. Watching videos and reading reviews about the company encourages one to apply here because it does not discriminate, it collects no penalties for missing classes and provides excellent incentives.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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