What Is Wizedemy? Everything You Need To Know. 

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Before hastily heading over to their website, learn everything about what is Wizedemy before investing any effort.

what is wizedemy

What Is Wizedemy?

Are you looking for a platform that lets you set your rate and receive every penny that a student pays for your services? Then, Wizedemy is probably what you have been looking for.

This short video briefly tells what you can find at and what you can provide through Wizedemy: exam prep videos.

However, visiting the site will let you discover that it is more than a source of exam prep courses.

The "Wize Exam Prep" or assistance for exam preparations is just one of the offered services here.

There are also:

  • Wize Online Tutoring (top tutors from North America offering one-on-one help to students through an interactive whiteboard)
  • Wize Homework Help (quick answers to subject questions) and
  • Wize Lesson Library (access to more than 25,000 lessons and practice resources).

According to a news article, the online tutoring service only came about recently, in September 2019.

Wize chief executive Cyrus Moradian said that they will not deduct any fee from the tutors payment as the company earns from its other products.

Wizedemy Reviews

Compared to other online teaching or tutoring websites, this announcement makes Wizedemy an attractive option for tutors since they can keep all the money from their set hourly rate.

There are also various subjects to tutor:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics and
  • Engineering.

The student will schedule a tutor of his choice based on his preferred time of tutoring.

In most online tutoring platforms, you will find a dedicated button or menu for tutor. At Wize, you will not find one unless you visit the web page for Jobs or Careers.

There are two major categories of the open job positions: those for students and those for educators. There are positions other than online tutoring for both students and educators.

I say that each of these positions is very interesting, so let’s take a brief look at each of them. Wize even encourages anyone to reach out to its staff if they do not see any position that fits his qualifications.

A.  Jobs For Students

1)  Brand Ambassador is an online, remote, part-time position that can help kickstart a student’s career while helping their friends and other students.

This is open for any university student going into their freshman or sophomore years.

The role involves representing Wize through social media and personal networks and spreading the news about Wize to others. The successful candidate will earn hourly and referral-based compensation.

2)  Class Ambassador is also a position for incoming 1st or 2nd university students. The position requires just 30 minutes or even less of work in a week.

The responsibilities of a class ambassador include providing weekly course news updates on what the class studies, which topics are challenging and what the focus must be for upcoming exams.

He will provide reviews of online exam courses. He will also work with Wize Prof to ensure that questions have timely answers.

The class ambassador, just like the brand ambassador, also needs to spread the news about Wize throughout the university and share free study resources with his classmates.

They only offer this position to students from

  • Canadian Universities (Alberta – U of C, U of A | British Columbia – UBC, UVIC | Nova Scotia – Dalhousie | Ontario – McMaster, Queen’s, U of T (St. George), Western, Ryerson, York, Ottawa, Waterloo, Guelph | Quebec – McGill, Concordia) and
  • USA Universities (Arizona – UA | California – UCR, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCB | Florida – FSU, UF| Ohio – Miami U | Michigan – UM, MSU | North Carolina – NCSU | Pennsylvania – U Penn | Texas – Texas Tech, UT, UH | Washington – UW-Seattle | West Virginia – WVU).

3)  Wize Student Tutor will allow the successful student applicant to become part of Wize Online Tutoring Platform. This position is someone passionate in helping other students by sharing his subject expertise.

This means he should have outstanding grades in the courses he will tutor. Wize also looks for someone who has already tutored other students before. The base rate is $20-25/hour based on past tutoring experience.

4)  Marketing Rep is an on-campus part-time job with responsibilities that include performing both traditional marketing (such as distributing posters and flyers) and digital marketing (social media campaigns).

They also limit this to students from certain universities as mentioned for Class Ambassador Position.

5)  Blog Contributor is a part time job position for the upper-year student or recent graduate of Communications, Journalism, English or Public Relations major.

B. Jobs For Educators

1) Subject Expert (Lead Instructor) will take on the role of creating Wize Video Textbook in the successful applicant’s subject expertise.

This includes making detailed lesson plans, video tutorials with lesson notes for students, and supporting practice questions.

One strict requirement of this position is the Master’s or Ph.D. degree in the subject the applicant will teach.

Part of the compensation is that he will be a featured Wize Certified Tutor in the online tutoring database where there is a potential to earn up to $100 per hour.

2)  Lead Instructor (High School) is a job offer similar to that of a Subject Expert. The difference is that the subjects and lessons are for high school students.

3)  Online University Exam Prep Instructor has the responsibility of creating online lessons on topics for major undergraduate-level exams in specific university courses.

This position also calls for someone with a Master's or doctorate degree in expertise subject.

4)  Online MCAT Prep Instructor, as the job position name suggests, involves preparing online lessons for subjects and topics on MCAT.

5)  Wize Certified Tutor is the position that perfectly fits our topic of online tutoring opportunities. It is like other online tutoring platforms where the teacher applicant needs to be knowledgeable in the subject he will teach or tutor.

Aside from a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, Wize requires an experienced tutor with excellent student references, with previous online teaching experience, and with university students teaching experience.

If Wize hires you, you will get an online tutor training program and access to the company’s expanding user base.

You may set your own rate for your tutoring service and Wize will not deduct any commission or fee from it.


Each job position has its specific set of required qualifications.

For the Wize tutor position, the qualifications are stringent since Wize requires a master or a doctorate degree holder with relevant tutoring/teaching experience.

From the job posts and other contents on the website, Wize only accepts qualified and experienced teaching experts from North America, so this is not a position available to other teachers.

Regarding the technical requirements, there seems no specific set of computer system specifications.

I tried its chat feature to ask for computer requirements and the agent told me I just need a strong internet connection and a working computer.

Thus, I proceeded to access the interactive whiteboard, and it asked for access to my camera and microphone. I believe that the Wize Study Room interactive whiteboard is accessible through any internet browser.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

How To Apply

At the lower part of each page for open positions, there is an application form you can immediately fill up. I think this is convenient. 

You must provide your full name, email address, phone number and subject expertise.

You should tell briefly about your previous teaching experience, your online tutoring experience, and how many hours you tutor (in person or online).

Other necessary details you must provide include the university or course you have experience with, other info you like to add and how you heard about Wize. You may upload your resume and your cover letter.

At the end of the application form, you may even tick the boxes for other Wize job positions you think match your skills set, particularly Online University Exam Prep Instructor and Subject Expert (Lead Instructor).

Wizedemy Salary

A Wize tutor may set his hourly rate.

For Subject Expert (Lead Instructor), you could assume that a tutor may earn up to $100 per hour, as per their job posting.

Also, if you are applying as a student tutor, you could earn $20-25 per hour based on your past tutoring experience.

Work Schedule

According to a Help article at Wize, a tutoring session that a student may book is at least 30 minutes to a maximum of 120 minutes or 2 hours.  Booking of sessions is on increments of 30 minutes.

Now, your work schedule will depend on how many bookings you will have.


I find no worth-mentioning benefits or perks when tutoring at Wize. However, it is favorable that it offers a training program for tutors and other teaching positions.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Is Wizedemy Legit?


  • Wizedemy allows tutors to keep all their earnings since they claim they do not deduct any fee from the tutor’s set hourly rate.
  • The application is convenient.


  • It is available only to applicants from North America.
  • It requires exceptional skills set for reportedly scant compensation.

Wizedemy could be a platform to check out for those who are from North America. 

Suppose you have no bookings or if you do not qualify as Wize Tutor because of country of residence or origin, there are other platforms out there where you can teach.

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