What Enrollapp Is About – Quickly Understand If You Should Apply. 

Last Modified: February 28, 2021

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There are many helpful perks from Enroll, however, Enrollapp offers a lower pay rate than other similar websites or companies. Learn more from this post what Enrollapp is about and if it a worthy side income opportunity.

what enrollapp is about

What Enrollapp Is About?

Enroll is a company that connects website and app developers to users through Helio, its design testing/survey platform.

It offers an opportunity to qualified individuals to test websites and contents using different kinds of devices like a laptop or desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Age Restriction

You can read from the website that Enrollapp does not intend to collect personal information from any person younger than 13 years old.

If you are an EU resident, abide by the GDPR policies wherein you need to be at least 16 years old to join Enrollapp.

Tester Tips

Keep in mind that as a tester, your feedback can create an impact on the website or product you are testing. When you take tests and answer polls, you need to be as honest as possible with your answers.

Honest answers and information will help match you to the correct brands. You should provide more useful details as you can, such as sharing your personal experience about the particular service.

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How To Apply

On the website, you only need to enter your email address and set up a password to register.

If you attempt to enter a temporary or a disposable email, you will soon find out it is just a waste of time because according to the help articles of Enroll, it does not allow the use of disposable, invalid or inactive emails.

You cannot sign up and/or agree to the terms if you use these restricted emails. However, you may reach out to the Enroll support team if you find yourself stuck on the terms and conditions page.

After logging in, you need to enter your first and last name.

You must provide

  • a PayPal email address
  • spoken languages
  • your country
  • contact number
  • gender
  • birthday
  • the highest level of education
  • day job
  • income
  • hobbies
  • computer proficiency
  • use of the internet and
  • devices you could use for testing.

How Does Enroll Work?

When you first log in, you will already start with some tasks that can help improve your chances to take part in paid tests.

When you access your dashboard after this, there are poll questions you could answer.

I believe that these poll questions are unique to Enrollapp and that they serve as a creative means to gather your demographic information. Other similar websites have forms you need to fill up and provide these details.

You’ll discover that poll questions are random. I answered questions about having ever heckled a comedian and traveled outside the country.

After each poll question you answer, you could also see how you have fared or to which percentage of answers you belong to. Poll questions are simple yes or no questions only.

Do not think these poll questions are merely to keep you busy. Poll questions could keep you busy because there are hundreds of these poll questions on the website.

Your yes or no answers will help match you to the brands you are most suitable to test. Enroll adds additional questions every day so you can also check them out daily.

That could be one reason poll questions are present, but they also help increase your Mission points.  You could earn points when you sign in to the website.

If you answer poll questions accurately, you will also earn points. Complete a test to earn points.

When you have accumulated 1,000 points, you will have another mission to complete.

Remember, however, points are not equivalent to any incentive. Completing missions and accruing points will help you increase your chances of participating in more Enroll app tests.


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Does Enroll Pay?

Some people shared that they got paid tests quickly after signing up and answering poll questions while others had to wait very long to receive an opportunity to take part in paid tests.

As I have mentioned earlier, poll questions gather your demographic details, and it applies to all UX testing platforms that demographic details determine who are eligible to take part in the paid tests.

Those who received paid test opportunities ahead of the other Enrollapp testers likely have demographic details that meet the Enroll user.

The Enroll user creates the test and if you match the required demographic, you will receive an email notification. 

One factor that might discourage you from regarding your participation in Enrollapp tests is that a paid test only rewards $0.10. Other UX testing companies offer much higher payments.

However, these other high paying companies have 20-30 minutes tests and could pay about $10 per test. At Enrollapp, a test could only take 30-75 seconds.

It sends payments (for all completed work from the preceding calendar month) once a month via PayPal on the 11th day of each month. You will be automatically part of the payment cycle once you have at least $1.

Work Schedule

The work schedule of usability testers in Enrollapp and other similar sites is flexible. You will work only when there are available tests to take part in.

At Enrollapp, you could log in to your account every day, even if there are no paid tests available for you, to see if there are additional poll questions to answer. 

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Factors That Can Affect Your Payment

There are things that could affect your income, such as the device you are using. There could be tests to which you are eligible to join, but you cannot take the test because you cannot take it on your device.

Enrollapp users create tests on Helio according to the device type they prefer. This way, they can work with and receive feedback from testers who match their target audience.

At Enroll, you could set up your account and indicate which device you prefer to receive the paid tests on.

This is one unique attribute of Enrollapp. You may set your preferences to receive tests on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It can happen that you will add all the device options.

However, when you receive and open a notification using a device such as a desktop, you might not open the test itself because it is only available on a smartphone.

Some tests have only one specific device and if the device you are using is not the specified device for the test, you will receive an error message.

Therefore, even if you have received an email invite about a test, do not count your earnings yet unless you have completed the test and received approval for your work.


I think the poll questions offer an advantage if you ever sign up at Enrollapp. They can keep you busy while waiting for paid tests to come.

A benefit I have found is that you can set up your test time zones, just as you could set up your device preferences. This way, you can receive notifications for tests while you are awake and active.

Another benefit offered by Enrollapp: it has a referral program that lets you earn some bonus. If you are eligible for the referral program, you may share your referral link with your friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Enrollapp Review



  • It is easy to join Enrollapp.
  • It trusts that you are honest with your age (at least 13 or 16 years old) when you sign up.
  • The way it gathers information is very creative.
  • There are poll questions you can answer to increase your chances to receive paid tests.
  • It has an automatic payout cycle that will include you in the payroll once you have $1 in your account.


  • Payment is low.

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