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Web Content Writer Jobs Summary

A web content writer produces an assortment of content for use on the internet. People taking on web content writer jobs are among those responsible for filling up the internet with readable contents on various topics and niches.

In most cases, a web content writer researches first about a relevant topic, prepares writing materials and then composes the draft for the write-up. It is basically how a traditional writer comes up with his pieces, except that the products produced by the web content writer would be used and seen in the digital world of the internet.

A writer needs a computer or laptop. A decent internet connection is likewise a necessity for this job.

Apart from great writing skills, the applicant should also possess other skills that an employer would require, such as knowledge about other involved apps. Employers may set an age limit for applicants (at least of legal working age), but they put more weight on the work experience of the applicant than on his age.

Web Content Writer Jobs

Content writers, just like other online workers and professionals, could work either at home or in a traditional office setting. Modes of employment could be full-time, part time or freelance.

Home-based writers enjoy the comfortable work environment of their abodes, but they cannot get the perks and benefits awaiting those who are office-based. Freelancers and part-timers have a more flexible schedule, but they might need to always search for writing assignments.

Duties and Responsibilities

These web content writers need to produce works optimized for the World Wide Web. Their contents should be concise and fact-loaded; should have an active and engaging tone; should have contents broken down in subheadings and bulleted lists; and should contain embedded links. A specific client in a specific industry or niche would determine other involved duties and responsibilities in the job.


A job applicant should know standard writing methods. Some employers specifically look for graduates of Bachelor’s Degree like English, Journalism, and Marketing. Other requirements include familiarity in using grammar checking programs, but perhaps the most important of all is to produce original content.

Writing Tools

Prior to the birth of the digital world, writers depend a lot on their typewriters. Nowadays, even mainstream media writers need to have a computer or laptop. To fulfill the tasks of web content writer jobs, you ought to have an efficient writing tool. Concerning computers or laptops means you have to delve into the technical aspects.

o   Storage – It is ideal to have at least 250 GB, but if you are planning to take your writing gigs as you travel, consider upgrading your SSD drive.

o   RAM – The minimum RAM that will give let you work decently on writing assignments is 4 GB, but buying over 8 GB is definitely better.

o   Software – The most common are Windows and MAC OSX.

o   Processor – The Intel i5 is your minimum reference.

o   Keyboard – There are back-lit keyboards available if you want to write even in low light settings.

Also, included in required writing tools are software programs and apps like document processing and grammar checking programs. Familiarity in using these programs will give you an edge when applying for web content writer jobs.

Skills And Competence

The majority considers English as the universal language in the world, and it serves to clear out language barrier issues. Therefore, most clients require that an applicant to web content writer jobs have proficiency writing in English. One example is the job post shown in Figure 1.

online content writing services

Figure 1

They require English proficiency not only in writing but even in speaking. As a virtual worker, you would need to communicate with clients. Right from the job interview, which is usually through a video call, you already need to show that you can express yourself well in spoken English.

English communication proficiency is only the beginning. Other skills, such as the following, are also essential.

o   Able To Adapt

This refers to the tone and the style of writing that a writer could do. Remember that as a web content writer, you will work on various topics in different fields. The tone and style of writing necessary for a write-up targeting medical research differs from the tone and style required for an article aimed at foodies and health consumers. To be more adaptable, one has to learn more writing styles and write in different tones.

o   Able To Research Efficiently

A writer needs not to know everything but should write about certain things. Even if you are knowledgeable about a particular topic, you still need to research more to gather facts that will support what you will write about. The key is to look for interesting and truthful information from reliable sources. Online research and data collection are among the responsibilities of the qualified applicant in Figure 1.

o   Able To Organize

For you to have organizational skills, you must have a calendar containing all your deadlines and due dates. Prioritize your tasks and also keep your workspace clean. In Figure 1, we can see that the applicant will also handle the organization of the client’s inbox.

o   Able To Focus

Focusing means putting most (if not all) your attention on the tasks in front of you. Sometimes, you need to do multi-tasking if you are a home-based writer. The pending household chores could distract you, but to be an efficient writer (and online professional), you must learn to manage your time and focus on finishing your assignments on time. It would help you focus more on your job if you will work inside a quiet room as your dedicated workspace at home.

o   Able To Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember that web content writer jobs are all about producing articles for internet use. Thus, these articles need to have SEO-friendly attributes like targeted keyword in titles, descriptions, tags and images, so they could keep up with the algorithms of search engines like Google.

o   Able To Deliver Quality Work

Quality written web content is grammatically correct, engaging and original. Keep in mind that you ought to research a topic assigned for you to write. Thus, write about these facts and details from research in a way that you will not merely copy the actual words from your sources. You need to compose your own article in your own words so as not to appear you are plagiarizing.

o   Able To Meet Deadlines

As you focus on creating quality content, keep track of your time so you can submit your work on the dot. Meeting deadlines require effective time management. This also calls for being realistic with the number and types of writing jobs you could accept and reject.

Writing Gigs

As a competent web content writer, you ought to know that there are many gigs you could take on, provided that your skills and experience are acceptable to clients. Many people all over the world discover the earning potentials of the internet. Yet, they cannot handle every task involved in succeeding with their online ventures. One commonly outsourced task is writing. Each business sector needs content, so you may apply as they look for content writers.

Here are some ideas about the content writing positions.

o   Blog Writer writes contents for blogs.

o   Brand/Product Promotion Writer creates headlines, press releases and stories about a certain product in a story-telling tone.

o   SEO Copywriter creates articles embedded with keywords.

o   Social Media Writer produces content that will engage social media users.

o   Ghostwriter is a skilled writer who creates articles, website copies, e-books, product reviews and more in such a skilled manner.

o   Technical Writer has a forte in making How-tos, FAQs, Guides, manuals, and other more technical write-ups.

How To Apply/Join

There are some companies and websites that offer writing services to businesses and online marketers. These organizations hire writers. Be cautious in joining these websites, especially if they ask payment for signing up.

You may also apply through search engines and online job portals for writing positions.

A job application process usually involves emailing companies or employers with attached resumes and cover letters. However, some clients take it to another level by adding certain steps to the process. In Figure 1, for example, they ask interested applicants to take a quick English quiz.

In Figure 2 below, the client gave a set of questions, the answers to which are actually the skills and abilities required for the job. There are instructions provided on how interested applicants may apply. Such procedures help employers filter out applications by picking only those who have followed the application procedures they have provided. The next step for chosen applicants is the interview.

content writer jobs online

Figure 2

Potential Income

Salary rates for web content writer jobs vary. Pay is often commensurate to experience and skills. The company or employer sets the pay increase and payment method.

From Figure 3, we could see that the average hourly pay of a web content writer is $16.39.

write content website

Figure 3

However, the actual rate for every job may vary depending on other factors like location of the applicant and also the mode of employment (full time, part-time, freelance, and contractual). Some clients may set a payment rate based on every project completed. In Figure 4, for instance, the contractor content writer for Cozymeal chef profiles will get $65 for every 2,000-word post. They also state that the rate varies by experience.

web content writer job description

Figure 4

Figure 5 shows an example of the varying rate according to location. This is a job post at Onlinejobs.ph looking to hire writers from the Philippines for clients based in Europe and the US. Although it seeks full-time employees, take note that the advertised pay rate is just $3-5 per hour, which is way below the average $16.39 on Payscale.

Therefore, look for web content writer jobs whose pay rate is reasonable for your capabilities as a writer.

web content writing rates

Figure 5

Figure 5 also shows that the client will send weekly payment via PayPal, which is a common payment method for many virtual workers.

Work Schedule

The client sets the work schedule of hired writers, especially if it is a full-time job. In Figure 6, the job post is for an office-based work, but the hired person will work on shifting schedules.

does content writer do

Figure 6

Figure 7 shows a job post for a full-time job that requires a successful applicant to work 8 hours a day, although the ad did not tell the exact schedule.

website content writer jobs

Figure 7

Figure 8 shows an example of a job post where the client showed the exact work schedule, which is 10:00 to 19:00 Hong Kong Time.

web content writer

Figure 8

Work schedules may change on some occasions when the hired writer will work on weekends.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The employer will also set the benefits and bonuses. In most cases, they give those who are working in an office setting more benefits than those working home-based.

online content writer

In Figure 9, which is a job post for an office writing position, a successful applicant will have medical insurance, transportation allowance, meal allowance, attendance allowance and paid leaves.



  • Working as a web content writer will lead you to an open door of worldwide opportunities. Even when you are working at home, web content writer jobs will let you offer your services to clients in other parts of the world.
  • As a website content writer, you will also have exposure to new fields of learning since you have to write about a variety of topics and use different tools and apps in your job.
  • You may work at home as a freelancer or as a full-time office employee, whichever suits your preferences.
  • You may also choose which assignments to accept or reject.


  • You need to research considerably your assigned writing topics.
  • You need to be patient and resourceful when looking for web content writing jobs that will suit your preferred salary, employment mode, work schedule, etc.
  • You need to upgrade your skills not just in writing, but in other related tasks such as administrative tasks because many job offers only involve writing as one of the involved tasks.

It may seem daunting to perform the tasks involved in web content writer jobs, especially with the different skills required by different clients. Yet, if your passion is writing, you may take on these jobs and feel assured that regardless what topics you write or what other tasks included in the job, you will definitely feel fulfilled.

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