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Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Whatusersdo Reviews To Read

Whatusersdo helps businesses grow with user experience or UX testing, as you could read on its homepage. It is also a Userzoom company just like Validately so you might think it is also a worth checking out platform. However, do not quickly jump to conclusions without first reading Whatusersdo reviews on the different areas of the platform. Keep reading to make an educated decision.

Whatusersdo Reviews

If you have a desktop computer or a laptop and a good internet connection at home, you probably thought at least once to make money online. You do some research about what possible easy jobs you can take on even during your idle time, just to make some extra cash. You find a blog post where the writer provides a list of website testing platforms. This list includes Whatusersdo.

Such is one possible scenario on how you could discover this website. Through platforms like Whatusersdo, designers and developers of websites, computer software, device app, promotions, advertisements, etc. can avail of usability testing services that will help them make sure that their work is error free and will definitely gain support from users.

These websites also offer internet users a chance to make money on the side by becoming user testers. Other user testing websites are US-based, but Whatusersdo is UK-based. Recently, Userzoom acquired Whatusersdo so there have been considerable changes that registered and potential testers could not help but point out.


Many people attest that this platform is legitimate because they have joined it before and they have received payments from the test they completed. An essential skill of a UX tester is good English communication skills. You need to speak constantly throughout the test to describe what your task is about, what steps you are doing and what your insights are about the website you are testing. You need to deliver high quality feedback to the clients so they will have details to use in correcting bugs or further improving their digital product. Your eyes should be keen in finding the details, as you would if you are an online data researcher.

Basically, you need a fast connection to the internet (broadband) and a computer (desktop or laptop) with a working microphone. Laptops usually have built-in microphones so they are more convenient to use. Another important requirement is a PayPal account because this is where they send payments for completed tests.

There is also the recorder program that you need to download and install.

To take on user tests from Whatusersdo, your computer should have any of the supported browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome in their latest versions.

You see here that the requirements to become a tester at Whatusersdo are like the requirements of other usability testing platforms.

Brands and Companies That Trust Whatusersdo

It is a UX testing website that over 3,000 digital professionals trust, as you can see in Figure 1.

whatusersdo review

Figure 1

The figure above makes it even more tempting to join Whatusersdo. So far, it has helped thousands of digital professionals achieve the best in their digital products. The case studies you can read on Whatusersdo website will give you an idea about what tasks its testers can complete.

There is BuyaCar, a renowned online car retailer that hired services from Whatusersdo for UX testing the industry-leading website prototypes that allows car buyers to take the wheel.

It has also helped Lost My name, an e-commerce website known primarily for creating and selling personalized children’s books. It worked on a new story creation process for current and future books. Through the iterative prototype testing with Whatusersdo, the new feature evolved smoothly and profitably.

Through UX testing, Branded3 focused on the users’ needs to improve its clients’ businesses. The foremost sexual health charity Brook could optimize its mobile content through the help of Whatusersdo remote UX testing.

It also helped ClickMechanic in launching a new and functional website that helped boost its profits by 50%. Other companies that Whatusersdo testers had worked for include Carlton Hotel Group (Ireland), ASOSgo International, British Gas, Revoo, Schuh, Sky UX Testing, and City of London Police.

You see that there is a wide variety of clients that Whatusersdo has worked for. This means that if they hire you as a tester, you might work with different companies from various fields and industries as long as you match the demographics and qualifications that each company client looks for in testers.
How It Works At Whatusersdo

Your work at Whatusersdo is like how your work at other user testing sites would be. Each client will have a specific set of demographics or traits/attributes that it looks for in the people it prefers to test its digital products.

about what users do

Figure 2

If you meet the set qualifications, Whatusersdo will send you an email containing an invitation message about an available test you may join. Tests have certain tasks you must accomplish and if your submitted work gets approval from the client, you may expect your pay through PayPal on the 25th day of the month.

How To Apply/Join

There is no information about the cost for joining Whatusersdo so you can feel comfortable to sign up for free.

This video below will take you through the sign-up process at Whatusersdo. Take note, however, this is a video dated 2014. You can see the difference on how the website then looks from how the website now looks.

Figure 3 shows the steps for joining.


Figure 3

From the video above, you can see at 2:40 that there is a checklist you can use to determine if you and your computer/internet setup will allow you to perform the job that Whatusersdo offers. You can see that you could either have a personal computer with Windows OS or an Apple Mac computer/laptop.

On the same page of the checklist is the short form that will ask your name, email address, date of birth, gender, country of residence, password and (any) referral code. You may also choose an option to subscribe to its newsletter.

After signing up, you need to download the screen recorder. Other similar websites will also ask that you download and install their screen recording app that will record your UX testing websites. The client will then receive your video recording to listen and watch what possible good insights you can provide.

There is a practice test you need to take so you could ensure that your microphone and screen recorder are working well. Once the practice test gets approval, you will receive email invitations to tests.

According to reviews, Whatusersdo website has a feature that lets you specify your time availability for taking tests. You may also specify in your profile which mobile devices you can use for taking mobile tests.

Potential Income

According to the vlogger in the video above, Whatusersdo is a great website to check out for making extra money and that you should not rely on it to earn a stable income. You could earn $8 for a 20-minutes test.

What you will find confusing with the details from Figure 2 is the payment of £/$/€5 per test. Regardless which among the 3 currencies you will receive, £/$/€5 and its equivalent in US$ is still lower than the usual $10 that other user testing websites offer for the same 20-minutes testing session. 

Work Schedule

Figure 2 tells that there could be 3-5 tests in a month for a tester to take. Still, your demographics will have a great impact on how many tests you may take. A UX tester has a flexible schedule. You only check your inbox for an email invitation regularly. If there is an email invitation, quickly take action to take part in this test. Dedicate your 20-minutes to perform your tasks and complete the test wholeheartedly.

If there is none, you may join other usability testing websites or partake in other microtask gigs like paid surveys or image annotation.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

As mentioned above, the flexible work schedule you have when waiting for email invitations to arrive is something to take advantage of.  

Since user testing gigs pay only a minimal amount of money, you should spend only a good amount of time on them. Better yet, carefully consider which among them a reliable website to join is.

It is for this reason that you must read more about this platform.  In the update added to a review online, there was a comment from a reader that the platform seems to no longer accepts applicants although existing members/testers still receive email invitations.

This did not discourage me from still wanting to join Whatusersdo, so let me share with you my experience.

I clicked on the “Become a Tester” button on the sign up page and it directed me to https://app.whatusersdo.com/apply. Here, I clicked on the “Let’s do this” button.

Then I opened another webpage, https://www.intellizoom.com/re-boarding/wud where I entered my email address to receive your password. After hitting the “Request New Password” button, you will read a message saying that the link will only work within 24 hours. As of time of writing, I have received no email from Whatusersdo yet.

As the review update said, Whatusersdo appears to no longer accept new testers, and this is understandable. In my case, for example, I even reached out to its support team. I also sent an inquiry to support@whatusersdo.com but got no response.

In retrospect, I think I should have already taken a hint because I saw some telltale signs that I should invest my time elsewhere. For example, there is no FAQ page for testers. There is a supposed link for countries below the homepage of Whatusersdo, but this link is not working.

I am probably too unyielding because I felt as though I did not give it all my effort so I gave it yet another try so I instead browsed through the pages of its website. It was on the “About” page that made me finally stop trying to sign up. Look at the screenshot in Figure 4.

whatusersdo com

Figure 4

As you can see here, the remote user testing platform Whatusersdo said that it gives its clients the access to its global panel of 30,000 UX testers. I suppose that the issues I have encountered trying to register at Whatusersdo is because its database might be already full.



  • Whatusersdo has worked for a lot of digital professionals and helped them come up with excellent digital products.
  • Old testers or those who have already joined Whatusersdo prior to its acquisition by Userzoom still receive test invitations.


  • Pay is lower than other user testing websites.
  • The system does not seem to accept new testers.

If you are just planning to register for Whatusersdo as a tester, I recommend that you abort this idea and go elsewhere for worthy user testing platforms like Validately or User Testing. Better yet, check out other online opportunities that will pay you more.

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