Image Annotation Jobs – Make Money Online Labeling Images! 

Last Modified: September 8, 2021

By: pitin

Image annotation jobs provide opportunities for people of all skill sets and they require no experience whatsoever.

Do you have time to spare to label images? If so, this might be the perfect side gig for you. Get paid to do image annotation and make money online! This is an easy way to earn extra money from home.

You can work as little or as much as you want with flexible hours. All it takes is a computer, internet connection, and willingness to start making some cash now.

Image Annotation Jobs

Image Annotation Jobs

In the image annotation job market, there are two types of projects. Some jobs will require you to add only one label for an entire picture while others could need many tags or labels to fully describe each object shown in a photo.

What Is An Image Annotator?

Education and Training

To create annotated images, a person (like yourself who is interested in completing annotation projects) is required to complete tasks such as providing detailed descriptions and captions for the image.

Though you might think this requires an extensive degree in AI development, it doesn't!

An image annotator doesn't need a specific educational background to qualify, though some employers may prefer college graduate applicants. 

A few job postings require at least a senior high school diploma as the minimum requirement while others don’t have any specifications.

For these jobs though - training is required and it can be provided by different companies that offer this service on their website for free, with an application process.

The platform provides you with all the necessary tools for annotating images. 

When you finish your training, it will be there waiting to guide and help prepare you for any annotation task given from the clients.

How Do You Annotate An Image?

There are different annotations you might need to perform.

1. 2D and 3D Annotation Jobs

With the 2D bounding boxes, you need to draw a box all over the image and label any objects that are repeated. Sometimes this means drawing one around every bicycle in an image.

The drawing game can get really interesting. Sometimes you're given instructions to draw shapes around different objects, like cars or bikes and sometimes pedestrians too!

Afterwards there's a list of labels with their suitable attributions so that it becomes your job to pick the right one for each object in the picture.

3D bounding boxes are also known as cuboids. With these, you need to place anchor points on the objects' edges.

Sometimes it's hard to see all of an object because another one is blocking your view.

If this happens, estimate where that hidden portion would be, relative to what you can visually perceive on screen, so you can place the points.

2. Image Classification

This process involves giving just one label to an entire image. For example, they will give you pictures of animals or flowers. You need to say what kind they are by giving them a label - animal or flower.

A computer vision model will use the data from an animal that you have marked to figure out what it is.

3. Lines and Splines

This is a task that includes labeling straight and curved lines on an image. It could include annotating sidewalks, power lines or lanes, and other boundary indicators.

4. Polygons

There are things that have shapes that are not regular. Objects with these types of shapes need polygons instead. You plot points on every part of the object, so it's like drawing a picture.

With this, no matter how the target object looks, you can still mark its edges.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Skills and Attributes

As a data annotator, you will help in categorizing contents. Make sure you attach tags that are appropriate to the content.

You need to check if any mistakes were made in the material you are working on. Make sure that everything is accurate.

For this job, you need to be good with computers and paying attention to details. You also need to meet deadlines. And you have to like working on your own without supervision.

To be good at organizing, you need to know how to group objects. You will need to pay attention and notice the differences between things.

As with other online jobs, the exact skills that an employer will require from an applicant will vary according to the job. 

Required Tools

Every online work-at-home job needs a computer and internet connection. You should read the job post or FAQ page of the company you are applying to for details.

Age Requirements

Job ads may have information about the age requirement. The minimum legal working age is 18 years old in most places.

Image Annotation Work Online - How To Apply

To apply for an image annotator job, you need to follow the procedure on the job website.

There are companies offering professional services to different clients. One of them is Lionbridge. Here's their jobs page. They hire people to do data annotation tasks/projects.

Practice caution when signing up to any image annotation websites. One telltale sign of a scam website is asking you to pay money for signing up.

Potential Income

The salary of an image or data annotator varies per project and per company (among other factors).

Do not forget that salary in each job offer varies. It will depend on various factors such as the complexity of the task.

A job may only involve the simple task of bounding an image such as a man’s coat. This could pay you the lowest possible rate.

There are also jobs that may include other responsibilities. These could pay a higher salary.

Work Schedule

When looking at job ads, read every detail in it because it will include important details like a work schedule. With image annotation, it is possible to enjoy flexible work schedules as you would with other online jobs.

Some job ad says you have flexible work hours. It is possible you will get morning, midday, or night shifts.

Some would need at least 20 hours in a week.