Exactly What Is A Web Search Evaluator? How To Become One? 

Last Modified: June 29, 2021

By: pitin

What Is A Web Search Evaluator?

The task involved in web search evaluator jobs is to look at and test the quality of results from search engines such as Google, apps, music, YouTube videos and more.

When you search online for web search evaluation jobs, you will also encounter other names or aliases such as personalized internet assessorinternet analystinternet safety analyst, and Google rater.

Web search evaluation (alternatively called as the search engine evaluation) refers to rating the relevance or usefulness of a particular result to a certain query. 

What Is A Web Search Evaluator

How Do I Become A Web Search Evaluator?

If you have researched about some things on the internet, you might have experienced at least once where the results you get from Google are not always right or relevant to the keyword you entered.

Search engines' algorithms determine the results you get from an online query, but these algorithms lack a human aspect.

Robots and computers are not always very good at predicting or interpreting the exact thing you are looking for, especially when you enter a key phrase of unrelated words.

Educational Background

There are no exact educational requirements to pursue web search evaluation jobs. It differs from company to company. You need to at least have your high school diploma or equivalent certification.

Yet, expect that companies will prefer applicants with a college degree.

Skills and Attributes

You need to have the efficiency in performing online searches and the aptitude for assessing the contents.

Knowledge about current events are not required but helpful. You need to be knowledgeable about different online research tools, social media and web culture of the country. 

Other required skills include excellent English written and comprehension communication skills, a broad range of interest.

If you ever apply, you also need to analyze things well and work independently with least supervision.

As a work-at-home staff, you need to work independently and this requires effective time management and organization. 

The exact required skills vary per company.

Technical Requirements

Your main tools to use for this job are computer and internet so you need to be skilled in using them. There are also times when web search companies or employers require mobile devices.

These may vary per company. This means that the technical requirements for one company or job ad are not universal or do not apply to all job ads for web search evaluation.

Tests And Web Search Evaluator Training

There are job ads that say there is a test or an interview you need to pass. There might be several or a series of tests instead of just one. Only the best candidates emerge victorious from this examination.

You should know that web search evaluation can be a different procedure for anyone and to do this job, one needs proper training to perform the tasks according to the guidelines.

Web Search Evaluator Jobs

To apply for search engine evaluation positions, you could either search from online job portals for any listed opening or head over to the website of web search evaluation websites to join.

You may follow the application procedure of the job portal or the instructions in the job ad.

As you use search engines to look for web search evaluation jobs, you would also find blog posts that list down companies offering web search evaluation services.

You should visit the website of each company and register there. You should look for “Careers” or “Jobs” in the menu so you will know what job vacancies that the company offers.

Among the well-known companies where you could apply as a web search evaluator is Appen. It has a particular web page for job applications. The company offers job opportunities in different languages and countries. Its application process involves taking a language assessment test.

Lionbridge is also another company that hires an evaluator, but calls the successful candidate as Personalized Internet Assessor. It also offers openings in various countries and languages.

Job offers may vary for each country. You need to submit some of your personal details, work experience, and educational attainment. You will also answer questions pertaining to the version of your mobile device.

Sending your application to these companies may only take a few minutes, but it may take longer to know if they hire you.

You must check your email regularly. Some people waited only for a few days, while others only received an email from the company they applied for a few months after they submitted an application.

How Much Is The Pay For A Web Search Evaluator?

Pay varies in each company. You may look for the FAQ page of each company to know about the payment details.

If there is no such information on the website, you could visit third-party websites and read reviews and articles from other people who have worked or are working for a particular web search evaluation company.

This way, you will know what to expect about the potential income of search engine evaluators.

As an Appen search engine evaluator, your salary will depend on where you live.

According to some people who worked for the company, US evaluators get $13.5; European evaluators receive $14; Asian evaluators have $7 and Indian evaluators collect $3.

However, there are projects that could pay evaluators as much as $21 per hour. Payoneer is the method of payment.

At Lionbridge, the pay rate is about $13-14 per hour. The pay rate here also varies per country.

The hourly rate of search engine evaluators at iSoftStone is roughly $14 per hour for Europeans and Americans. Rates for Africans and Asians are also lower.