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About MyCrowd

There are a lot of websites you may visit if you wish to become an app and website usability tester.

With so many of them all over the internet, it is very important that you look at each website or platform more closely so you will understand how each of them work and if each of them will ever help you make the most out of an online work like this.

This article that discusses about MyCrowd will help you discover if signing up will be a wonderful decision.

The job nature of an app and website usability tester is technically quality assurance.

Whichever UX testing platforms you join, there is a common task that testers need to accomplish, which is to find any possible error in an app or a website that could make users quickly leave the app or website to look for other much better digital products.

Owners of apps and websites may seek the services offered by MyCrowd if they want to subject their digital products to meticulous QA testing.

MyCrowd claims that it is among the best crowd testing platforms today that offers QA testing, functional testing, and UX testing.

MyCrowd Testers

It hires testers from around the world (over 40 countries) who use various kinds of devices to ensure the best test results.

The QA team of MyCrowd has  over 12,000 trained testers who can speak distinct languages and could test on any browser and platforms.

A MyCrowd client will start a test on a defined budget by defining what he wants to test and what platforms or devices he wants the testers to use.

The choice of testers from the MyCrowd team will usually be under these parameters that the client has set.

If you are among the chosen or qualified testers, you must perform the job of providing a detailed report of any bug you find.

Look for something that will help the app or website owner improve the customer experience of his product. You will test an app’s or a website’s features to make certain they are working as according to their design.

Types of Tests You Could Perform

You have just read about the offered tests by MyCrowd.

about mycrowd

Figure 1

The image above shows that MyCrowd offers various tests for websites and apps, including

  • Explorative testing
  • cross browser testing
  • ad hoc Testing
  • compatibility testing
  • black box testing
  • test cases
  • regression testing and
  • accessibility testing.

Reminders When Starting Out

what is mycrowd

Figure 2

As a community of testers, the company reminds you that you should work and rely on each other as a team.

Each tester starts out as a beginner, regardless if he is already a tester by profession or an inexperienced amateur looking for a way to earn extra money.

From this beginner level, everyone will have to put in a sufficient amount of effort to build his reputation, accumulate points and earn cash.

Tester Reputation

This is a factor that informs the community and the customers of MyCrowd who the best testers are. A set of calculated scores make up a tester’s reputation.

Tester reputation also affects what activities a particular tester could do. Higher or better reputation means more features you can use, more opportunities you can take advantage of and more money you could earn. 

The quality of bugs you report and the quality of bugs you verify or flag, will also affect your tester’s reputation.

You need to ensure that you carefully and diligently complete the bug report you submit.

Do not hastily finish a report just for the sake of saving time. Instead, make sure you write it well, and is comprehensible. Vote accurately to guarantee that the customers will receive quality bugs.

How You Must Work

After you have signed up and registered your device in the MyCrowd Studio app, you need to read the instructions thoroughly. If you are eligible, you could immediately start testing if there are available projects for you.

about mycrowd

Figure 3

The figure above reiterates that the test you will do will depend on what the customer requires for his test. You could perform a bug hunt, run a test plan or perform an exploratory test.

In exchange for your effort, you will receive remuneration for valid test cycles you complete, for conducting valid reviews and for reporting bugs valuable to the customer.

You will receive payment if you are the first tester to report a bug in the app or website or if you are the first person to validate a script.

Here, there is also a so-called result review bounty where you may review your peer’s results. You will refer to a list of results when you do this.

As a tester, you have an opportunity for using TestFlight, which is an iOS beta testing app from Apple for testing apps prior to their posting on the App Store.

At MyCrowd, there is a written page of detailed description on how to size up bugs. Apply the details of this page when writing about the bug you found so you can submit a well-written bug report.

MyCrowd validates all bug reports and test results first before handing them to the customer.

How To Apply

Figure 3 also shows the registration form at https://pages.mycrowd.com/registrations/tester, which you must fill up when you register to become a tester.

MyCrowd is open to potential testers at least 18 years of age.

You must speak English fluently to become a tester here. In the registration form, you can see that you need to provide your name, email and your LinkedIn profile URL.

Upon filling out the form and clicking “create account”, you will see the dashboard and a reminder to confirm your email.

There is a guided tour available for newly registered testers so check it out.

This guided tour will give you the ground rules to live by and help familiarize yourself with the dashboard features.

The ground rules include:

1.  You should be respectful to other testers.

2.  With each test you perform, you must have the mindset that everything you do should be of value to the customer.

3.  Do your work without rushing so that your end results will be good, if not excellent.

4.  Keep doing well so you can increase your reputation.

The guided tour also includes a review of your tester reputation. MyCrowd keeps track of over 100 data points of testers. This allows the company to ensure that its customers will receive high-quality products.

As mentioned earlier, all testers start as beginners and so does their reputation.

As a beginner, you have limited access to the types of tests you can do so keep working hard to improve your reputation to receive invitations to other test types.

As a beginner, your limit for bug hunts is 10/day. You can see your limit on your dashboard.

You should pay attention to your test cases. Expect that there is a comparison among testers’ results and if yours differ from your peers, it can have a negative impact on your reputation.

In the guided tour, you will also learn about tester compensation. There are distinct ways you could earn money here.

1.  Submit a bug report and you may earn a bug bonus in the explorative bug hunts.

2.  If you have a high reputation, you will get payment for the time you spend on bug hunts. However, keep in mind that this is a privilege that comes with a high reputation. It is a privilege you could lose when your reputation dips.

3.  You could earn points and cash when you review the bugs that other people have reported in the community review.

4.  Compensation may also come from running test cases.

For every test you will do, always read and follow instructions. Otherwise, they will forfeit your earnings.

Still included in the guided tour is the reminder about registering your devices. You could safely assume that the more devices you register, the more test opportunities will come your way.

The tour reminds that when you update your browser or gadget OS, you must update your profile by re-registering your updated device OS and browser.

Potential Income

The previous section discussed the distinct ways you could get compensation as MyCrowd tester. See an explanation in Figure 4.

mycrowd qa

Figure 4

You need the approval of the customer before you receive your payment via PayPal. Thus, another requirement to become a tester is a PayPal account, which is not available in all countries.

Before signing up, set up your PayPal account.

Work Schedule

There is no specific time they require you to work. In fact, you will only work when there is any test available for you.

Again, your eligibility for a test varies depending on the requirements set by the customer. It is possible not to have any test at all to complete.

This job has minimal payment only so it will be smart to just spend a reasonable amount of time on it. 


I did not find any exceptional perk from this platform other than its offered ways to earn more money. You could earn a nominal bonus of $1 in the results review.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • It accepts testers from many countries.
  • It offers more than one way of earning money.


  • It reminds testers to take their time in accomplishing tasks, but will pay the first person to find and report a bug.
  • It only pays through PayPal.

Many people stay at home and look for ways they could earn money or at least spend their time productively. Thus, it will be worth checking out possible gigs to perform.

However, you have better options, so weigh them well.

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