What Is Loop11 About? Is It A Legit Online Job Platform? 

Last Modified: August 28, 2021

By: pitin

Many people look for ways to supplement their income or earn extra money online. One of the popular online money-making opportunities they consider is usability testing for websites or apps such as Loop11.

This post on what is Loop11 about can help you decide if you will spend time or not so keep reading below.

what is loop11 about

What Is Loop11 About?

Once you become interested in making money through usability testing, among the first steps to take is to do further reading about it. When you do, you are likely to find some lists of websites offering this opportunity.

Loop11 is among the key players included in the “Global Usability Testing Tools Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025.”

Loop11 is the trusted service provider of many famous global brands. Its clientele includes eBay, GoDaddy, IBM, EA Sports, Target, LEGO, Lenovo, American Airlines and Accenture.

According to its LinkedIn profile, it has its headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What The Work Involves

As a participant in a website usability test, you will join a study that involves some tasks like finding the contact number on the website and answering some questions at the end of the study.

A test refers to user experience or UX testing. During the study, an app will record all your actions, and all your clicks. It is a crucial skill for a tester to speak his thoughts on the website throughout the test duration.

You should speak about your insights that the client will find helpful in improving the website.

The Loop11 Difference

From the information on the Loop11 website, you'll read that it is one of the longest running and renowned UX website testing companies. It aims to provide above average payment to testers.

It likewise aims to pay bonuses to workers that consistently deliver top quality works, and provide frequent test opportunities to its verified testers.

UX testing might seem like an easy and casual job to do, but it is actually not something you may take lightly.

Loop11 does not want you to speed through the test (although there could be a time limit for each test). Instead, it wants you to give it your best in each test so you can provide useful comments as you think out loud.

If you can do this with such efficiency, Loop11 will reward your efforts.

If you are persistent in finding out more info about Loop11, you could read its Privacy Policy and there you will find a link to its Data Collection article.

In the article, you'll know that during tests, Loop11 collects the following data: browser, mouse clicks, device (computer, phone, tablet), OS, screen resolution, time on test or duration, video and audio, connection speed, date/time of participation, IP address and URLS.

How To Apply

Its web page for paid testers is at https://www.loop11.com/get-paid-to-test-websites/. Here, you will read the details about the sign-up process.

Unlike other platforms that have an FAQ page or section where you can read about the tester applicant’s requirements at Loop11, you will instantly plunge into the testing phase.

I think this is better because it saves time. However, this can be a cause of concern for other people who first want to know what they are about to face before they take further steps.

I took this plunge anyway, so I clicked on "begin application" button. This directed me to another page, which can be another area of concern for some people.

To proceed, you must download and install its Chrome extension app. This means that you can only use Google Chrome browser during tests.  This page also shows the minimum age requirement, which is 18 years old.

I initially felt troubled about the need to install an app so I first looked at the reviews for this app on Google Play.

The description says that the extension will only be active during a test and the plugin will stop once you have exited or completed the test.

Its user reviews are, however, disconcerting. While one user found it easy to use, another user shared that her computer shut down when she tried to use the app.

I looked for a way through which I could try the extension for myself. When you click on the button to install the Loop11 Chrome Extension, you will see a message about what the app can do.

It says that the Loop11 app can read and change your data on the websites you visit. It can communicate with the operating website, and it can capture your screen content.

Screen sharing will start when you allow access to your screen.

During the test, you should not close the Loop11 app window.

After clicking on the Begin button, a new Chrome window will open for the website you need to browse through for the test.

You need to provide your email address before the test begins. You will have about 3 tasks to perform, which involve looking for certain information on the website. 

Once you finish the tasks, provide your country, region, spoken languages, gender, age, marital status, number of children, household size, and educational background.

Upon completion of the test, a new window will open with a message that you have completed the evaluation.

I went through this process. In retrospect, I found some issues. Although Loop11 has disclosed that it will only contact you when you passed the unpaid test, I hoped that I would receive an email address with a confirmation about the evaluation I just took, regardless if it says I passed or I failed.

Potential Income

Loop11 says that it aims to pay above average pay rate, so you also probably want to see if this is true. I also tried looking for testimonials from others who passed as Loop11 testers, but found none.

They must have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the company so you would likely not find anything about its proof of payment.

On Reddit, I found an entry that the company pays $2.50 - 3.50 for a 30-minute survey. This is for a paid survey, though, and this pay rate is significantly lower than the rate that other usability testing websites offer.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Work Schedule

The qualification test lasted for a few minutes only, but I also did not find any useful details about the duration for the actual paid tests from Loop11.


If Loop11 really pays above average, then I will consider it as an advantage.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?



  • In the study Global Usability Testing Tools Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025, Loop11 is one of the key players.
  • It probably accepts testers from around the world as long as they pass the qualification test.
  • Its application process is short and simple. You take the test and provide your information.


  • It requires a webcam.
  • It requires downloading a Google Chrome extension that has a lot of unfavorable reviews.

I will not say I will not waste time applying to Loop11 because I just did it for this post. However, before you also follow my lead, let me just point out some areas of concern to make you think twice.

It has an obvious lack of important information about the paid testing opportunity.

As I have pointed out in my other website testing articles, most people will prefer to read more about the testing job before they give out any information or even download/install an app on their device.

The website itself even has no search tool that can help you easily navigate through its contents. You would need to search through the website to look for information.

Despite this, you still will not find the FAQ page that every potential tester wants to find, at least as of writing this post.

Even if you search elsewhere on the internet, you also can not find any proof of payments that Loop11’s pay rate is above average.

Still, if you insist that you will join Loop11, make sure you give it your best in the unpaid qualification test.

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