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Clickbank Superstar or CBS differs from other products we have reviewed in this blog. We have so far looked into Wealthy AffiliateAffiliate BotsAffiliate Marketing Mastery and Affilorama, which are all about affiliate marketing. From Clickbank Superstar, you will learn how to become the vendor or the provider of the product that other people will become an affiliate of (will promote).

Clickbank Superstar

What Clickbank Superstar Is About

One side of affiliate marketing is you promote the products created by other people and earn a commission when they purchase the products.  While this is a good way of earning money, remember that you will only earn a percentage of the sale. If you want to earn a bigger amount of money instead of just its percentage, why not make a product of your own that others will promote? That is what Clickbank Superstar is about. You will learn more about being a "Clickbank vendor."

With this product, you have easy to follow step-by-step videos for discovering how to make money out from an existing product you have (or a product you have yet to create) through an online marketplace that many affiliates use and trust. One attractive feature of CBS is that it is available at an affordable price, so let’s inspect it.


Clickbank Superstar is an educational product from a Clickbank veteran himself, John Thornhill. You will not find his personal details on the Clickbank Superstar website. Online research will lead you to his websites, http://mrjohnthornhilldotcom and www.johnthornhilldotcom (I'm not gonna link to the page since he's still using "http" and not "https") and therefore shows a "not secure" notice in the URL as of writing this review.

According to John, he has been receiving weekly payments from Clickbank without fail for more than a decade. He said that Clickbank taught him the power of having a crowd of affiliates who will promote his products. It is also a great place for people to find profitable products to become affiliates of and earn money from.

How It Works

Clickbank Superstar provides step-by-step videos on how to be a vendor in Clickbank. If you already have a product to offer, John says that you can add it to Clickbank in 30 minutes and then expect affiliates to promote it.

clickbank superstar review

Figure 1

It contains basic training where you will learn of the fundamental steps. You will also find advanced tutorials that will show how to make the most out of Clickbank, such as giving 100% commissions, coupons and creating JV contracts.

You will also get detailed checklists for ensuring you overlook nothing. This course also includes a discussion on all the requirements to put on your pages for legal compliance.

On the sales page of CBS, there is a video of John talking about his own success from CB. He mentions considering ClickBank as an alternative for people affected by PayPal bans. Get acquainted with ClickBank and discover if it is for you.

On the sales page, you will see testimonials from several users. You’ll have a glimpse of the fast action bonuses that come with CBS. You will learn of the strategies for driving traffic and how to create your own products.

Once you are inside the Member’s Area after making your payment, be cautious in clicking any buttons or links to the many upsells that John offers; else, they will charge your credit card instantly.

In the Home tab, you will discover John’s premium product, Partnership to Success where members get personal training from him. Inside the member’s dashboard are all the videos you can access and download.

The menus in the Member’s Area dashboard are Main Training, Advanced Training, Resources, $1 Coaching and Support.

Basic Training has 7 modules or sub-menus.  These are videos showing you the basics from setting up a complete account and adding your products successfully on ClickBank.

1.  Getting Started

2.  Account Settings

3.  Integrating Your Product

4.  Adding Product To Clickbank

5.  Submitting For Approval

6.  Funnel Creation

7.  Your JV Page

Advanced Training has 6 modules or sub-menus. Just like the modules in the Basic training, the modules here are also in videos. These modules will teach you how to further improve your business and attract more customers.

1.  Creating JV Contracts

2.  Setting Affiliates to 100% Commissions

3.  Creating Discount Codes

4.  Running JV Contests

5.  Setting Up $1 Trials

6.  Multiple Products One Account

The Resources Menu is where you will find PDFs for downloading. There is a 1-Page checklist you can use as you add your products to Clickbank. There are text files for legal disclaimers and other texts for your products’ legal compliance. You will also find here 16 separate videos showing the different traffic generation strategies like video marketing, blogging, guest blogging, ad swaps, article marketing and SEO.

The $1 Coaching Menu will direct you to John’s Partnership To Success web page. You may avail of the $1 trial promo for a product that originally costs $1997. It is pricey, but this is a course and personal training that, they say, lasts for 12 months.

There is a link for you to go to when signing up to the product creation seminar from John (see Figure 2). I think this is a precious part of the CBS. Not everyone who takes an interest in the Clickbank Superstar has ready-made product to add and offer to the CB marketplace.

This takes one worry away about looking elsewhere for learning how to make a product that you can sell on Clickbank. However, product creation involves some technical aspects that beginners might have difficulty with. This, John makes the most out of this opportunity to present to you his premium product, the Partnership To Success Program.

what is the clickbank superstar

Figure 2

loopholes in the system

There are at least a couple of things I should warn you about Clickbank Superstar. First is that its website/sales page is tricky to find. Try searching on Google for “Clickbank Superstar” and you will not see it on the first or even the second page of search results. You will readily find reviews about it and unless you look at some of these reviews, will you not be able to find the exact place where the sales page is.

Another thing I find bothering is how John frequently makes a reference or points the users to his upsells  (such as The Niche Marketing Kit for $19.95 and Partnership To Success Program for  $1,997).

As a result, it is understandable how some people call Clickbank Superstar as bait to John’s other more expensive products. I believe this is a marketing strategy for attracting more people first with a cheap product that promises to educate you fully on how to start the online business. Eventually, either you will be hooked to purchase the upsells or you will feel disappointed because all you have learned from the CBS course are things you can learn for free (if only you have been more diligent to look for them on your own through free platforms like YouTube).

Once you are inside the Member’s Area, be careful where you point and click your mouse. One wrong click and they will immediately bill your card for an upsell you did not intend to buy.


The image below is a screenshot from John Thornhill’s Support Desk, which is where you could mainly get help when you need help about related matters.

the clickbank superstar

Figure 3

It shows specifically about booking a call with the creator himself. Remember that throughout the time you'll spend taking the ClickBank Superstar course and while inside the Member’s Area, there are many instances they will encourage you to avail of John’s more expensive product if you want to get personal training with him.

Inside the Member’s Area, navigate to the Resources Tab and look for the “Book a Consultation” link so you can book a call with John via Skype.

The screenshot says there is a private Facebook community that members will have access to, but only after they sent a ticket to request access. Take note, however, this is the Facebook group for John’s Partnership to Success and not for Clickbank Superstar.

Who Is It For

This product is ideal for people who already have products they like to list on ClickBank so affiliates can promote them. You should be willing to pay these affiliates a portion of the sales, as payment for helping you sell your product.

This is also a product that will suit you if you do not have a product yet, since it will teach you the basics on how to make your own products.

I could somewhat believe that beginners will have something to learn from this course, but you have to prepare for disappointments because this product alone might not help you in taking leaps for the business.

How To Apply/Join

I found Clickbank Superstar at https://cbsuperstar.com/ after several searches. This is the landing page for the product, where you will also see how much the product costs.

what is clickbank superstar

Figure 4

Its original price was $19.95, but you may now get it for $12.95. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Potential Income

There are two ways to earn at ClickBank. One is by becoming a seller or vendor, and the other is by becoming an affiliate of products that vendors sell.

Since ClickBank Superstar is about being a vendor, let us see how much money you can make as one.

According to the support article on ClickBank, each time your product sells through ClickBank, Clickbank will buy your product at 92.5% of the price minus $1. If your product has a sale price of $100, Clickbank will pay you $91.5 (92.5% of the price minus $1) when someone buys it through the CB marketplace.

However, since you are working with your affiliate, you have to still deduct from $91.5, the amount you paid for affiliates. If you gave 50% commission to your affiliate, then 50% of $91.5 will go to your affiliate. This will leave you with just $45.75.

You may set the commission rate for affiliates when you add products to Clickbank or choose the default rate of 25%.

Work Schedule

Technically, after you have added your product on Clickbank, you could just leave the rest to the affiliates who will promote your products.  However, just as any affiliate marketing courses like Wealthy Affiliate will teach, affiliates should not just choose any product to promote.

It is important that an affiliate knows how to choose the most profitable niche and product to promote. Therefore, your job as a vendor does not stop when your product is already on Clickbank.

You need to work more on making your product appealing to the many affiliates out there. If affiliates work hard to drive traffic to their websites and blog where they post great contents with affiliate product links, you too should know how to drive more traffic to your product’s landing/sales page.

Benefits / Bonus

Pay more money if you want more in-depth and personal training from John about this venture. I did not find any affiliate program for this course.



  • The training videos in the Clickbank Superstar are organized and comprehensible.
  • You get to discover more of John’s products once you become a member.
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The product is cheap, but you will find other similar training and tutorial videos for free in other platforms.

It is easy to feel convinced to buy this Clickbank Superstar course, but you soon realize that you should have just spent a little more time learning how to start your Clickbank vending business from free resources on the internet. Therefore, I do not think it is worth investing your money on this product.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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