Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? Is It Possible To Automate Your Income? 

Last Modified: September 4, 2021

By: pitin

Is Affiliate Bots a scam? No. But, I think it is leaving out the most important part: education on how to start and how to make money from affiliate marketing.

is affiliate bots a scam


  • Affiliate Bots offers many tools you can use for your affiliate marketing efforts. Although some people say that you could get other similar and better tools out there, this suite eliminates the need to collect and find the tools on your own. When you purchase Affiliate Bots for $17, you could use the tools at your perusal and start on your venture.
  • It contains tools helpful in finding the most profitable and top affiliate programs that you can promote.
  • Some people find it cheaper than other similar products.


  • There is no disclosed information about the creator or the company behind the product.
  • It has no in depth, guided, step-by-step discussion on how you could make money from affiliate marketing.
  • You first need to learn about each tool or bot in the suite so you will know how and where to use them.
  • There are many exaggerated and omitted details on the landing page and in the video.
  • It is hard to find demos, testimonials, proofs or success stories concerning Affiliate Bots.
  • There is no training even on how to use the bots.
  • It has no known or reliable client support.

While making things automatic is a perk in most things we do, this is hard to accept with affiliate marketing.

The bots included in this suite of programs may be of great help, but not necessarily in making a system that will automatically make money from affiliate marketing. 

I do not think it is worth spending money on Affiliate Bots if you are looking for something that will guide you as you to start the affiliate marketing journey and make money from it.

You will need something more informative, instead of something that only presents tools to use. If this product offers training and support, perhaps I might consider it.

Yet, I believe that you can have a better road to success by choosing better alternatives such as Wealthy Affiliate, where you will find the information and resources to help you get started and keep going.

Affiliate Bots Complete Review

Just like other products and services out there, Affiliate Bots has its share of positive and negative reviews. Many of these reviews say that you are better off with other affiliate marketing products.

Affiliate Bots is a collection of bots or software that they say will automate getting into and monetizing one’s affiliate marketing venture.

As you search the web for this product, you find that it has two versions, but I think the fundamental difference is the number of automated bots that each version contains.

The original Affiliate Bots offer 17 bots while the Affiliate Bots 2.0 has 37 bots to offer. This post is all about the latest version.


The only information you will find about its origin is that it’s from a man named Chris. Personally, I think this is a red flag to consider. It is hard to trust something with an unclear background or origin.

Just like with anything else that people buy, I prefer something that came from a reputable or at least a properly disclosed person or organization.


If you watch the raw video from the landing page of Affiliate Bots, it mentions the concept of automating the process for affiliate marketing, so it is tempting to get the product on impulse.

Without proper knowledge about affiliate marketing, you might also quickly make the jump, only to regret the decision.

The objective thing to do is to analyze if these automated features offered by Affiliate Bots can really help achieve profits and success from affiliate marketing.

There are over 30 stuff included in the suite of Affiliate Bots 2.0. Call me a skeptic, but an amateur or even someone with experience in affiliate marketing will find all these things overwhelming.

The fact that there is only an enumerated list (no explanation, except maybe when you settle the payment) of what the suite includes and that the raw video only mentions some of them, in brief, makes me believe that I will instantly skip the product to look elsewhere for something simpler to help pave my way to affiliate marketing success.

How Should You Use The Bots

There are three key steps involved in how this product works and you may accomplish each step presumably more effectively and much easier if you use the included bots.

1. Discover a Profitable Affiliate Program/Niche

There are 7,000 affiliate programs in Affiliate Bots 2.0 (across ClickBank, JVZoo, Launches, and WarriorPlus) that you can promote each month.

Some bots included in Affiliate Bots may help complete this task easier.

There is CB250 Software that can display the top 250 programs in ClickBank. The King of the Zon can display the top 200 newest products at Amazon.

The Launch Pulse Software will show the most profitable launches in the following 30 days.

Other software products within this suite that can help you are King of the Zoo software (for the most profitable JVZoo programs), Hosting Affiliate Bot (top hosting niche affiliate program), IM Affiliate Bot (most profitable Internet Marketing niche), and Warrior250 Software (top WarriorPlus programs).

Part of the first step is to identify the niche you want to pursue. Not because you see a popular program does not mean that you should already settle on it.

You should also consider other things such as your personal interest.

Just like with other pursuits in life, you could endure any challenges that await you in your journey if you have the passion and the interest for the topic/niche that you like to venture into.

Once you have a niche, find the relevant keywords that will put you at high rank on search engines. For this process of keyword research, there is Keyword Titan Bot.

There are other tools over the internet (not included in the Affiliate Bots) that will help you perform keyword research more effectively, such as the more popular Jaaxy, which is part of what you will get from the Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Create A Website

A website is the most important tool for any internet marketer. A website works like a flyer (in traditional marketing) that you distribute to passersby.

The more people who get the flyers and read the information about your company, the more people could become your client.

You need to get more people to visit your website and to read about the affiliate programs and products you promote so that more people could purchase them.

According to the raw video, you can create a website in a minute using its offered software programs.

The 1 Click Affiliate software contains 100 readymade templates you could choose from while the 1 Click Video Pages software is for creating videos, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

For choosing a domain of your website, there is Domainaveli Software you can use. The Titan WordPress is for setting up your website on WordPress.

To really start making a website, learn the ropes rather than use duplicate and generic templates.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website and eventually allow you to rank high on Google and on YouTube.

You need to learn how to do this properly, but this product fails in that aspect. To achieve this, pay attention to your website’s contents and distribute it to other online places.

Think of contents that will drive more traffic, and the video says that YouTube videos can achieve this.

The bots that will let you achieve the goal of this third step include the Rapid Rank Video software for importing the script you made with the “1 Click Affiliate software” so you can upload it on YouTube.

There is Flip DB that can display websites from Flippa site that make $200-$26,000 a month. The Resell DB Software is for finding the top resell rights sites.

The AutoMail Software Bot is for building and sending unlimited emails for your email marketing.

However, even the most profitable YouTubers will tell you that achieving success here is not as easy as posting a line of code or using pre-made templates.

The algorithms and the artificial intelligence solutions of Google and YouTube would not allow such a method of delivering duplicate content.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.


You cannot find any button or link on the landing page of Affiliate Bots through which you can contact anyone who could assist you.

However positive reviews noted that they contacted support and have received great help regarding their concerns.

Perhaps, you might only have access to its customer support after settling the bill.

Again, this is not something most people will favour because they would want to speak with someone who will assist them regarding their inquiries before finally buying a product.

You may try sending a message to the Affiliate Bots 2.0 Facebook Community to contact fellow users.

Take note, however, that the latest post on this community was from 2019 so I do not think this page is even updated or if the staff/admin are still actively answering questions.

Who Is Affiliate Bots For

If you like to experiment and if it is okay for you to spend money to test out these bots, then you may do so at your own risk.

In other words, purchasing this product, regardless if it is the cheapest in the market is a serious gamble.

You will hardly find any proven success stories or live demos aside from a few reviews that throw praises at this product.

This is not a product that beginners will find useful at all.

Apart from the lack of information on how to start affiliate marketing, I think it will even add more things to learn about such as how to use the bots and which step of the affiliate marketing these bots are best to use.

Perhaps even the experienced marketers will also skip this product since they already know which tools are better to use.

Thus, I could say this could suit the needs of affiliate marketers who have already

  • started the venture
  • used other tools, but discovered they do not work well and could look for tools that will really work for them.

How To Access The Product

The landing page for the first Affiliate Bots is here.

The second version is at https://affiliateautobot.com/2020/.

When you click on the “Get Instant Access” green button, you will see the Secure Checkout page of ClickBank where you will enter your card or payment option details. This product costs $17.

You have 30 days to request to have your money back if you do not feel satisfied with the product.

The sales page says it offers 60 days money back guarantee, but the ClickBank checkout page says only 30 days guarantee.

Potential Income

As I wrote above, you still have to follow the typical process of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Bots provides many tools that you can use to perform the steps in this process.

While it is great to have tools you can use, it is not always good to have many tools to use because it can only cause otherwise avoidable confusion.

It is tempting to purchase this suite of bots because of the hundreds to thousands of dollars that the creator supposedly earned, but realize that no automation or automatic process will allow you this dream. 

You must learn how you can really make a living out of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Work Schedule

Affiliate marketing involves a gradual learning process.

As you would hear other seasoned affiliate marketers say, there is no single tool or suite of programs that will make you an instant marketer who rakes a substantial amount of money. 

Some claim that you could only start seeing bits of success from your efforts only after about 6 to 12 months of continuous perseverance, which is also my case.


I find no benefits from Affiliate Bots.

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam?

Watching their videos can easily persuade anyone looking for a simple way into affiliate marketing since it often mentions “automatic,” “automated,” and other terms suggesting making things automatically done for you.

Yet, many individuals pointed out the ambiguities in this system.

Although some who claim that they bought the Affiliate Bots and have earned money through it call these people skeptics, I do not think they can be at fault for sharing the uncertainty they feel towards Affiliate Bots.

These people have done affiliate marketing using conventional methods, and they believe that the automated process is not entirely possible.

Personally, I also think the automatic process is too far fetched because as you see from the steps above, you still have to do things manually starting from picking a niche/affiliate program to creating a website and driving traffic to your site.

The Affiliate Bots provide you with software programs that can help make each step easier to accomplish.

It pushes you to use templates instead of teaching you the proper way to build a website. Our blog, conversely, will teach you the easiest way to build a website.

It lacks critical information on properly creating a domain name for your website although it has tools you can use to create your site.

There are also many things that the video failed to tackle or provide more information about. The included bots in this suite also have better alternatives out there.

It lacks the demonstration on how to further use each bot. The package includes a quick start written guide and a quick start video, but I suppose these will not provide in-depth information for beginners.

Such details are crucial for making a well-informed buying decision.

With creating a WordPress site, it is not the theme that will make a website an authority, but its content.

To have amazing content, invest more effort and resources instead of relying on pre-made templates to do the job.

Ways to promote the website more include email marketing and running ads, but these, too, require more than an automated process.

While Affiliate Bots offer a tool that will let you email people, there is a high probability that your email will only get into people’s spam folders.

For running ads, invest money and skills on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

I could only assume that the additional information that most people look for before buying this product will only be disclosed once you already pay its cost.

Yet, that will defy the logic of making a well-informed buying decision.

Beginners are probably the most people who will consider buying Affiliate Bots. However, the knowledge they seek for is not in this product.

If you are keen to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing as a beginner, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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