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Affilorama Review Summary

Your interest in affiliate marketing is the most probable reason you landed here. From the many products and services on affiliate marketing, Affilorama is perhaps one resounding name that you have encountered and you are probably wondering if it is worth investing your time and money on it. This is an Affilorama review that you could read now if you want to know more about it and what it offers.

an affilorama review

Affilorama describes itself as the largest community and education website about affiliate marketing. Thus, its lessons and products focus on everything about affiliate marketing.

It offers free lessons plus other materials for newbies as they get started. Beginners could learn and grasp the basic concepts such as niche market research, website building, hosting, domain names, content creation, promoting website through email and social media marketing, SEO, PPC advertising and more.

It was in 2006 when Mark Ling and Simon Slade started Affilorama. As you read more, you will discover other company/product names associated with them, such as Salehoo (an online product-sourcing directory) and Doubledot Media Limited (parent company of Affilorama, as shown in the image below).

affilorama reviews

Figure 1

As you can read from the write-up on this screenshot, Affilorama’s aim is to minimize the hurdles that stop an aspiring affiliate to start a profitable venture. From this statement, you know that Affilorama is for amateurs. Its products will also be of great help to intermediate affiliates as these contain tools and resources to become a more efficient affiliate marketer.


The first positive thing I found about Affilorama is that it offers free lessons, as you can see from Figure 2.

affilorama affiliate program

Figure 2

These free lessons will cover the basic principles that an affiliate marketer should know. There are videos and texts that you will find inside the Affilorama website.

You will know how affiliate marketing works, what steps you should take as a beginner, how to spot affiliate sites, how to find the best affiliate programs, how to drive traffic to your website and more.

From Figure 2, you see that there are Affilorama products you can avail after you have learned the steps to take to become a productive affiliate.

How It Works

There used to be a Premium membership that Affilorama even promoted with a $1 trial. Now, I believe that there is no membership fee to pay every month, except for the Affilotools, but if you want to get started with an affiliate business, you need more than just free lessons.

Just to be sure, I tried the chat feature of Affilorama to ask if there is a monthly payment for Affilorama products. I was told that Pathway to Passive and Affilojetpack have one time payment. However, there is a monthly fee for the autoresponder or newsletter subscription fee that one will use along with Affilojetpack. The autoresponder service will play a crucial role in marketing your website.

affilorama scam

Figure 3

If you are browsing the homepage of Affilorama and click on the “Products” tab, a new window will open. This is the short quiz you may take whose results will determine which of the Affilorama Products (shown in Figure 3) you should buy.

The quiz at https://www.affilorama.com/products will ask how much experience you have (if you are a newbie, if you have some experience or if you have quite an experience in affiliate marketing).

If you indicate you are a newbie, the next question you should answer is what you have learned so far (starting to learn, learned a few and wanted to start, learned a lot although did not start affiliate marketing).  If you are just starting to learn, the system will recommend that you take the free lessons first. If you choose any of the last 2 options, the recommendation is to take the AffiloBlueprint.

If your answer to the first question is that you have some experience in affiliate marketing, you will need to state the level of success you have attained so far (no success yet, a little bit). I think this second question for those with a bit of experience refers to what the person has attained so far, such as starting market research, website building instead of success in terms of profits/monetization.

If you answer that you have not attained success, your recommended product will be the AffiloBlueprint. If you choose the option that you have some success, your recommended product will be the AffiloJetpack.

For someone who answered he has experience in affiliate marketing, the next question is what he now needs (easy way to scale earnings/something to do things faster, something to track/streamline current campaigns).

If you choose the first option, your recommendation is AffiloJetpack. For the second option, the recommendation is AffiloTools.

Affilorama Products

I think the quiz offers a big help to anyone choosing which Affilorama product to purchase. Yet, looking at Figure 3, you might have a bit of confusion, especially regarding AffiloBlueprint. This AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step course that can train you in building affiliate websites. They do not include this in the list of products in Figure 3.

What you can now see and what all the AffiloBlueprint links will direct you to is the page for Pathway to Passive.

1.  Pathway to Passive. The AffiloBlueprint is now part of Pathway to Passive that you can get for $37 with a 60-days money-back guarantee. It offers you the blueprint to follow for starting the affiliate business. Learn how to choose the right niches and products to promote. You will know how to target the people who will buy through proper keywords and content. Learn what to say and when to say it so people will have an interest in the product. You will discover here how to create a website that people will share.

2.  AffiloJetpack. Available for $997, this Affilorama product includes a 1-year email newsletter, free reports, e-book graphics, Affilotheme (premium WordPress theme), 12-months web hosting, done for you website, website content creation research and content cheat sheet, and 18 guaranteed profitable topics to choose from. This product is all about getting contents that sell. It presents to you the profitable niches,the powerful keywords, valuable content and amazing graphics that you only need to put together.

3.  Affilotools is the product that comes with monthly fees depending on your chosen plan. As the name suggests, it includes tools for the more advanced affiliates. These are tools for digging deeper into search engine rankings, managing revenue generation, website analytics, doing SEO, social media campaigns and PPC. Through this product, you could even monitor your competition, build better backlinks, check your website’s health, and more.

The Basic Plan is free, but you will only have 1 monitored website, 10 keywords per website, 2 search engines per website and monthly retrieve rankings.

The Bronze Plan is for small businesses at $17 per month. Silver Plan is for medium/large businesses at $47 per month. Gold Plan is for agencies or high traffic websites at $97 per month.

loopholes in the system

I did not find significant loopholes on the get go of getting familiar with Affilorama, although I have some minor issues with it. I think its website needs some overhauling. They fill it with too many texts that my eyes soon look for something else more captivating.

Browsing through the website, I found a link to what they called a roadmap for making money. I tried downloading it, but this also did not meet my expectation. With the term “roadmap,” I expected that I would see something similar to the map I saw on its homepage, which is like a map with some landmarks showing the milestones you must achieve as you venture into affiliate marketing. This roadmap is just like a flyer that briefly states the steps of the journey and other statements that will entice you to invest more on Affilorama products.

I appreciate that Affilorama offers free membership that entitles you to free lessons and free (limited) tools. Yet the upsells are quite intimidating with their price tags. Also, I think the contents of the free lessons are also available in other sources. Some lessons might even have outdated contents.


There are several ways you can reach out to Affilorama’s customer support. You may call its telephone number. You may send questions through email.

You may also join in the forum where you can ask questions to fellow and more knowledgeable members. I do not think there is coaching from the founders or CEO, unlike in Wealthy Affiliate.

Who Is It For

From what we have known so far, Affilorama suits the needs of beginners in affiliate marketing because it touches the fundamental concepts and also provides step-by-step guidance on how to start your affiliate business.

It is also befitting to intermediates, who have some knowledge and experience on this topic. Even those who already have started their blogs or built their websites might find the advanced tools of Affilorama helpful.

How To Apply/Join

Here's the homepage of Affilorama.  If you click the “Join now- It’s Free” green button, you will only enter your name, email and password.

Soon after, you could already access the free lessons, tools and resources on the Affilorama website. You could use more tools for taking further steps in affiliate marketing when you purchase Affilorama products described above.

Potential Income

The Affilorama product through which you could earn money from is the Affilojetpack. It provides you with websites that can generate income through referring visitors who take an interest in the products you promote. If they purchase the ClickBank products on your Affilojetpack website, you earn a commission.

However, one support article on the Affilorama website states that they cannot guarantee if you will really earn money from your Affilojetpack sites, which could stop you from investing $997 on it.

The article claims that it usually takes 4-8 weeks before the site makes the first sale. In about 6 months, the usual earnings of some Affilojetpack subscribers is $1,000 a week. However, there is still no guarantee you could also earn the same amount of money. Your income will still depend on the amount of effort and hard work you put into affiliate marketing.

Work Schedule

Similar to your potential income, your work schedule will also depend on the time, effort and resources you will invest in it. You may finish the free lessons within a few days if you seriously study them. If you have serious motivation to become a successful affiliate, invest in the Affilorama products, especially the Affilojetpack where you will have everything offered to you.

You may take on this venture full time or part time, depending on what suits your circumstances. It might take 6-12 months before you can make a substantial amount of money from affiliate marketing.

Benefits / Bonus

You could earn money from Affilorama by becoming its affiliate. This program offers 50% commission on your referrals who purchase Affilorama products.



  • Affilorama offers free memberships and free tools you can use.
  • It has a product quiz that can help you pick the most appropriate Affilorama product to buy.
  • You can find many positive reviews both for the company and its products.
  • It has commendable customer support.


  • Upsells are expensive.

Affilorama is one commendable resource for people interested in affiliate marketing and even for those who have established their affiliate businesses. While some may say that it teaches outdated lessons, I think that one should first go through all the lessons in the Affilorama website so he would know about the venture instead of impulsively believing what others did not find favorable about Affilorama.

If you think the upsells are expensive, Affilorama does not oblige you to purchase them. This means that you can take advantage of its free lessons and tools, then it is up to you to decide whether to put down your money on Affilorama products or on other affiliate products on the internet like Wealthy Affiliate.

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