What Is Usercrowd? A Complete Guide With Video! 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

The first thing you will see when you visit the Usercrowd website is how you can earn money by participating in quick design surveys and provide feedback that will help make products better.

Note the word “survey.” This explains why some people regard UserCrowd as one website to visit when you want to earn money from paid surveys.

Watch the video below to learn how to sign up.

what is usercrowd

Usercrowd Sign Up Video

What Is Usercrowd?

In other platforms, there is at least a section on the homepage where you can read a checklist of requirements for joining. On the homepage of Usercrowd, there is nothing close to a checklist. 

Even though you know nothing about user experience testing, you are welcome to join.

This could mean that interested individuals from around the world are welcome to join, but do not think there is no minimum age requirement to meet.

You will soon realize (during sign up) that the age requirement is at least 18 years old.

In the paid surveys or tests at UserCrowd, there are questions about a particular product or service that you need to answer. Most tests will likewise require an explanation of your answers.

This is the part where you must take your job more “seriously” so you can elaborate your answers and explain what you think will benefit the product or service you are testing.

This will determine if you will get a reward for your efforts or not.

UserCrowd will review the answers you submit. If the review team deems that you rushed your answers, it could only reject your feedback.

Usercrowd Tester

Usercrowd.com and UserCrowd now refer to the place solely for testers.

When you visit its website, all you can see are links and info for testers.

This differs from other usability testing websites where the design of the website is to inform and attract companies interested in availing Usability testing services.

There are few details in Usercrowd that tell briefly about a tester’s payment and job while the links are for signing in or signing up as a tester.

This can be off-putting (especially to those who are not aware of the re-branding) since there is not even an FAQ or About page to go to if you like to know more information.

You might take it as an adventure to sign up after browsing until the bottom of the homepage, hoping you could access more information once you have registered.

Guidelines For Usercrowd Testers

To help you achieve a good tester score, UserCrowd offers a set of guidelines you may follow whenever you take on a task.
1.      Carefully read and follow instructions because each test could differ from other tests.
2.      Do not rush through tests. As mentioned earlier, speeding through tests will only lower your score and priority and could even get you banned from UserCrowd.
3.      Provide clear, specific, and thorough written feedback.
4.      Explain your answers for tests that ask for elaboration of feedback.
5.      When giving negative feedback, choose the most suitable way of expressing it in a professional, polite, and honest manner.
6.      If you encounter faulty or offensive tests, report it to UserCrowd.

Usercrowd Payment

Every response that you give could let you earn rewards. One credit is equivalent to $0.20.

The minimum payout amount is $10. Once you have enough balance in your account, request for a payout and expect to get it (if approved) in your PayPal account in "30 days."

You could gain one credit for every minute of the test. Most tests follow between $0.20 to $1.00 so the duration of tests varies from 1 to 5 minutes. However, there are also tests that take more time to finish.

It is important that you follow guidelines and policies when testing.

There are reasons you might not earn credits for your completed tests, such as when the system automatically detects that you used inappropriate languages in the responses or when you rushed through the test.

There are also reasons you might not get a full amount of credits for the tests, such as when the UserCrowd team deems your answers to be nonsensical or of inferior quality.

Usercrowd Payment Issues

I shared this post on my Facebook page and someone sent me a message saying that it’s taking very long for him to get paid on Usercrowd. 

Usercrowd replied with this (screenshot provided by Gabry, the guy who contacted me on my Facebook page)...

Payment issues of Usercrowd
why is usercrowd payout delayed
Usercrowd payment issues

After one month of waiting, he updated me again...

how long does it take to get paid on Usercrowd
is usercrowd a scam
Usercrowd is it a scam

His first message telling me about it was April 19, 2021. His last message was June 18, 2021. So almost two months later, he still hasn't got his Usercrowd payment.

2 months unpaid in Usercrowd

Status Of Employment

When you become a UserCrowd tester, you understand that this position does not make you an official employee of UserCrowd.

Instead, you are an independent contractor so you do not have the entitlement of employee rights and benefits.

Salary-wise, the amount of money you will get from performing your task as a tester will also not be enough for you to consider it as a primary source of income.

Tester Score

Testers at UserCrowd need to pay attention to the quality of work they submit. They must keep in mind that you have a tester score to uphold. The review team will flag any inferior quality answers.

Flagged responses will only reduce your tester score and thus lower your priority in the queue of test matching for testers. If this happens, there will be fewer tests for you to complete or you might not receive tests frequently.

Tester Schedule

As mentioned in the previous section, each test may last from 1 minute to 5 minutes or even longer.

While it applies in all UX testing platforms that you might not have a consistent number of tests to complete in an amount of time so you are on an on-call schedule, it is a must that when you receive notifications about a test, you must allot an adequate amount of time to finish it.

When you rush to complete an assignment, you might not provide the top quality response that UserCrowd wants to receive from you.

Call it a flexible work schedule because you could even work only when you feel like completing a particular test.

The waiting for tests to complete might be indefinite, so you may look at other ways to earn money online.

My experience:

I've been getting Usercrowd tests notifications lately, around 4 emails a day.

test#1: 1 minute to complete = $0.20

test#2: 2 minutes to complete = $0.40

test#3: 2 minutes to complete = $0.60

That means if I took the tests, 5 minutes of side job = $1.20

Today, I got a test invite again, 2 minutes to complete, $0.20.

Out of curiosity, I tried it.

It took me just 15 seconds to complete it - just one question, then an answer to rate the design from 1 to 10. That's it. I got $0.20 for the "job."

usercrowd income


1. It is available globally.

2. It does not seem to have a lot of requirements, especially technologically advanced devices and software to download.

3. Some say that you could access the website with no problem even when using a mobile device.

It's not a good side income but it's not bad either. It's something productive (a good break from work) to do every now and then, but only when you are completely free.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?


1. It only pays through PayPal.

2. You need to meet the minimum payout amount and even need to request for payment.

3. It takes long to receive an approved payout.

4. The payment is low.

If you really like to be involved in UX testing opportunities, one can make the most out of it by joining not just one platform.

It will serve you well to have a list of such platforms that PAYS MORE so you will have higher chances of earning “extra money.”

Is Usercrowd Legit?

I have yet to experience getting paid on Usercrowd. While it does “pay” as per my Dashboard, I have yet to request a payout.

Spend a reasonable amount of your “free time” on this venture since it does not pay well.

The time you spend working on UserCrowd = “your income.”

Spend your time wisely on jobs that can pay more. Learn blogging for a living so you can build your passive income even for an effort of 30 minutes a day.

Grab my free blogging training! I'll teach you how to build a reliable income online thru blogging.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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  1. Hello everyone!
    For me, usercrowd is a SCAM!
    I completed 46 tests, total amount 14$. I requested a payout in my PayPal acount, and after ~40 days i cheched why i don't have money in PayPal. The transaction was rejected from my usercrowd acount. I asked support what happend and they told my i didn't setted up " region " in my account. That is tottaly False and they say :
    " Hi there,

    It looks like your payout was rejected because you misrepresented your location on your profile.

    Unfortunately, when you breach our tester guidelines, you're no longer eligible to receive tests or receive payouts for any previous tests you have taken. "
    Actually, they say : we are scamming, Congrats, you just lost 14 $ because you didn't set your region… HAHA.. Why they didn't notified me about that before ?!?
    I don't recommend the site. My region is setted up 100%. I double, tripple, 10x, 100x checked.
    I just lost 14$! 🙂
    Stay away if you don't want to loose time for others pockets !

    1. Hi Stoian,

      I just replied to your comment on my YouTube channel. I appreciate the feedback!

      As you can see, I am nowhere near the payout minimum, but now, I am tempted to take all the test notifications just to reach the payout minimum and request for it.

      I will let you know when it happened (I’ll update this comment). Then, I can safely conclude it’s a scam. I just don’t want to call it a scam yet since I have yet to prove it.

      But yes, for someone who relies on side income gigs for extra money, I wouldn’t waste the time. But for someone like me who doesn’t mind testing things out for the sake of having more reliable takes on things, I’d sure test it out. 🙂


    1. HI Ajayi-Ojo,

      As I told Dave in the comment below, if it is gonna take more than 15 minutes, I’d pass on it.

      However, for certain people, like students for example, the time wasted on Facebook can be used productively to do these side gigs, so they have “allowance” – that is if they get paid.

      I signed up to do a video tutorial but I haven’t received any job yet, at least as of writing this comment.