What Is uTest Platform? Is It A Good Online Income Opportunity? 

Last Modified: June 28, 2021

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Do not hastily sign up without reading what Is uTest platform all about. This post will provide you with the important details you should know about this online opportunity to earn extra money.

What Is uTest platform

What Is uTest Platform?

If you like to work as a freelance usability tester, then uTest by Applause is one platform you should visit. Your primary job will involve testing software programs and apps to find bugs and other issues.

With its tagline “professional network for testers,” you would really feel interested in checking it out.

As you visit its website, you'll realize that it is somehow different from other usability testing platforms.

I felt confused the moment I saw its homepage. It is not the usual website with the main menus like “about,” “services,” “pricing” and the likes.

The uTest homepage will tell you that your job will revolve around software testing instead of the website testing in other similar panels.

Its main menus are “project board,” “articles” and “forum.”

The layout and design of the website could either overwhelm you and make you leave immediately or push you to explore and learn more about it. I chose the second option.

The project board menu will show you ongoing projects that you might be qualified to join.

The articles menu will show you articles that other testers wrote on all topics about software testing, career advice and more. It is in the forums menu where you will probably find a suitable starting point.

It is where you will find the link to the FAQs.

Getting Started

The platform accepts testers with a minimum age of 18 years old.

You will not readily find a list of requirements, which can be convenient since it means you can sign up right away. After signing up, you will have the "new joiner checklist" on your own dashboard.

This checklist will help you get started by focusing on the most crucial areas of the website. If you can finish all the items from this checklist within 30 days, then you are onto a worthwhile uTest career.

This is probably the time for you to set up your payment method and details.

How Do I Get uTest Projects?

Just like in other usability testing websites, you need to make sure you have a complete and updated profile because your demographic information will determine your eligibility to receive an invitation for paid project opportunities.

You also need to take part in uTest Academy cycles. It is very important that you perform your job effectively as a tester.

When taking part in the test cycles, make quality reports about valuable bugs and issues in the software.

You must regularly check the project boards to find and apply for projects that are ideal matches to your skills and qualifications.

The uTest Academy

You will find this feature once you register and login to your account. This Academy is like an online school that allows you to take various kinds of related courses (short modules) that will help improve your testing skills.

This is where you could get familiar with few topics, get certifications and increase your rank to take part in the highest paying projects.

There are categories of courses you could take from the uTest Academy. There are practice test cycles in this Academy and you may complete any of them at one time.

Completing the practice test cycles for an introduction to testing, computers testing, mobile device testing and Charles proxy testing, will not let you earn any incentive, but will prepare you for the actual paid tests and will increase your rating.

To pass a cycle, have at least one approved test case and have at least 1 issue. Only when you pass a certain level, can you continue to the next level.

uTest Review

In this video, you will learn tips and tricks from her about how she makes the most out of the freelancing opportunity.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

You need not pay anything to join uTest.

How To Apply

uTest offers a lot of information for anyone interested in applying to become a tester.

Sign up here. Provide personal information like name, date of birth, email address and gender. You also need to indicate what language/s you speak.

After entering these details, the system will give a suggestion based on your IP address. You may fill the information as you see fit.

The system can detect if the information about the device you are using is correct. If the detected information is incorrect, you may correct them accordingly. You may also set your password.

It is important that you enter your actual name, both for financial and liability purposes.

Keep in mind that you must also have only one account. Creating multiple accounts will cause your removal from the platform.

You may, however, notify uTest in case you have mistakenly created duplicate accounts.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

How Much Do uTest Testers Get Paid?

They will base your pay on your submission of approved reports, bugs, surveys, test cases and test case creation.

The payout structure for a particular project may differ from that of other projects.

You will know the payment details for a test cycle page in the project overview. Some projects offer bonuses for the approved bugs and completed test cases.

Your income could depend on several things such as skills, location, time you spend on testing and your uTest rating.

Based on the feedback from a Gold rated uTester, one could earn up to $3,000 within a month.

Every job requires hard work and dedication, and uTest is not an exemption. When you are only starting your uTest career, expect to put in a lot of hard work, especially in building your uTest rating.

Your uTest rating is one crucial factor that affects your chances in getting invitations to paid projects. You must focus on getting approvals for your submissions to increase your rating.

Your goal should be to achieve levels like "Exceptional" and "Very Valuable" for all or most of your submissions.

To increase approval rating, and to submit high quality reports, read and follow the instructions. Provide a detailed report with relevant screenshots or video captures about the bugs you found.

Do not accept invitations if you have no intention to take part of it if you do not want to have a lower rating.

Work Schedule

The Utest platform is ideal for freelancers because they can work at their own pace.

They can decide on how much time to work on Utest projects and use their remaining time on other things they like to pursue, such as other online careers or hobbies.


Personally, I think uTest is commendable for being a platform that provides many resources to help its testers hone their testing skills.

It allows its testers to commune and share with each other their thoughts, insights and feedback about their experiences as uTesters.

Another benefit that you could have from uTest is that it will pay you for referring people. However, you will only receive the payment when your referral meets the uTest criteria.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Is uTest Legit?


  • The uTest platform is a fun and productive place to be part of. Other platforms somehow make you feel that you are alone, but with uTest, there is a community or forum that allows you to interact with fellow uTesters even only through posted articles and questions.
  • There are a variety of projects available.
  • There are courses and training resources you could use to improve your testing skills.


  • You need to have a variety of devices to use for testing so may be eligible to take part in more studies.
  • According to some reviews, studies that pay more require the tester to travel instead of just completing the task from home.

I find uTest as a commendable platform to join for those interested to become online software testers.

Its unique website is a significant source of information not just for new and applying testers, but even for those who have started out their career in UX testing.

As you could see from its homepage, it is a platform for freelancers so it depends on your preferences whether you will invest more time on it or spend your remaining time on other online careers such as blogging for a living.

Use your side income from uTest to fund your blogging journey. Grab my free blogging for beginners training and start building your passive income during your free time.

Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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