Build A Website With Greengeeks Web Hosting 

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

By: pitin

Here's your guide on how to build a website with Greengeeks web hosting. If it fits your goal to support green advocacies, what better way to go than to avail service from a company with a name that suggests green hosting? 

Green hosting is a trend that aims to reduce the negative impact of traditional web hosting to the environment. Web hosts consume a tremendous amount of energy so their servers and data centers can provide 24/7/365 services to their hosted websites.

Additional energy consumption of these companies come from enhanced security measures and cooling controls. Green web hosting solution is one that gets its power from renewable energy sources and other related means.

Greengeeks appear at the top of search engine results when you search online for best green hosting. It says on its website that it matches the amount of energy consumption from the grid by three times through renewable energy credits. You know you are making a difference when you have your websites hosted by Greengeeks.

Of course, when it comes to web hosting, still make it among the top priority to choose the hosting services that will give your website secure and optimized performance. According to reviews, Greengeeks top attributes are 1-click WordPress installation, automated WordPress updates, enhanced security, automated nightly backups, and optimized web servers for quickly and efficiently loading websites.

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Greengeeks Web Hosting


  • Greengeeks is an environmental-friendly company.
  • It invests on the latest technology to guarantee lightning fast loading speeds of web pages.
  • It offers free domain registration.
  • It makes free nightly backups of websites. You can get one free restoration per month.
  • It has a cPanel (control panel) for those who like and know how to tinker with their scripts and codes.
  • It offers free site migration, and even its experts will handle the transfer process.