What Is Skooli About? Details To Know About Tutoring For Them. 

Last Modified: June 28, 2021

By: pitin

If you are a tutor, you might wonder what is Skooli about and if it could supplement your income through Skooli online tutoring. Read this post to understand what awaits you if you become a Skooli online tutor.

what is skooli about

Regardless of students' needs (to understand a challenging topic or improve and excel on academics), Skooli can connect them to tutors who can teach inside a digital classroom.

If you want to convert your knowledge and expertise into cash, Skooli offers you an option to tutor students in your spare time. You could even set your own schedule and work whenever you want.

What Is Skooli About? 

At Forbes, there is an article about creative side hustles that you can do from home, and Skooli is one of the featured platforms for remote tutoring.

At The Globe And Mail, you can read an old article during the pre-launch of Skooli by Teach Away.

Teach Away is an international teacher recruitment company, and the people that made it a successful startup were also the same people who came up with Skooli Online Classroom.

It has (among many features) video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard and online chatting.

Through this online tutoring space, educators may go beyond geographical limits so they can connect with more students.

Skooli offers a pure online tutoring service that allow tutors to visit a student in their homes or teach students in an office or address.

At Skooli, there are subjects and topics you could teach, depending on your knowledge and expertise.

You could tutor Math subjects like Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.

Under Humanities, you may teach English, Writing, Reading and History. There are also business topics you could tutor students about, such as Economics, Accounting, Marketing and Finance.

You could tutor language topics such as ESL, Spanish, French and Chinese.

As a Science tutor, you could help students understand Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science topics better.

You may also choose which grade level of students to tutor from grade school, middle school, high school and university levels.

A live session is just like an in-person tutoring session, except that you do it via the internet. Online tutoring is an in demand job for people with expertise and knowledge.

The advantage of online tutoring is that you may teach more students regardless of where you are as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

How Skooli Works For Tutors

Students may schedule a session with a tutor in advance. If the tutor is online, the student can request instant help from him. 

When you decide that Skooli is the platform you want to use for your online tutoring venture, you need to prepare your ID, proof of education and teaching certification.

Then, contact Skooli so that its team may decide if you qualify as a Skooli tutor. They will call you to talk about your qualifications.

This approval and verification stage of your application also involves a national level criminal reference check so that Skooli can provide a sense of safety to its student clients.

Before accepting bookings for live tutoring service or instant help, know everything you need to know about the online classroom.

Make use of the demo videos and teaching materials to become familiar with the system before conducting your first lesson.Set your tutoring schedule and make your profile catchy, to attract prospective students.

Make sure that your profile has your picture and contains the teaching credentials that you think will draw the attention of parents and teachers searching for the best possible mentor.

Set up your computer and internet accordingly before you go online for a live session.

How Do I Become A Tutor On Skooli?

There are a few things that you need to know for certain about Skooli. It is a marketplace where you can list your profile so that students and parents searching for a qualified tutor may find you.

As a tutor, you are an independent contractor and not a regular employee or agent of Skooli. Still, there are requirements you need to meet such as the minimum age of 18 years old.

Skooli has a high standard of criteria for approving its tutors so it requires applicants to provide:

  • a government-issued ID
  • copy of highest completed teaching degree or transcript and
  • copies of teaching licensure like TEFL certificate. 

If you have no teaching credentials, you may still apply as a Skooli tutor as long as you have at least a Master’s Degree in your field of study. You should also submit a criminal record check within the past year.

Skooli does not require you to pay for an exclusive background check service, unlike in other platforms. Instead, look elsewhere for a provider of this background check and submit the results to Skooli.

A criminal check is among the documents you must submit so that the Skooli team may proceed with the evaluation of your application.

Technical Requirements

There are technical requirements to meet as an online tutor at Skooli. You need a computer with a microphone and webcam. Your internet connection should meet the minimum of 2 Mbps.

For desktop and laptop, you may access the Skooli online classroom as long as you have a working internet browser. There is no software or app to download and install.

However, if you will use a mobile device (iOS or Android), you need to download and install the Skooli app.

Verified Tutors

A purple shield badge will appear on the profile of a verified tutor. A verified tutor is someone who has proven his credentials and who has submitted the required criminal check.

Aside from having your application reviewed and approved, tutor verification will allow you to call the attention of more parents and students and will also enable you to access specialized programs at Skooli.

Getting More Students

There are several things you need to do to build an excellent reputation as a Skooli tutor.

1.  Ensure that you have an updated profile with a good cover photo and appropriate video message.

2.  As a beginner, you still have no ratings and reviews so make sure that you kindly ask your first students to rate and review your service after each session.

3.  Offer a flexible teaching schedule. It is you who must adjust to the available or required tutoring time of the students. If possible, set your availability to ‘now’ so a student can book for an immediate lesson with you. 

Do this only when you really can stay online to render your expertise and knowledge. Otherwise, just make sure you will always respond to student inquiries as soon as possible.

Apply As Tutor

From the discussion above, you knew that it is difficult to apply to Skooli if you are not someone who has the credentials as a qualified expert on a subject or topic.

In fact, the application is very thorough since Skooli said that it wants to ensure that only expert people will tutor its paying students.

You need to inform Skooli of your intention to become a tutor and its team will contact you if you meet the criteria. The team will ask you to complete your profile and will also arrange for your screening session.

You may register here as a tutor at Skooli.

You may sign up either with Facebook, LinkedIn or with Google. You must submit at least one of its required documents to prove your credentials and qualifications to tutor.

Then provide your basic information such as birthday and address. It is good to know that it accepts applicant tutors from countries other than the US. You may also add the level and the subjects you will teach.

As you complete your profile, you must remember some very important things. Students and parents will want to know what sets you apart from other tutors. Make your profile as if it is a sales copy of yourself.

Fill up the form to provide your educational and professional background.

Avoid Getting Rejected

Since Skooli is very strict in its hiring process for tutors, avoid some probable reasons it rejects some tutor applications.

These possible reasons include not completing the verification process, inaccurate information, and incomplete details.

Keep in mind also that a potential reason that Skooli will reject your application is when there is a low demand for tutors in your subject area.

Thus, if you want to have Skooli doors open for you, consider including subjects that are in demand.

What Does Skooli Pay Tutors?

The experience and the qualifications of a teacher will affect his hourly rate. Despite having set hourly rates, Skooli will compute the cost per minute for sessions that do not start and end on the exact hour.

The minimum payment is for a 15-minute session, but a tutor will receive the minimum rate even though a session only lasted less than 15 minutes.

The average hourly salary of a Skooli tutor in the United States is $15. They do not automatically send tutor payments. Instead, you must request for it, and only if you have at least $100 in your account.

Payout requests even go through a review phase before they process it. It also only pays via PayPal, where the transaction fees are sizable.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Work Schedule

When you just got accepted as a tutor, understand that you must invest more time and effort in building an excellent reputation.

This means you have to watch videos or read written resources that will make you familiar with Skooli online classroom.

You need to tutor for at least 15 minutes in an entire month. If you want to earn more, then you should teach for more hours in a day. Still, you have the freedom to accept as many or as few lessons as you like.

Once you accept a lesson, you must dedicate your time to finish the session.