What Is Superprof About? Are You Qualified To Teach? 

Last Modified: June 28, 2021

By: pitin

There are many ways to make money online such as through Superfprof tutoring jobs. Read what is Superprof about to know a good deal of important information if this is the opportunity you are looking for.

what is superprof about

What Is Superprof About?

Superprof is a community of teachers and mentoring professionals. It began in Biarritz, France in August 2013 and became the largest tutors community in France with 100,000 tutors in 2014.

The following year in 2015, it launched in Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, and Switzerland for Superprof Europe. In 2016, it expanded to the USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Italy and Mexico.

It became the largest community of tutors in the world and further opened in Argentina, Chile, and India.

The year after in 2018, it expanded projects to Colombia, Japan, Australia and The Netherlands. It arrived in Austria, South Korea, Norway, Nigeria, Poland and Sweden in 2019.

Just recently in 2020, it launched in South Africa, which made Superprof available in 14 languages and in 28 countries.

If you wish to advertise your tutoring services, Superprof gives you an easy way to do this. 

At Superprof, you can earn money from your skills to teach regardless if you are a professional teacher or a student looking for a means to make money.

Superprof is a platform where online tutors gather. It is also a place where tutors can place advertisements of their tutoring services.

What Makes A Superprof Tutor

While Superprof allows even a non-certified student to tutor, it does not mean that it takes tutor quality less seriously. 

Starting from the moment a tutor creates his teaching ads, Superprof encourages transparency and careful detailing of his resume, teaching experience, and teaching methods.

Its team will verify the information a tutor submitted, including his personal details and college or university diploma.

On the About page, you can read that students verify the quality of tutors. 

Nonetheless, Superprof does not readily accept students’ reviews of tutors. Instead, it verifies the authenticity of all reviews and recommendations to guarantee trustworthy ratings and response time of each tutor.

This way, when other students looking for a tutor see a tutor profile, the details displayed on this profile can provide a hint of the tutor’s teaching style, lessons, etc.

How Does Superprof Work?

Subjects To Teach

There are over 1,000 subjects that students can learn more about through Superprof tutors. Academic tutoring includes subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math.

For Language tutoring, the subjects include ESL, Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian.

There are also Music subjects such as Singing, Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Drum. As a tutor, you could also teach roller skating, swimming, yoga and more.

There are also Arts and Leisure subjects such as acting, drawing, cooking, sewing and sculpture.

Tutor Requirements

a)  To become a tutor at Superprof, they require you to live in any of the 28 countries where it offers its tutoring services.

You should live in

  • America (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and US)
  • Africa (Nigeria and South Africa)
  • Asia and Oceania (Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea)
  • Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and UK).

You cannot validate your mobile number and address if you are not from these countries.

It provides some leeway or hack for advertising online lessons anywhere in the globe. Apparently, you could provide a generic address and use the ‘fixed’ space for entering your number.

b)  Another thing that you can consider as a requirement is to offer the first lesson for free. Superprof specifically recommends this to tutors who have no student reviews yet.

Offering your first lesson for free even if you have student reviews may have some credits.

The first lesson does not have to be an actual class. Instead, it could be your first meeting with the student and establishing a connection with him.

You can use this time to discover and understand the needs of the student, discover his knowledge level and set the lesson plan and the method to help reach the student’s goals.

Tell the students what you can do for him to encourage him to take paid succeeding lessons from you.

For one hour of free lessons, you could create a rapport with the student who could tell other people about your tutoring services.

For the technical requirements, you will just need a computer setup that will suit the recommended apps and online resources of Superprof for reaching online.

These are Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, WhatsApp and phone calls for individual classes and Google Hangouts for group classes.

Finding Pupils For Private Lessons

It is possible that you will tutor over one subject. Thus, create an ad for each subject area so you will have more targeted classes. Adjust your rates according to the subject you will teach.

When students contact you, respond as quickly as possible.

They do not limit you to advertising through Superprof platform. Instead, you could supplement your Superprof advertising by utilizing other means of marketing, both traditional and digital.

You can use word of mouth by asking your friends and neighbors to refer you to people they know who need tutors. You may also share your Superprof ads on social media and other websites.

Superprof also has a professional offer for promoting your ads like Buddyschool.

At Buddyschool, you must pay $1 to activate your tutor profile so students will see your profile in the search results. Plus, you may invest in sponsored ads and highlighted ads to promote your profile exposure.

Here at Superprof, while there is no activation fee to settle, it also has a tutor ad promo. Pay $9 a month to increase your ad’s score by 100 so your tutor ad will become more visible.

Private Tutorial Tips

Remember that the job of an online tutor or teacher is like the role played by a traditional tutor/teacher.

The only difference is the setting or the environment, but the main and common goal is to make the student learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible from your lessons.

For each lesson you will conduct with the student, make sure you review the student’s activities and progress from the previous class.

This will help determine if the current lesson is appropriate and will help you improve the current lesson’s efficiency.

Prepare as many exercises as possible. When all you do is talk and explain, it can only add to the boredom of the student.

Yet, when you insert exercises during the lesson, the student’s attention could improve. Make use of creative tools for your exercises.

How Do I Become A Superprof Tutor?

You can advertise your services for free at Superprof.

Once you have created an ad, you may set the teaching conditions you prefer, such as the schedule, the hourly rate, and the teaching method.

Once published, students will see your ad. They will feel interested in your services and will contact you. 

When you click on the Tutoring Jobs button here, the web page for tutors will open wherein you could start signing up for Superprof.

You may sign up with Facebook or with Google or you may fill up the form to enter your name, email address and password.

After this, you must select the subjects you want to teach. Choose whether you want to offer individual classes or group classes or both.

Create a title for your ad. An appropriate title consists of 12 words, including the subject, the city where you teach and your teaching qualifications.  

Keep in mind that you have to fill in all 12 words in the title before you can proceed.

Next, tell more about yourself in at least 40 words. State your teaching method. You can add your curriculum vitae (with none of your personal details), and a YouTube video.

Provide your address and where you will hold classes and the language by which you will conduct your lessons. Show your hourly rate, provide your contact number, and then upload a wonderful photo.

Tips On Creating A Tutor Ad

Highlight your wonderful points, such as your skills and experience. Explain what sets you apart from other tutors and what makes your lessons extraordinary.

Put focus on the benefits your students could have when they choose your tutoring services.

Show in your tutor profile what your excellent qualities as a person are, such as being interesting, thoughtful, capable of listening, patient and more.

You could mention your hobbies, milestones and achievements.

Avoid using hard to understand words or clichés and common descriptions. Instead, be specific in your description by adding the exact grade level you will teach and the exact topics you can teach.

Provide a photo that shows your face rather than a scenic background. Proofread your ad and make sure it is free of errors before you publish it.