What Is Tutorme About And Why You Should Try It! 

Last Modified: June 29, 2021

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Learn what is TutorMe about to see if this is something that you would like to do. TutorMe jobs are worthwhile to check out.

what is tutorme about

What Is TutorMe About?

The tagline you can read on the website of TutorMe reflects a common goal of a traditional in-home or on-site tutoring, which is "to help students perform better in their academic performance. "

If you are interested in this online teaching opportunity, then let this post will teach you how you might make the most out of TutorMe jobs.

You can read on the website that TutorMe aims to change the way students learn.

It claims that it has thousands of tutors who can share what they know to students around the world who need help in learning their subjects, topics or pursuits.

TutorMe offers an online learning platform with features such as video chat, virtual whiteboard and screen sharing.

Before you rush to the sign up as a tutor, you should first learn more about the phrase "national network of verified tutors" and give emphasis on “national” and “verified” because these words might affect your application.

Subjects You Can Teach

At TutorMe, students can look for a tutor in any of the 300+ subjects. 

Under Computer Science are subjects such as Android programming, Microsoft Access and web design. For Engineering, you could teach subjects like Chemical Engineering and product design.

Examples of foreign language subjects are American sign language, Korean, Tagalog and French. Professional subjects include chiropractic, driver’s health, quality management and tourism.

Under the Humanities category are Communication, Linguistics and Writing. History subjects include world history, East Asia history, and European history.

For Math, there are Algebra, Differential Equations, Trigonometry and Calculus. There are Agricultural Science, Environmental Science and Nutrition under the Science category. 

Social Sciences include Accounting, Psychology and Sociology. You may also tutor Test Prep topics like SAT, GED and TOEFL.

Tutor Applicant Requirements

TutorMe claims that it recruits only the best. Thus, it only considers those with previous teaching or tutoring experience.

Those who mastered their subject/topics and those who have enrolled or graduated from a recognized university by TutorMe are also warmly welcomed.

One should also be at least 18 years old when applying as a tutor.  For the technical requirements, you need a desktop or a laptop with Google Chrome internet browser.

Other tutoring platforms may hire only tutors from the US. At TutorMe, you may apply even though you are not from the US or UK, but you must be enrolled or a graduate of its accredited university.

Since it also accepts enrolees of accredited universities as tutors, international students, such as those who hold student US visas, should first check with their Student Employment Office on campus to confirm if they allow starting an off-campus job.

Touching this topic about accredited universities, you will probably feel anxious when you first see the website of TutorMe.

You will read that TutorMe tutors are from prestigious academic institutions like Yale, Berkeley, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Southern California.

If you are not an enrolee or a graduate of these universities, you might have a second thought about applying to TutorMe.

However, you will discover from the help articles that if you do not find your university in the list of accredited universities by TutorMe in the application, you may contact the team to consider adding your school to its list.

Lesson Space

This is the virtual classroom that you should gain familiarity with when you become a tutor here.

Prior to starting any lesson, know how each feature works because you need to establish a good rapport with your student through this lesson space.

You should realize that you are an online tutor and regardless if this is your first time to teach online, show your students you are a competent mentor.

How It Works

A student will first describe his needs or specific requirements and the smart matching system of TutorMe will match him to the tutors. TutorMe broadcasts the lesson request to qualified tutors.

If you are available, you may claim the lesson.  Both you and the student will wait in the Waiting Room. The student can set up his payment method and decide whether to proceed with the lesson or cancel it.

After setting up payment details, the student will have access to the one-on-one lesson space with the tutor by clicking Enter Lesson.

After the lesson, both the student and the tutor can give ratings to one another.

Remember that you must use Google Chrome browser when accessing the website, your dashboard and the lesson space. Be sure also that you are in Tutor Mode.

You can do this by clicking your photo and toggle the tutor mode to “On” position.

You may check for your available lessons on the corresponding tab in your tutor Dashboard. To maximize tutoring opportunities and to make sure you do not miss lessons, enable the desktop notifications.

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How To Apply

Here's the sign up page for tutors. When you click on the green Apply button, a pop-up window will appear.

You may only sign up via Facebook (at least as of writing/updating this post). Thus, another requirement for applying is a Facebook account.

However, keep in mind that you must use your real and personal account because TutorMe will use Facebook for verifying tutor identities and ensuring the integrity of its Tutor Community.

Students will not have access to your Facebook account and to your personal information.

After providing a working Facebook profile, the next thing you will see is a page where you must upload an appropriate picture that will show (only) your face.

Specify your first name, last name, email address, where you are in life (Career, University, and K12) and mobile phone.

On the next page, create your tutor profile. Write your headline or title, gender, about yourself, your teaching experience and your work experience. You must also indicate the 3 subject/s you have mastered.

Next, provide a question and answer for each of the mastered subjects you chose. I think this will serve as a marketing tool for attracting students who would view your profile.

Application Status

Check your inbox to see if there is a notification from TutorMe regarding your application. They have a high volume of application to review so the approval could take longer than necessary (a month).

Check your spam folder. 

Not all applications get approval from TutorMe. The review team follows a set of criteria involving many factors like past teaching experience and subject expertise.

The team also considers the needs of the students and makes sure that tutor applicants’ qualifications align with these needs.

The review team will not likely approve your application if your area of expertise is not one subject with a popular demand from students.

I also think your Facebook profile could affect your chances of approval as a tutor.

Remember that TutorMe will verify your identity through Facebook so submit a profile or account that will prove the accuracy or truthfulness in the details you provided in your application.

TutorMe says it has an acceptance rate of 4% and rarely offers re-applications.

Yet, if your area of expertise changed from the original area of expertise in your first application, you may contact TutorMe for a possible re-application.

TutorMe Salary

Here, a tutor gets at least $16 (can be different in the future) for every hour spent on lessons with the students or writing a written explanation for the students.

The rate applies to the exact number of accumulated minutes. They send payments through PayPal.

Work Schedule

You will only work when there are available lessons to claim. Therefore, you have a flexible schedule for work.

Sometimes, the number of lessons are very few, such as when traditional schools in the US are on vacation (mid-May to Mid August).

Since TutorMe also caters to countries other than the US, there are still chances for students to require tutoring services during this period. 

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?


As a tutor at TutorMe, do not expect to receive significant benefits like health insurance or food allowance. Your employment status is that of an independent contractor and not as a fulltime TutorMe employee.

Is TutorMe Legit?

TutorMe has a great reputation as an online platform for learning and teaching.


  • TutorMe accepts tutors from countries other than the US or UK as long as they are enrolees or graduates of accredited universities.
  • Even a student with appropriate credentials may apply and work as a tutor.
  • Many tutors approve of the staff members of TutorMe who are responsive and supportive.


  • Be quick in claiming lessons in the queue because there are a lot of other tutors who are possibly online.
  • It verifies your identity through Facebook.

Compared to other tutoring platforms, I believe that TutorMe is a better place to find work at. It offers better pay and better tutor support, too.

Other tutoring websites require a paid background check yearly, but not TutorMe. 

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