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Last Modified: September 7, 2021

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Just by what its name implies, iTutorGroup is a system that consists of not just one, but several platforms for online English teaching. It claims to be the largest online English learning institution across the globe.

This possibly makes you want to apply to one of the iTutorGroup jobs, but before you do, make sure you have enough information on what iTutorGroup Is about.

what iTutorGroup is about

What iTutorGroup Is About

The company started in 1998 as an online language learning platform that focused on Mandarin Chinese and English. Since then, the platform has additional tutoring solutions for K-12 junior coding and mathematics .

As mentioned earlier, this is not just a single platform, but basically a family of platforms because iTutorGroup has various products and programs to offer.

The education system offered by iTutorGroup is suitable for how people learn and teach nowadays.

The education and job opportunities from iTutorGroup are from the platforms

  • TutorABC.com (English language learning for Taiwan)
  • TutorABC.cn (English language learning for mainland China)
  • tutorJr.com  (English language learning for 6-18 years old Taiwanese)
  • vipJr.com (English language, Math and other teaching services for 5-18 mainland Chinese)
  • TutorMing.com (for junior, adult and corporate learners all over the world) and 
  • LiveH2H (video conferencing platform for facilitation of “online communication, collaboration, engagement and education worldwide).

If other online teaching or tutoring platforms offer one-on-one session, iTutorGroup does not. It supports learning in an online environment where a student may interact with other fellow students.

This means that you will handle a teaching session with over one student.


You must meet the personal qualifications:

a)  University degree or past ESL teaching experience

b)  TESOL/TEFL Certification or equivalent

c)  (Preferred) previous working experience in other fields

d) Willingness for a committed weekly schedule

e)  Computer literacy

f)   Great communication/presentation skills

g)  Professionalism and enthusiasm

h)  Talent to motivate students

i)    Ability to speak gradually as consideration for non-English speakers

Technical Requirements

Since this is an online position, there are minimum system requirements that you must meet and prepare. 

The technical requirements include

  • at least Windows 7/8 Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1280 x 1024 screen resolution
  • HD webcam
  • USB or analog headset (recommended Microsoft lifeChat LX-3000).

You may also use Apple devices, as long as the MAC OS is at least 10.9.

You need a wired internet connection such as broadband. The internet speed should be a minimum of 500Kbps upload and 800 Kbps download.

For your internet browser, you need at least

  • version 40 Google Chrome
  • Version 30 Mozilla Firefox
  • Version 9 Safari and
  • Version 10 Internet Explorer.

Self IT Test

This test is necessary to ensure that your computer system and accessories will work when you use the iTutorGroup platform. Before starting the test, properly connect your webcam and headset.

Set up your computer in an area where there is a clean background with no distracting things. You need to do this for every teaching session and not only for the interview.

You may arrange your computer so that the screen will face the wall (no picture frames, windows or doors).

You may also place a white sheet or curtain to make a white, plain background that will give you a professional image and help students focus on the lesson.

Make sure there are no TVs, phones, radios, fans, pets, street cars or people that can cause distraction during the interview, or session so your students will hear you audibly.

Temporarily deactivate any anti-virus software. Do not use any program during the test that can also affect the system when taking the test for about 3-5 minutes.

After you complete the test, go to TutorMeet Practice, to become familiar with the teaching platform.

What Happens During The Teaching Session

For each session, establish a mood for your students where they can converse with one another, but you should only have minimum talk time with your students.

Thus, you must create an open and friendly environment that can inspire and motivate students to take part equally in class. You should allow the students to converse with one another as you set up an exercise or activity.

Provide them with feedback that follows that aim of that session.

Do not worry that this might need more teaching skills because iTutorgroup will provide the training. Here, you can observe some top teachers during their teaching sessions.

Teachers here practice self-observation and peer-observation. The iTutorGroup will provide lesson plans for your every class.

The materials are for discussing diverse topics from everyday conversations to business English, depending on students’ individual backgrounds and ability level.

These lesson plans and materials provide students with the opportunity to learn unfamiliar words and to practice listening/speaking English.

How To Apply

To join iTutorgroup and hope to get teaching gigs, head over to https://join.itutorgroup.com/.

Here, you may sign up via Facebook, or Google, or provide your email, password and optional referral code.

After submitting these initial details, provide more of your personal details (name, gender, date of birth, nationality, current location, and cell phone number).

You must write about your education level, teaching experience, field of expertise aside from ESL teaching, teaching certificates and how you heard about iTutorgroup.

Creating your profile takes only 2 minutes. Afterward, complete the interview for 15 minutes. If they accept you, you will sign an agreement.

You can take the automated interview right after creating your profile. This automated interview has 7 pre-recorded questions plus 5 English proficiency questions. You may receive the interview results in 24 hours.

Potential Income

You will receive a base rate for every class you attend and teach. 

The consultant’s experience and qualifications influence the base rate. A tutor may also earn bonuses depending on the number of students in the class and his ratings in the class feedback.

They send monthly payments via bank transfers.

From the information you have submitted when you complete your profile, you will receive a sample payment proposal.

For example, if you enter on your profile that you are from the Philippines, have a teaching experience but have no ESL or other teaching expertise, the iTutorgroup system might offer you a US $2.6-3.1 for every 25 minutes session or US $3.6-4.5 for a 45 minutes session.

Progressive rewards await teachers here, which means that the more you teach, the higher pay per session you will earn.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Work Schedule

Teachers at iTutorGroup could work on a schedule that suits their needs.

However, you will see from the image below that they will require you to teach during peak hours. You will know more about your work schedule during the interview.

You should be able to commit at least 5 hours a week.

According to some people who shared their experience, a session with children learners may take up to 25 minutes while a session with adult learners lasts for 45 minutes.

In case you have no classes with iTutorgroup students, and would like to supplement your income, you could look for other online job positions to fill.

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  • The application process at iTutorGroup is simple, although not quick since you must complete a series of steps.
  • It allows you to teach both mature and young learners.
  • You need not prepare lesson plans or lesson materials, but you could enhance the way you motivate students by using creative props for teaching.


  • Your current location or the place where you will teach affects the base pay rate rather than being a native speaker. This means that the pay rate of native speakers currently residing in Canada or US is higher than the base pay rate of native speakers currently living outside the countries.
  • You must establish a friendly relationship with your students, aside from being an effective teacher to them so they can leave you with high ratings that can increase your salary. Although I think that this is a must regardless of the platform you join for online teaching. Here at iTutorGroup, your rating has a direct effect on your salary rate, which further emphasizes the need to impress your students.

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