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In my “About” page, I mentioned that I got laid off from my full-time work. It was because, in trying to make blogging work, I switched my 100% focus to make a full-time income from blogging. It, therefore, affected my performance inside the office.

In my commute to work every day, I would search for the best work from home jobs online. To cut the story short, after trying at least 3 platforms, I found the Wealthy Affiliate University.


What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University About?

My Brief Story

I signed up as a basic member of the Wealthy Affiliate on October 18, 2015. As a free member, it allowed me to watch the Getting Started Course - all 10 Lessons for the next seven days and get an unlimited communication from the rest of the Community.

The ten free lessons gave me the initial blueprint that I have been looking for on how I want to make money online. It is incomparable to countless blogs I am subscribed to about the same subject.

But seven days was not enough for me. I needed to ask questions and you cannot ask questions after your 7th day. And so I went premium after.

I enjoy subscribing to services that have money-back guarantee, and although Wealthy Affiliate doesn't have one, it was only $19 for the first month. They also give you the option to cancel anytime - so I tried it.

I rushed to read and watch the other 40 lessons (there were only 50 that time), which are only available for Premium members. In my mind, if it doesn't satisfy me, I am leaving after my first month of being a Premium member.

But no! The lessons were only the start. There's an ocean of training that you'll never know when you can finish. It was time to stick to one blueprint and give it a chance to work. 

I committed to making it work. The weekly live classes’ replays became my new Spotify. If time permitted, I also attended live.

I blogged on my phone on the train and bus to and from work. I wrote articles after my baby slept at night. I also sometimes worked during my lunch break.

When I lost my job, I thought I had all the time to blog. But my toddler’s needs were unpredictable. Add the household chores to the daily challenge. It was tough.

But I persisted.

The year 2017 was when I finally saw some results. I earned USD 6,482.18. Here’s a screenshot of my Amazon US earnings for 2017.

amazon affiliate marketing

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2018 was much better. I doubled my income and ⅓ of the money came from using the ASA2 plugin, a WordPress plugin that can increase your Amazon earnings. 

Here’s a screenshot of my 2018 Amazon US earnings.

how can i work at home and make money

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Fast-forward four years (and counting) since I signed up, I am now running several affiliate marketing sites. The most profitable one is focused on Amazon Affiliate marketing, where I review products and get commissions from whatever my readers' end up buying.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am not rich. Not yet. LOL. However, my humble earnings have enabled me to have an income without being in a 9 to 5 job. Not to mention that I am also a full-time hands-on mother (which reduces my blogging productivity down by 50%). 

For the year of 2019, my best month was July, the Amazon Prime sale month. It gave me USD 1,833.97 despite me not 100% working for the whole month.

amazon earnings

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Black Friday is also one of my most awaited days when day can yield a 3-figure income

black friday 2019

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black friday 2019

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See the image above? 89 items ordered in one day. For an average of 4.5% commission, this day alone can yield $272. I spend in Philippine peso so this figure is truly a big help for me!

My other "almost abandoned" blog teaches the "how tos" of short-term rental via Airbnb. I initially planned to teach newbies the A to Z of Airbnb. But time constraints happened.

So, after not touching it for more than a year, it surprises me that Airbnb commissions are pouring despite having only 8 posts! Sadly, their commission rate was reduced down by 50%. I don't know why. But who am I to complain? It's free money! Look!

airbnb commission

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airbnb commission

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Aside from Amazon and Airbnb commissions, I get referral fees from other products and services I write about, with or without me recommending them.

My "achievements" are far from my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. Some of them are earning 5-figure passive income a month and some are already on their 6-figure a month. WOW. See some members' achievements!

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Okay, I'm not going to fill up this page up with screenshots.

You may read about other success stories 

My blogging work now runs in a semi-autopilot mode. Yes, just semi-autopilot. I still write for my blogs and edit what my writers send me before publishing them. It has been slow progress for me since I am a busy, hands-on mother plus an Airbnb host, too.

Looking back, this is far better compared to when I was just starting out, doing everything by myself. It somehow feels like an accomplishment to be an employer. It feels good to know that I can take days off when I want to or see the business growing despite just "delegating" tasks from time to time.

Here Is The Step By Step Training I Followed

To Create An Income-Generating Blog!