What Is The Easyshift App? Can You Make Money With It? 

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When you like to earn extra money on the side while you do something else, such as wait in line for the train or bus, it is here where the Easyshift App comes very handy.

What Is The Easyshift App

What Is The Easyshift App?

The Easyshift App allows you to do simple quality control tasks such as taking photos, recording product prices, and providing product feedback while on the go.

These are tasks that you can do in your local shops and stores. They require no extensive experience or high education before you can make money through easyshift.

They call tasks or assignments as "shifts" while they refer to the app users as "Shifters." 

Kinds of Shifters

There are two kinds of shifts you can find on the app. There is the “Anywhere Shift” that you can automatically see in your list of Reserved Shifts.

These are optional shifts that often involve surveys for collecting your opinion for the improvement of the app.

There is also the “Location Based Shift.” This requires you to visit a particular store where you can complete tasks such as checking promotions, checking prices, doing surveys and capturing photos.

You could earn both cash and points if your submitted shifts pass the quality review of Easyshift. Most shifts you will find on Easyshift are location- based.

Reserving Shifts

A reservation period is the time limit within which you must complete a shift. If you think you have insufficient time to finish an assignment; therefore, choose shifts from stores or locations near you.

You may go to the “Shifts” section of the app and you will find here a map containing shifts within your vicinity. You can see green and gray pins on the map. Note a shift’s color.

You can only reserve shifts in green pins because gray pins indicate that they are not available because other shifters already took them. Choose any green pin and select “Reserve.”

It is possible to see more gray pins than green pins at a certain time you like to reserve a shift. This means that the location has many shifters claiming shifts at that moment.

You may click on a gray pin to see when this shift will expire. There is still a possibility that the shifter who reserved that shift might not accomplish the assignment on time. 

Thus, you could stand by on the expiration time of the shift to claim this unfinished shift.

A shifter who has abandoned a shift or allowed a shift to expire cannot re-claim the same shift within two hours. Thus, it will give other shifters the chance to complete this task.

According to Easyshift, they add shifts almost daily so you need to refresh the map often. You may tap on “Refresh Map.” You can also make adjustments on the “Filter” in order to only see green pins or shifts. 

You also have the option to zoom out the map so you have a clearer view of the area and be able to head over to a location with more green pins.

Account Termination

Not finding any green pins after refreshing the map could mean that the app has an error, or that Easyshift closed your account.

You may read on the Easyshift website that if it finds out that you are engaging in an activity that takes advantage or abuses the system, it will close your account and block you from the app.

Termination of account may result from any of the following reasons.

1. if you deliberately submit shifts not for the required location

2. if you use many accounts (for reserving shifts) to have the advantage over other shifts

3. if your submitted photos are not of the required subjects or products

4. if you intentionally submit incorrect photos

5. if your rejected shifts are more than your accepted shifts

With these in mind, know that you must take your shifts seriously. There are guidelines you can read and follow to help you accomplish your assignments correctly.

Easyshift Reward System

The app makes use of points system to give rewards to shifters. This will cover the number of jobs you complete and the quality of jobs you submit.

When you select a certain shift, you would see important information such as

  • the minimum time you may complete the shift
  • the number of points you will get,
  • the amount of payment you could get and
  • how far the job is away from your current location.

Based on these details, you could make the adjustments to fulfill the task on time.

Level and Points

As you know, you will gain points for an assignment you complete. These points will help build your reputation as a shifter.

At the start of using the Easyshift App, you will be at Rank 1 or Rookie level with 0 points. As you earn more points, your rank/title will increase and you could have more reservable shifts.

For instance, a Rookie may only reserve one shift.

If you gather more points, you could work your way up to the General Manager Rank 9 level wherein you may reserve 10 shifts. This way, you can make plans if you want to accomplish all 10 reserved shifts in one day.

Remember that the points are only for the purpose of ranking and awarding of a certain number of reservable shifts.

Points do not directly affect your payments. The quality of work you submit affects the payments you receive.

Age and Location

You can read from its Terms of Service that it only allows people aged at least 18 years old to use the app. This is also the minimum age for creating an account on PayPal. 

Regarding the location where shifters are from, you can read from the website that available tasks are within the US and UK.

However, from their Facebook page, you can read that EasyShift is looking for shifters globally.

The phrase “looking for shifters globally” is misleading because tasks are only available in the US and UK and not in other parts of the world.

I use the internet as a tool to make money from home while homeschooling and taking care of my family.

Required Tools

Since this is a mobile app, you need a compatible device into which you will download and install it. 

You can download from Google Play and install Easyshift App on 6.0 and up Android phones. If you have an iPhone, it should have iOS 11.0 or later for you to download from the App Store and install the app.

Know from reviews that the app works only for smartphones and not tablets.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

You will not worry about any fees to pay when you download the app.

Your expenses will only cover the cost of the smartphone (if you still have no smartphone to use at the time) you wish to use to make money with Easyshift.

How To Apply

There is no application process to complete. You need to have a smartphone to use, plus access to the internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile data).

On your phone, visit the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.

Easyshift Payment

You need to have a PayPal account to receive payments from Easyshift. Payments range from $4 to $40.

Using the app to make money seems interesting and easy. You could try it to see if this opportunity will work for you.

However, you could also check out videos like this one below to learn about other people’s personal experience.

In this video, you will learn that you might not get full payment for your submission. 

Your payment for a certain shift may change. For example, if a particular assignment says it will pay you $4, it is possible that you will only get less or greater than this written amount for various reasons.

One possible reason is when you mark the display or product to be present, although it was not in your submitted photos.

Your pay may also differ from the estimated amount if you noted it differently, such as with a different quantity or brand.

You need to follow instructions to the dot if you want to get the right pay for your assignments.

You could spend hours taking photos of the required products, but when you upload the images, the system might find the images unacceptable. It might only accept and pay for some images you uploaded.

This could discourage you from even downloading the app since you might think it is not a worthwhile activity.

However, one thing you will appreciate about EasyShift is that you can find useful information on its website such as how to take photos properly. It has training info and guidelines you can read.

Before you go to the local store, be sure to first read these guidelines and follow the instructions to ensure that you will capture acceptable images.

Work Schedule

The work schedule is flexible since you could reserve shifts whenever you like. However, you need to remember that shifts have reservation periods or time limits.

When you reserve a shift, you usually have 12 hours to complete it.

When you decide on working through Easyshift, make sure you can spend enough time to complete the task because you will not get proper payment if you abandon it, let it expire or submit incorrect photos.


Easyshift has the "Select Access Program" which serves to motivate shifters to work more seriously. Every 1st of the month, the team will take all shift activities from the past 60 days.

Those shifters with at least 20% submission rate will get into the Select Access group.

Shifters within this group will have easy access to campaigns that will run throughout the year. With this program, active shifters will have more opportunities to work on.

The program also reduces the chances of over reservations and shifts getting expired.

You may also get bonus payments for shifts. You may get extra $1 for every additional display that you locate throughout the shop or store during your shift.

They send Bonus payments later than standard payments. You will usually get the notification about your bonus payment before they send it to you.

Looking For A Legit Work-From-Home Job?

Is Easyshift App Legit?


  • Easyshift offers a productive way to spend your time while doing other things.
  • You could earn money while on the go.
  • There are no other required tools or accessories like a computer or headset.
  • You can complete assignments while doing your own shopping tasks.
  • The app has a walk-through that assists you in ensuring that you have read the instructions.


  • It is not available in all countries.
  • You might not find many available shifts in your area.
  • If you need help from customer support, do not expect to get an immediate response from Easyshift.
  • Submitted photos require approval first before you receive your payment.

It seems easy when you believe that Easyshift gives you a fun way to earn money while on the go.

The job itself could take a lot of your time. You need to take a lot of photos so you can capture a certain subject at various angles.

Despite having taken many photos, you might not get complete compensation for your work.

There are guidelines to read and remember just to ensure that you will take appropriate images.

If you stay in a certain store for a long time taking pictures, the staff might even think you are doing something malicious and will ask you to leave.

However, you are free to download and install the app just to experience the life of shifters.

If you have extra time to spare to do Easyshift jobs, I'd say why not spend it on something that you can benefit from in the future?

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