Will You Complete Legit Online Survey Jobs For Money? 

Last Modified: February 8, 2021

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Legit Online Survey Jobs Summary

There are many ways one can earn money online and among the easiest of them is through legit online survey jobs. It is a job that involves sharing your opinion and getting paid for it.

Legit Online Survey Jobs

The adjective “easiest” could mean different things. It is an easy job to do because you merely answer questions based on your opinion. It is an easy job to apply to because you might not need any bachelor’s degree to take part in paid surveys.

Your main concern with this online job is the amount of work/hours you need to invest to earn the amount of money you need. Before you apply or sign up for these jobs, make sure you understand what’s in it for you so you will not feel as though you only wasted your time and effort.

What Paid Surveys Are

You might wonder if you will really get money just by answering survey questions. Paid surveys are real and different companies allot a budget on such initiatives to gather consumer feedback that will help them improve their business, products and services. The information you provide could help these companies to polish a new product or service prior to the launch or to enhance current products and services in the market.

How Paid Surveys Work

If a company does not have a specific department that will conduct this survey, it could seek the services of other companies that will handle the project from beginning to the end.

These survey companies are where you can find the legit online survey jobs. You need to register to these companies and create your updated profile.

It is very important that you update your profile by providing accurate information about yourself. An updated profile will help ensure your earnings from paid surveys. The information you provide will help the company determine if you are a match to the requirements of a particular survey. Every survey has a targeted demographic and if your profile matches this demographic, it will then send you an invitation to take part in the said survey.

Once you receive an invitation to take part in a survey, you need to complete the task immediately because there is usually a time limit for each survey.

Skills and Attributes Required

Figure 1 illustrates this and also shows other requirements you should meet to ensure your earnings.

are online survey jobs legit

Figure 1

This is a screenshot of useful information from Prize Rebel, one company/website you will find online that lets you get paid for answering survey questions. It explains that your location or demographic is an important factor for your possible disqualification from a survey.

From setting up your profile up to answering survey questions, you need to provide truthful answers. You should not just randomly give your answers just to finish it within a short time. You must pay attention to each question so you can provide consistent answers. From Figure 1, you could also read that the company discourages you from using VPN, ad blocker and similar software or apps.

Academic Requirements

There are no specific educational attainments necessary when applying for paid surveys, unlike telemarketing or online bookkeeping that specifically looks for people who have taken up related courses. Survey companies welcome even high school graduates and college undergraduates. If you ever sign up to these survey companies, you need to complete your profile and will find different options for educational background. Choose one that is most appropriate for you because if you get an invitation to engage in a particular survey, some questions there would be about the educational background in your profile.

Age Requirement

Other online jobs like chat support could look for applicants at least of legal working age of 18 years old. However, there are online paid surveys that accept younger participants. Figure 2 shows an example.

online surveys jobs

Figure 2

Figure 2 captures crucial information from Swagbucks regarding age requirements. They wrote here that you can join the website if you are at least 13 years old. There are online paid surveys with questions suitable for younger audiences, and there are also those that are only for adult audiences. This underlines the importance of providing your correct personal information, so a company will match you to surveys that suit your demographics.

Tools Required

You can work from home answering online surveys as long as you have a computer and internet. There are some websites that even allow you to use just a mobile device to answer questions.  This is not like video editing and other online jobs that require highly advanced computer specifications and ultrafast internet connection.

Common Issues With Paid Online Surveys

Paid surveys could be very easy to do. However, there are some problems you might encounter in relation to these online opportunities.

1.      The internet could be a great source of information, jobs and money-making opportunities. Yet, it has also become a breeding ground for people with malicious intents. Be sure to know how to spot a genuine from a scam survey website.

2.      Register to survey websites and provide the country where you are living in. Survey panels can detect IP addresses, and if they find that the country in your profile does not match your IP address, you will not qualify for a survey.

3.      Surveys have a quota and time limit. When you receive an invitation in your email, you need to take action immediately because once the time limit is up and once the number of respondents has completed the survey, you will no longer have the chance to engage.

4.      It could also happen that a participant might not receive a supposed payment for the survey. Redeeming or withdrawal of payments follows certain procedures and time support frames. If you think you have given sufficient time for payment processing and the payment still has not gone through to your account, contact the survey company. This emphasizes the importance of reading everything you can about a certain company before you sign up. Make sure that its customer support can provide reliable help on any concerns you have, especially the payment.

5.      Some people attest that the online survey company cancelled their accounts without notice. Termination of accounts could happen once the survey company discovers that you did not provide your correct information or if you have not answered survey questions truthfully.

How To Join

As mentioned in the section above, you must know some websites are a scam.

A legitimate survey research company will provide its contact information on its website and will have a representative to assist you with your concerns. This company will limit the number of surveys you may take. It will ask you to answer some screening questions to determine if you meet the demographic requirements. It will value your time by offering incentives like coupons and a nominal reward. It will have accessible privacy policy/terms and conditions. It will have affiliations with a trade group that implements specific ethical standards.

Stay away from scam companies that request upfront payment on registration. A company is most likely scam if it asks for your bank account or social security number. Be cautious of companies that offer high amounts of earnings that are too good to be true when taking surveys.

Start searching online for paid online surveys. You could read blog posts with lists of top survey sites. You may also directly visit the survey sites from your search results on Google. For example, if you enter the keyword “online paid survey” on Google, one of the top results you will get is mobrog.com. Search results may vary depending on your location.

You could already sign up if you wish or you could also research more about this site to confirm its legitimacy. You can read reviews of other people who have worked for that company.

You can see a sample of sign-up page in Figure 3. This sign up page is only for mobrog. Other survey companies have different sign up pages that contain different fields and questions.

best online survey jobs

Figure 3

During sign up, there are only a few personal details you need to provide. You will receive a confirmation email after you submit the form.

Potential Income

Here is where you need to decide whether you will continue with your plan to take on survey jobs. It sure is tempting to join survey websites once you see the potential income just by answering survey questions. For example, a website will claim that you could earn up to $10 for answering a 20-minute survey. Considering that it will only take a few minutes and you could already earn money that will otherwise take an hour to earn from other jobs, you will surely want to sign up immediately.

However, just as you would need to read reviews for the authenticity of a survey panel, also read about how many surveys you could accomplish within one week. Legitimate websites limit the number of surveys so it is possible that you might not even get what you expect to earn.

From the beginning, you already need to know just how much money the company will pay you. Some companies may pay up to $20, but others will only offer $1-5.

Look at Figure 4.

online survey jobs

Figure 4

This is a screenshot from Tribia Panel, and you could read that you could earn only $0.5-4.0 for each completed survey. You could receive cash payments through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account.

You should also know that payments are not just in cash. Some companies like Swagbucks also offer gift certificates and coupons that you can use to shop online.

How You Collect Remuneration

Some companies will let you collect payments for completed surveys directly in cash, such as $0.5 for every survey. Others implement a point system where you will earn points instead of cash for each survey you take.

Regardless if it is in cash or in points, keep in mind that you need to keep completing surveys until you could collect minimum amount for withdrawal or redemption. Some companies set a limit of at least $10 before you could withdraw the money to your PayPal account. Others will require you to have at least 500 points before you could redeem an Amazon gift card.

Maximize Your Earnings

For possible additional earnings, you could join several survey panels, but make sure you update your profile in each of these panels.

Figure 3 shows the sign up page for mobrog. Upon confirmation of your account, you need to update your profile and it is here where you need to answer more questions. It is important that you answer these questions earnestly because your answers will help survey companies determine your eligibility for surveys.

legitimate online survey jobs

Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the profile page of an account in mobrog. The categories of questions you must answer when updating your profile include household, occupation, automotive, electronics, smoking, healthcare, travel, media, hobbies, and interests.

Household questions include the number of children in the household, participation in stock trading, and if the survey taker is the primary grocery shopper. The electronics category will ask you about what smartphones and smartphone features that you use, your internet connection, and if you download movies on your device.

Work Schedule

The work schedule of an online survey taker is flexible. You could work whenever you like. However, be sure to check your email regularly if you do not want to miss any survey.

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The benefit you could get from doing paid online surveys is that you have something to do in your spare time with the potential to earn extra cash. There should be an emphasis on the word “potential”. Keep in mind that paid surveys do not pay well and to earn enough money or points that you can receive, you first need to complete many surveys or take part in other money-earning activities on the website.

In this video below, you can see that despite spending 2 hours on surveys, the amount of earnings is still not enough.

As the video host said, the decision to complete these surveys is up to you. With such online gigs, you can work on your own preferred time. Surveys do not take a lot of time so you could set your own schedule in a way that you can do other online jobs or surf the web once you have completed the surveys.



  • You could answer paid online surveys even if you only have a high school diploma.
  • The age limit is lower than other jobs.
  • Start up cost is zero to low (if you already have a computer and internet connection at home).
  • Your work schedule is flexible so you can use your remaining time on other online jobs like online proofreading or other hobbies.


  • The pay is very low.
  • You need to complete a lot of surveys before you can accumulate enough money/points to withdraw/redeem.
  • You might not get survey invitations regularly since surveys have certain demographic, location and age requirements.

If you are only looking for something that will help pass the time with the thought you are making money from minimal effort, then these legit online survey jobs are possibly good opportunities to grab.  However, considering that the payment you will get from one survey is very low, you need to put in more time and effort to make this opportunity to work out for you. You need to sign up to more survey panels and spend more time each day checking your emails for possible surveys. Some panels offer other money-making microtasks like playing games or watching videos. However, I think there are other more productive online opportunities out there that you could try.

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