What Is DadaABC About? Important Things To Know Before Applying! 

Last Modified: August 28, 2021

By: pitin

DaDaABC is one of the online English teaching portals you can find today. It has its share of excellent and critical reviews from many people. 

If you wonder if it is worth your time to apply at DadaABC, then read this post to collect a good deal of helpful information.

what is DaDaABC about

What Is DadaABC About?

Since its founding in 2013, DadaABC has been staying true to its mission to be the best internet-based international school in China.

It boasts of world-class teaching content, and an industry-leading interactive learning platform for teaching English to Chinese learners.

To achieve its goal, it has partnered with other renowned tech education platforms, publishers and learning centers. 

In August 2017, it partnered with National Geographic Learning or NGL. DadaABC and NGL experts conducted workshops for building an international school without walls.

In September of the same year, it created the online language educational research and development center, Brain Spark Lab (in Hong Kong), together with Pearson Education.

With these, you would think it is good to be part of DadaABC’s teaching community, knowing that there are always students to teach and wholehearted support from the company.


To ensure that it can deliver what it promises to parents about the standard of its teaching service, DadaABC has a set of qualifications that it strictly requires from its applicants.

1.  At least a Bachelor’s Degree

2.  TEFL,TESOL, CELTA or other teaching certifications

3.  Documents to prove teaching experiences

4.  Documents to support applicant’s non-criminal background check

If you have or if you meet all these qualifications, you can apply to DadaABC regardless of where you are in the world, as long as you also have a stable wired internet connection.

Having a reliable internet connection is a basic requirement of any online job, such as online English teaching.


Another fundamental necessity is the equipment. The things you need aside from the internet connection are:

1.  Computer with webcam

2.  Headset with mic

3.  Dada software or Google Chrome browser

Class Details

DadaABC is like VIPKid and where you could teach one student (aged 4-16) per class. You will also have recurring students per week. There are also trial classes that you will handle when starting out as a newly hired teacher.

To teach the students, you will use the proprietary platform of DadaABC. You need not prepare lesson plans or teaching materials except for some props that will entice young learners during lessons.

You can preview the lesson materials 6-12 hours before the scheduled class.

How To Apply

Start by entering your email address at https://www.dadaabc.com/teacher/landing/. You may also apply via Google, Twitter or Facebook.

You need to enter your

  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • phone number
  • current residence location
  • if you have ever taught at DadaABC before, etc.

You also need to upload your photo.

Before you can successfully submit your application, you must upload your resume, and also record your self-introduction video. You may also answer some optional questions.

Booked Interview

The interview is the 2nd step in the application process. You will book your interview at a time convenient for you from the time slot provided on the web page.

On the day of your booked interview, make sure you enter the virtual classroom one hour prior so you can test your equipment accordingly.

Keep in mind that during the interview, the recruitment team will evaluate your teaching skills, and the stability of your internet connection if it can smoothly maintain an entire class for 30 minutes.

The interview has two parts.

The first part covers the interview questions on your availability, teaching experience and other questions you might have.

The second part is a mock class where you will assume the role of a teacher, and you imagine that the recruiter is the student. The company will send you an offer once you pass the mock class.

The questions the recruiter might ask are about

  • your past teaching experiences
  • if you teach on other similar platforms like iTutorgroupsMagic EarsSay ABC and QKids,
  • the student age group you like best to teach
  • if you have other jobs
  • if you have travel plans and
  • why you applied.

The skills that the recruiter could assess about your performance are:

1.  Warm up skills such as the way you greet your students, and the way you ask questions that will help students bond with you.

2.  Language skills or your use of simple words to engage the students.

3.  Engaging skills may refer to your body gestures and movements (along with props and resources) to get the attention of the students.

4.  Assessment skills or how you ask quick questions to make sure the students understand what you just tackled.

5.  Personalization skills or how you ask questions that could relate to their personal lives.

6.  Assessment skills or how you give feedback or check errors.

7.  Time management skills or how you maximize the time to teach and to converse with students within the given time frame.

Thus, prepare for the interview and the demo. Your performance during the interview will determine the hourly rate that DadaABC will offer you.

Check out sample videos of DadaABC interviews. Practice some demo lessons.

Set up your computer in a room with good lighting. For the background, you may put up educational posters, or world maps, or alphabet charts.