The Evergreen Wealth Formula Or The Wealthy Affiliate? Which Is Better? 

Last Modified: March 21, 2021

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While no course or platform is perfect, realize the importance of picking which of the two products, the Evergreen Wealth Formula or the Wealthy Affiliate, is better. This post will help you to decide.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula Or

The Evergreen Wealth Formula Or The Wealthy Affiliate?

There are many courses in the market today that promise to teach you all about affiliate marketing.

Both the Evergreen Wealth Formula and the Wealthy Affiliate tackle affiliate marketing, yet they differ in the strategy they push their respective members to venture into.

With Evergreen Wealth Formula, you will seemingly blindly follow a system that promises quick and easy setup for an automated way of earning money.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach about doing affiliate marketing the traditional way. Is automated better than traditional or is traditional still a more productive method?


Evergreen Wealth Formula

Creator: James Scholes

Additional Creator Information: 


Wealthy Affiliate

Creator: Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon

Additional Creator Information: 


Evergreen Wealth Formula:

James Scholes, a seasoned internet marketer, offers the course to affiliate wannabes.

There is no “About” page on the sales page of Evergreen Wealth Formula, but additional information about James is available elsewhere on the internet such as his website, https://www.james-scholesdotcom and his social media profiles.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is from the renowned online entrepreneurs themselves, Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. They each have specific responsibilities in the company.

For instance, Carson handles the technical team while Kyle primarily looks over the training and education of Wealthy Affiliate members.

On the website of Wealthy Affiliate, you can find the links to their individual social media accounts.


While both offer step-by-step lessons, the contents of what they teach make them distinct from one another.

Evergreen Wealth Formula

With In-depth Affiliate Marketing Education? Yes

Main Offer: Step-by-step Lessons

Wealthy Affiliate

With In-depth Affiliate Marketing Education? Yes

Main Offer: Step-by-step Lessons, All-In-One Platform

Evergreen Wealth Formula:

The teachings in Evergreen Wealth Formula center on creating an automated full-time income through a website that contains ready-made contents. 

Evergreen Wealth Formula is like a jigsaw puzzle in a way that it gives you the puzzle pieces to put together. You even have instructions to follow on how to put these pieces in place.

Affiliate marketing usually involves having a website you fill up with contents and embed your chosen affiliate links into these contents. Evergreen Wealth Formula provides you with the website and the contents. 

One positive thing about it is that it lets you choose the affiliate programs you want to promote instead of limiting your options to what James picked out.

Through the course, James will present video tutorials on

  • how to put up a website
  • how to fill this website with contents
  • how to drive traffic to your website and
  • how to run your online business as a whole.

This course makes everything seem easy. It even promises ease and speed since everything is already prepared and ready for you to set up.

Who does not want ease and speed when making money? Perhaps nobody. Yet realize the implications of these offerings.

One of its offerings is the readymade contents.

While you can edit the contents, it is possible that some members who are clueless might put these contents on their website as they are.

This could lead to plagiarism issues or issues with Google and other search engines for duplicated contents.

Another offering is they make members believe that the entire process is very easy to accomplish, and that it can truly let you earn the $1,000 a day income.

The process might appear easy when James himself delivers or presents the steps in his tutorials.

Perhaps because he has been doing this for years so it is easy for him and for others like him with substantial experience in affiliate marketing.

Yet, he said that he created this course with beginners in mind. Beginners with no idea at all about this online venture will surely not accomplish quickly and effortlessly.

If you will also follow James’ lessons on generating traffic, you'll learn that there are mainly two ways to do it: free and paid.

Free traffic, such as from YouTube, is not an effortless pursuit. To gather a significant number of followers, you must come up with creative contents and not just contents that they present to you.

Through the steps provided by James, a beginner can really start and run the business, just not as quickly and effortlessly as Evergreen Wealth Formula claims.

The course might truly impart a lot of strategies, lessons and tips. Yet, it lacks in providing members with motivation and mindset to help them get over any roadblocks as they go through the process.

The lessons can surely educate beginner affiliates.

However, beginners will eventually realize that the affiliate marketing foundation it provides is not solid. It also cannot support you in case you want to venture out to other related internet ventures.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Speaking of a more solid foundation that can support you if ever you want to take on other internet opportunities like web content writing and website design, I believe that you will find it from Wealthy Affiliate. 

The teaching core at Wealthy Affiliate is traditional affiliate marketing where you do everything from the ground up instead of giving you the pieces to put together.

It will allow you to learn content creation, website building, traffic generation and other money making strategies.

There is no promise of automation or of getting things done the quickest way possible.

The realization here is that even if it will take time and will require more effort, as long as you do not lose focus, you can succeed in more ways than one as an internet marketer.

The amount and the types of learning you will receive, however, depend on your membership status.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Members may:

  • Take 10 of the 50 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course to learn the fundamental core of knowledge for succeeding in any niche category.

  • Take 10 of the 70 lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp to learn specifically about affiliate marketing (that you can apply to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself and other affiliate programs).

  • Participate in 2 of the 12 evolving classrooms that tackle diverse ways of making money, such as local marketing, Facebook marketing, Adsense, drop shipping, lead generation, SEO and pay per click
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members could:

  • finish all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons
  • complete all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons
  • participate in all 12 diverse classrooms
  • attend weekly live class training with the industry experts
  • replay over 300 hours of previously published live training classes
  • access thousands of modules to keep the business running
  • In terms of education, you will really have a better edge as a Premium member. After your third month of Premium membership, you may create your own lessons and training then offer them to other Wealthy Affiliate members.

    You could get payments for these lessons. As a Premium member, you could also share your experience and journey on your Wealthy Affiliate authority blog.

    Support And Keyword Research Tool

    Evergreen Wealth Formula

    Reliable Support? Yes

    Type Of Support Offered: E-mail, Live Chat

    Keyword Research Tool: No

    Wealthy Affiliate

    Reliable Support? Yes

    Type Of Support Offered: Community, Live Chat, Personal Message, Technical Support

    Keyword Research Tool: Yes, Jaaxy

    Evergreen Wealth Formula:

    If you have other concerns before buying Evergreen Wealth Formula, you may use the live chat feature on the sales page.  Once a member, you may reach out to James himself through email.

    Although you might have second thought if James will attend to your concerns, a lot of members say that they are happy that he has been replying to them.

    Moreover, you can post your comment below each module and James will also post his detailed answer there.

    Wealthy Affiliate:

    The support you will get at Wealthy Affiliate depends on your membership.

    Starter members can:

    • use live chat for 7 days
    • find answers to their questions

    Premium members can:

    • send private messages to other members and even to Kyle and Carson to ask questions or consult about anything anytime of the day
    • get mentoring from Kyle and Carson
    • get quick technical support for website concerns.

    Keyword Research

    This is the part that you will not find in Evergreen Wealth Formula.

    Good thing you can find tutorial videos from James on his website and YouTube channel. Still, one of Evergreen Wealth Formula’s weak points is that it lacks the keyword research tool you can use.

    At Wealthy Affiliate, you will have proper and in-depth guidance on keyword research, and your monthly membership gives you access to one of the most powerful keyword research tools today, Jaaxy.

    Jaaxy is also a brainchild of Kyle and Carson and if you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you want to subscribe to Jaaxy independently, you may do so because it has several available plans to subscribe to.

    Starter members can use Jaaxy to:

    • do 30 keyword searches
    • do 30 SiteRank scans to track the rankings of their website on search engines.

    For Premium Wealthy Affiliate members, they can use Jaaxy to:

    • do unlimited keyword searches
    • do 100 SiteRank scans
    • reveal and discover niches
    • do reverse engineering of websites to learn the elements that make them rank high in search engines
    • brainstorm fresh ideas
    • discover very profitable domains

    Website And Hosting

    Evergreen Wealth Formula

    Has Website Creation Tools? No

    Website Hosting Included? No

    Wealthy Affiliate

    Has Website Creation Tools? Yes

    Website Hosting Included? Yes

    Evergreen Wealth Formula:

    Evergreen Wealth Formula does not disregard the importance of having a functional website when you are doing affiliate marketing. It will provide the website you can use and the contents you will put there.

    The catch, however, is that you should not be too lazy to make the edits on your contents.

    You could embed the links of the affiliate program from what James recommends or from what you want to promote.

    I believe that this is where you realize that this is a serious loss, not knowing about keyword and niche research from the course you bought for a couple of bucks.

    Wealthy Affiliate:

    This is here where you realize that Wealthy Affiliate offers a better solution. Not only does it teach you about and provides you the tools for keyword and niche research, you also design your website.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, you have SiteRubix for website creation and hosting.

    Kyle and Carson are serious about providing their members with everything they need on one platform because they also came up with this website creation/hosting tool that does not require knowledge of programming codes.

    Starter members can:

    • create one website
    • choose from 12 website designs and templates
    • use SiteContent to organize contents and writing goals
    • check grammar and spelling of contents

    Premium members can:

    • create up to 10 websites
    • choose from 3000 plus website themes and templates
    • add any of the 51,000 website extensions (e-commerce, social media, etc.) on their website
    • use SiteContent as an ultimate writing platform
    • use Grammar and spelling checker to create perfect contents
    • use plagiarism checker to guarantee contents’ originality


    Evergreen Wealth Formula:

    While James will mention about website hosting, your payment does not include the hosting cost.

    Remember that James will provide you with the website, the contents and the graphics you can use for your website? But what good a readymade website is if you do not publish it online?

    You need to shoulder other necessary costs for starting a blog or affiliate business, such as traffic generation and email marketing services.

    From one review you will find about Evergreen Wealth Formula, one member shared that to run it, the costs you need to allot money for are

    • $7 for monthly hosting
    • $20 for monthly automated traffic streams and
    • $15/month on an auto responder service.

    You could forego the automated traffic streams and the auto responder, but it will defeat the purpose of automation, which Evergreen Wealth Formula offers.

    Wealthy Affiliate:

    With Wealthy Affiliate, they include your website hosting tool and service in your monthly membership.

    While free Starter members can create and publish one website, remember that this could only be so for 30 days.

    With the trial membership finished, all the good stuff from Wealthy Affiliate will only be available upon upgrading to Premium membership.

    Premium members can:

    • have access to all SiteDomains features for domain management
    • use SiteSpeed features to increase website loading speed
    • use SiteProtect features to add more spam protection for a more secured website
    • use SiteHealth to analyze the different aspects of a website’s health (content quality, publishing frequency, etc.)
    • use SiteComments features so visitors and leads will have better engagement on your website
    • Use SiteFeedback to know more about your customers as they use the features of your website
    • have free SSL certificates for website encryption and for privacy protection
    • watch more advanced training videos

    Earlier in the Support section, you know that Premium members will receive technical help for their websites, but this is an understatement because it means a lot more benefits.

    Wealthy Affiliate Premium members get:

    • 24/7 managed monitoring wherein a dedicated team keeps constant eye on website performance
    • 24/7 automated monitoring to always check for potential website issues
    • 24/7/365 Site support to get instant hosting help
    • virus and malware protection
    • top-notch hosting from powerful servers
    • free redundant daily website backups

    How To Join

    Evergreen Wealth Formula:

    You can find Evergreen Wealth Formula here.

    This course is available for $197 and involves no recurring monthly fees. There is one upsell here, but it is not compulsory to purchase it.

    Wealthy Affiliate:

    You may join Wealthy Affiliate for free. Once the 7 day’s trial is over, you can upgrade to the monthly membership to use complete Wealthy Affiliate features.  

    Wealthy Affiliate offers a great first month discount for $19. It is only on your second and succeeding months where you will pay $49. Save money when you pay annually.

    While there is a recurring monthly fee for members to pay, keep in mind this amount already covers all your necessary expenses.

    Potential Income

    Evergreen Wealth Formula:

    In the Evergreen Wealth Formula, James will right off the bat try to capture your attention with his $1000 a day earnings.

    While this is possible for anyone, do not wrongly think you could make a similar amount of money after only a few months of starting with the Evergreen Wealth Formula system.

    You could probably achieve this after at least a year of hard work and perseverance. You could probably make money a few months after following James’ system, but not the amount you are hoping to make.

    Wealthy Affiliate:

    I made my first $5 applying what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, 3 months after I put up my first blog. 

    With Wealthy Affiliate, they do not make you to believe you could become wealthy instantly.

    You could expect decent amount of money after 6 months or a year of consistently publishing 3 articles a week and training further as an affiliate marketer.

    At Wealthy Affiliate, you can have better potential income because it gives members the opportunity to earn more.

    On your 4th month, you can make and offers lessons at Wealthy Affiliate and you will get money for it. Wealthy Affiliate will pay you based on several factors like comments, shares and likes. I got $5-$10 for each lesson.

    Work Schedule

    Affiliate marketing is not an effortless, instantly get rich venture. However, it depends on your preference how much time you want to put into it.

    The more time you spend to learn the ways and to apply what you have learned, it is likely that you will make money the soonest possible time.


    Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program. It offers 50% recurring commission for every referral. 

    The affiliate program of Evergreen Wealth Formula is no longer open.



    • Evergreen Wealth Formula provides step-by-step instructions in affiliate marketing. It provides ready-to-use website and contents.
    • Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete solution: education and tools for those who like to make money from affiliate marketing .


    • I think the marketing of Evergreen Wealth Formula is quite exaggerated. While the method it teaches may work, it will take time for anyone to earn the actual “wealth” from internet marketing. Its ready-made contents and website could create some issues with search engines. It does not include tools to use.
    • Some people might not want to do affiliate marketing the traditional way through Wealthy Affiliate, after they hear about the automation and "simple" process that Evergreen Wealth Formula promises.

    Content is still what will bring you money. With automated contents from Evergreen Wealth Formula, I'm not sure how successful you'll be using automated contents receiving automated traffic (visitors).

    I will say with conviction that Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice. It is an all-in-one platform that allows you to start your affiliate business in a conventional, but sure way of successfully making money.

    Check out Wealthy Affiliate!

    Would love to know your thoughts, please comment! :)

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