The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate - Why I Left, But Returned.

A little history:

Last November 7, 2020, I decided to move all my websites to This bold move is inspired by my "ala carte" attitude of paying only for what I use.  

Wealthy Affiliate did a major system upgrade (Premium Plus membership introduced for a different price) last November 2, 2020.

1 week after I migrated to Cloudways, I came back to host in Wealthy Affiliate. LOL. I was wrong to move my websites away, so I quickly hosted them back as soon as I realized all the upsells of other platforms.

The reason I have a web hosting comparison here in my blog is that I myself was looking for a hosting place I can transfer my sites to for cost-saving purposes. Of all the hosting sites, Cloudways seems to be the most cost-effective and appealed to my needs, that's why I migrated all my sites there (but only for 1 week).

I experienced a server error, and I cannot get a timely solution for getting my sites back up. For every minute my sites are down, I lose visitors (money). The Premium Site Support would cost me at least $100 a month should I still stay with Cloudways. 

I tried to step up and be independent (manage my own servers in Cloudways), but it seems that managing servers is not just for me right now. 

That's why I chose to stay with Wealthy Affiliate, despite the price increase (although the Premium Plus membership has been introduced, I am only a Premium member for now).

Do the math. Explore other platforms. Upsell after upsell, you'll realize that Wealthy Affiliate is still the most cost-effective platform you'll ever find. 

I tried to "leave" to save money. In the end, I was wrong. I am here to stay.

I locked the $299/year Black Friday deal back in 2015. I am not affected by future price increase (a.k.a grandfathered policy).

If you lock the price now, you'll also be "grandfathered" to that price years after. Premium membership is now priced at $495 per year. See how much I saved by locking the price while I can?

There will definitely be future price increases, not just in Wealthy Affiliate but also in all things we buy. Everything becomes more expensive as time pass. 

That's why locking the price while you can, is something I highly encourage you to do. It's gonna save you money in the future, and you'll be glad you did it.

My Wealthy Affiliate Savings:


24/7/365 Premium Website Support. Cloudways would cost at least $100/mo. for Site Support


Keyword Research Tool. Jaaxy is priced at $49/month ala carte. You get Jaaxy Lite for free with Wealthy Affiliate Membership.


Unlimited Professional E-mail Addresses. It's around $1/email with Cloudways. You get FREE unlimited email addresses with Wealthy Affiliate.


Premium Trainings. If you have been from one guru to another, then you'll know that it can cost something PER TOPIC. With Wealthy Affiliate, you'll get access to everything that will help you to earn your first few thousands in blogging.


Website Security. While there are free WordPress plugins that can do the job, these plugins have upsells for "enhanced" security. With Wealthy Affiliate, website security is built-in and free.


Website Malware Protection. Free WordPress plugins are available to do the job, but you can still get hacked unless you pay for the Premium price. Wealthy Affiliate provides Premium Malware protection for free.


Domain Registration Locked Price. If you get a yearly membership, you'll get a domain for free. If you buy a domain ala carte, you get it for a fixed price of $14/year - inclusive of SSL and your Privacy Protection (it's an upsell for some domain registrars).


Premium Coaches. A Premium coach can cost you hundreds per hour or thousands per session. In Wealthy Affiliate, all you have to do is to drop a personal message to whoever you want to ask advice from (successful members).

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I will tell you honestly that it is not worth the money if you will not take action. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You cannot sit there waiting for the money to magically come in the next morning.

To make it worth it, you have to go thru the official training and create contents, ask questions, check out the other members' training, create contents, then repeat.

Wealthy Affiliate helped me to get started from the ground and helped me earned my first few thousands in blogging.

It is a legitimate platform. 

If you do the math,

the money I invested in the membership for five years and counting is just a small amount compared to the financial results and time freedom I now have because of being a member. 

The knowledge I get from the Wealthy Affiliate platform is priceless. Who knows that a newbie like me can also make it work, not just the big guys.

And starting this blog that aims to teach is something that I never thought I can do. But here I am, writing lessons, sharing information about things I didn't know of before.

Whether you already have some experience, or is a complete newbie, you will never feel left out. Wealthy Affiliate provides an endless learning opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate site support

An example of how Site Support has been an educator, too!

It is not a perfect platform.

You might discover a better hosting company.

A better mentor.

But you will never find a more supportive community and technical support like the Wealthy Affiliate guys.

The "official training" is not the only source of information. You'll have access to a vast network of affiliate marketers who have different ways to do things effectively.

The Wealthy Affiliate Site Support serves as my 24/7/365 website maintenance guys. They don't only support, they also educate me.

When I entered the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I was completely clueless. Now I can form paragraphs consisting of different alien languages, LOL.

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that educated me on how to be successfully self-employed.

In terms of hosting, Wealthy Affiliate's SiteRubix is a shared hosting platform using Amazon Web Services. To be completely honest, it's the hosting Premium Support that makes me stay.

Paying for Premium Support separately in other hosting platforms will cost me an arm and leg - for Premium Support alone.

Might as well invest that money in an all-in-one platform that can give me the Premium Support I need, PLUS the added benefits - hosting my websites, training, keyword research tool, get paid for creating courses/training, etc.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate Training Still Relevant In 2021?

Yes! Despite the screenshots and video recordings of old interfaces (which are now slowly being replaced one by one), the concept still works. 

There are so many success stories - members who have been earning passive income for years just by doing the Wealthy Affiliate basic Premium training, including me.

Here are some of the common Wealthy Affiliate members like me who take it slow, but experience progress nonetheless.

Real Success Stories...

"I am now a four figure earner ($5000 this month)-Thank you Wealthy Affiliate"

Wealthy Affiliate Premium member


"After calculating my year end turnover through all Wealthy Affiliate linked income streams, I acheived a $60,000USD turnover in 2020."

Wealthy Affiliate Premium member


"I just got paid my very first affiliate commission of $609! Who paid me? Clickbank!"

Wealthy Affiliate Premium member


More Success Stories...


wealthy affiliate premium member

"It takes just one. One product review to make 4 figures.

If $1000 dollars from one review sounds good, then keep reading."


wealthy affiliate premium plus member

"I earned up to $2,170.45 for a referral. And by the way, I will still keep on earning money for that referral..."


wealthy affiliate premium member

"More than 30 sites and apps paid me, including WA, Adsense, affiliate portals, surveys, grocery scanning apps and more."

What Other Members Are Saying...

wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story

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