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Make Money With Gigwalk

There are billions of smartphone users all over the world today, and these people have different purposes for using the technologically advanced gadget. Some use smartphones for communication. Others use it to play games. If you belong to the percentage of smartphone users who like to use it to earn money, then this post on how to make money on Gigwalk is definitely worth reading.

Make Money On Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a smartphone app that will show you small jobs at businesses in your area. You can complete each task within a specified length of time. As a Gigwalk user or Gigwalker, your job is like that of a quality control manager for companies and businesses that have partnered with Gigwalk. You will assess a certain store or product, report your experience through the app and the company that posted the job will receive your feedback.


The minimum working age that Gigwalk accepts is 18 years old. The app is available only in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

You need to have a PayPal account to receive your payments.

The app is available for download on Android devices 4.4 and up from Google Play. It is also available for download in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or later from the App Store.

The app has other phone setting requirements. See Figure 1.

what is gigwalk about

Figure 1

The system needs to know your location whenever you use the app so you can take photos in the app (as part of your tasks). During installation of the app, there are settings you need to activate, such as location settings and GPS.

 Jobs on Gigwalk

Consumer brands post the jobs (known as Gigs) on the app. These consumer brands and retailers aim to know and to see the conditions of their products, services and events from many locations. They like to verify if their products are displayed and priced on the shelves of stores or if their events are appropriate and on time.

Most jobs require documentation, event/product compliance or noncompliance with geo-tagged photos. You will inspect products on retailers’ shelves. See if they have the correct marked prices. The jobs on Gigwalk include auditing tobacco/vapor products, inspecting storefronts, auditing loyalty memberships and auditing product displays. Some gigs involve observing how businesses are run. 

You will verify the information required by the company by taking photos of products, store displays and events.

Since you will roam around the store, it is possible that the store crew will approach you and ask you to stop what you are doing or leave the store. You will need permission for your task. See Figure 2.

what is a gigwalker

Figure 2

If you need permission, you can show the letter of Authorization or Credential Letter that the company provides to the retail manager of the store. This will help you perform your task with proper authorization. You can access this letter directly through the app (inside Gig instructions). Still, if the store management asks you to leave after presenting this letter, just respectfully and immediately leave the store.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The app is free to download.

How To Join

Look at Figure 3 to see the steps on how to join.

what is the gigwalk app

Figure 3

The initial step is to download and install the app. Once the app is ready in your smartphone, you need to register an account and provide an email address. This step will involve answering some questions. Once done, you need to link a PayPal account where you prefer to receive your payments.

Claiming Gigs

You can see Gigs on the map in the app. A pin represents each gig on the map. From each Gig, you can see the important details such as the amount of payment, gig description and the location where the gig should take place. Using your location, the app will calculate the distance of the gig location.

You can look for gigs near your location so you can complete them within a short time, and you will not spend a lot of gas to go from one location to another. One gig may last for 5 minutes while others may take a few hours.

When you see a gig that interests you, click the Apply button.

There are gigs wherein you need to complete a screener questionnaire. You will need to explain why you are the most suitable for a gig. When you pass this screener test, you get a notification and a set of instructions with a deadline for the gig.

After completing a gig, you will submit your work through the app and will answer some follow-up questions. When the company approves your work, you will receive the payment in your PayPal account.

Becoming An Efficient Gigwalker

Think of the application as if you are sending a resume and cover letter. Convince the client through your explanation on the screener test why you are the ideal Gigwalker. Be honest in your application.

Read and follow instructions carefully. Always give your best in each gig you do.  Submit your work on time.

Gigwalkers’ Performance Score

You can read here about some crucial details you need to know as a Gigwalker. For example, you could read from the FAQ that the performance score of a Gigwalker is the collective grade of one’s performance based on successfully completed Gigs and Gig activity levels. If you have a high score, you will take more complex and higher paying Gigs. Thus, you ensure that you take seriously each Gig you apply for. Be professional with every work you submit to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Potential Income

In this video, you can see how a Gigwalker completed his gig in Walmart within 20 minutes. His pending payment for this was $24.

Gigs could pay $4-12. There are gigs that pay as much as $50, although these gigs are very rare. A quick visit to a pharmacy store, for example, could pay $4. Another gig that involves answering questions about what you see inside a store could give you $10. Thus, it depends on the complexity of the job or the tasks involved within a certain job how much the payment is.

Other gigs involve counting the customers in the queue at the checkout counter, purchasing the products from a store, etc. You might not want to accept gigs that require any product purchases as you would not get reimbursements for this. Another thing that could discourage you is that your work might not get approval and you will not receive any payment, even though you have spent considerable time on it.

On the description of Gigwalk App on Google Play, you could read that the app only offers side income or extra cash. The amount of money you could earn from Gigs can be very minimal.

Make More Money Through Your Smartphone

Yet, since you are already using the smartphone for the purpose of making money, check out other means you can maximize your phone’s earning potential. After all, Gigwalk is only one of the apps that can help you make money.

Gigwalk involves taking photos of products and stores so look at other apps or platforms that will help you make money from the photos you take through your mobile device.

There is the Bookscouter that lets you scan the ISBN of rare books you can find at garage sales and flea stores and then sell the book to buyers that offer the highest price.

You may sign up to Ibotta and check out brands/stores that are offering cashback. Take photos of your receipt and you might earn cash back.

You may also use the Jobspotter app to upload the photos of hiring signs you have snapped from stores and business establishments. Each hiring sign will let you earn 10-100 points. Once you have adequate points, you could swap them for Amazon gift cards.

Since you are now taking photos through your phone, consider snapping pictures of other subjects and scenarios so you can sell them online, such as on iStockphoto or DepositPhotos. Also, there are other platforms like EyeEm, Clashot and Foap that will help you find buyers of your photos.

Work Schedule

It is possible to take on other online jobs or join other microtask programs like Inboxdollars since you have a flexible work schedule as a Gigwalker. See Figure 4.

gigwalker review

Figure 4

You can work anywhere and anytime you want. Thus, you can do other part time jobs online such as from Appen once there are no available gigs or if you do not feel like going out of the house to complete a gig

Benefits / Bonus/ Increase/ Training Provided

The benefits you will get as a Gigwalker are not as tempting as what you could get from other online jobs. For example, the pay is not as high as what you could earn if you work as a web designer. Yet, you could earn extra $3-100 dollars to supplement your income as a web content writer.

You have a flexible time for work. There are also no timesheets to fill out since the Gigwalk App will file your work through the data you input. You also need not submit invoices because once a job gets approval, you will get your payment directly in your PayPal account.



  • The concept of using the app is simple.
  • Not all jobs require visiting stores. There are some you could do anywhere, such as visiting and testing websites.


  • It is not available in all countries.
  • You might not receive payments for a task you submitted. Thus, it is important to read instructions and guides for completing jobs.
  • There are only a few (to none) gigs available, even in countries where the app is available. This is because many factors may affect the number of gigs such as location (urban vs rural).
  • You do not get reimbursements for fuel cost. Yet, you could choose nearby gigs that you can reach by walking or biking.
  • You might not feel comfortable allowing apps to know your location. Gigwalk will not work properly if it cannot access this setting of your device.

There could be several discouraging points you will read about Gigwalk, but you would not know unless you try it. There are things you can do to address issues you might have about the app. Its promise of extra income seems like a good idea, such as when you are visiting relatives or friends in another place. This will address the issue about location settings and access. You could deactivate the location settings when you get back home.

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